Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka?

Volume 1 - Chapter 6: Epilogue

Chapter Epilogue


“Aah geez, so irritating! What is it!? What do you want to say to me!? It doesn’t really matter anyway, does it!? In any case, we’re inside of a game! Let mama do what she likes!”

“This is the result of you doing whatever you like! You have troubled everyone involved quite a lot! Moreover, what is that!? Making a furniture out of handsome men, are you insane!? Even getting led around by a normal host is still better than that!”

“Is that so? Then I will do just that . Genya, please give me some money . You are working part-time, right?”

“Don’t say stupid things! Just how much worse of a mama can you get!? You better stop that already! Seeeriously stop that!”

“Aah geez, shut up! Making gya gya gya gya noises again! Genya is always like that! Always making gya gya noises from the moment you popped out from mama’s crotch!”

“Don’t talk about things like popping out from crooootch! And don’t call me by my real naaaame!”

“What are you unsatisfied about, Genya? Isn’t that a good name . . . . . . Aah, I want to meet him again, after such a long time . . . . . . is he doing well, my number one, Genya . I have to bring a bottle when I go to that shop next time . ”

“Know the wrath of your daughter who was given the name of your favorite hooooost!”

“I will retaliate my idiot daughter! I will make that pettanko chest even flatter!”

“I will blow you away along with my grudge from inheritaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance!”

Wise became a devil of anger and attacked her .

On the other hand, Queen of Night who returned to her human appearance after removing her transformation magic ── Wise’s mother, Kazuno, who looked like an ordinary middle-aged housewife, also fought in defiance .

Those two grasped onto each other, bumped their foreheads together, then Kazuno immediately changed her stance and pushed over Wise, executing a newaza[1] on her . . . . . .

“ . . . . . . Ah . ”

“Hmm? What? Something wrong?”

“N-No, that . . . . . . how should I put it . . . . . . when I smell mama’s scent, a bit . . . . . . ”

“Hey, don’t suddenly say that kind of thing . . . . . . Genya as well, I can smell your odor that gives me a feeling that you are mama’s child after all . ”

“Muu . I feel that the way you said it just now was strange! Your words seem to suggest I’m smelly!”

“Ah, you understood that? Because your sweat is smelly . ”

“You also reek of sweat! Mama is smelly! Somehow it reminds me of an old person!”

“Hold on a minute, take back that statement just now! Mama is sensitive about that, you know!?”

Well, that’s the feeling over there .

Over here, Masato and Shirase were watching them from afar .

“Eeh, after a touching scene, a sudden parent-child brawl broke out, huh . . . . . . I won’t say that that also shows how close they are, but what do you think?”

“Let’s see . . . . . . there’s a saying that says a quarrel is the evidence of people being close . . . . . . as long as they don’t trouble those around them, well, let’s just take it as a good sign . ”

That was also one way of being a parent and child, that might be good in its own way . Probably .

“So then, what will happen to Wise’s mom?”

“First, she will have to log out, then we will listen to her story . ”

“And will she face a harsh punishment?”

“We can’t overlook the use of a cheat tool . However, if she confesses by herself, and provides beneficial information to the administratives from now on, it won’t be difficult to reduce her punishment . Though they are like that, they are still a proper parent-child pair . ”

“Is that so . . . . . . then, umm . . . . . . what about Wise?”

“As this game is meant for a parent and child duo to participate in, based on Kazuno-san’s attitude, I’m afraid that there is a possibility that Wise’s account will also be suspended . . . . . . ”

Shirase took a quick glance at the ring on Masato’s right ring finger .

“But since I am not so boorish as to tear two teenagers apart, please be reassured about that . Having new parent-child pairing born from within the game is also a joyous result for us . . . . . . However, be mindful of your marriageable age, please abide by the law . ”

“Hmm? Hmm? Hmm? I don’t quite get what you are saying?”

“Ah well, leaving that aside . Masato-kun and Mamako-san made a great contribution . Seeing the two of you displaying that parent-child strength, I was impressed . It was splendid . ”

“Thanks . . . . . . But the backlash is becoming really serious . . . . . . ”

He looked back slowly .

“Mama-san, you’re so bright! Just like a sun! It’s dazzling!”

“Sorry for being too bright . Working hard together with Maa-kun, mom was so happy . . . . . . Aah geez, mom’s heart is still beating so fast . . . . . . ” *Shine*───────────────!

Mamako was chatting with Porta back there, but her 【Mother’s Light】 activated from her great mood was so bright that they already couldn’t confirm Mamako’s figure . It was too dazzling .

“I think that it will be better if you adjust the skills for mothers a little . ”

“Fumu, I see . Then I will report it as a test player’s feedback . Is there anything else you would like us to improve?”

“Other things . . . . . . let’s see . . . . . . something else . . . . . . ”

And, while he was thinking, Masato yawned loudly . Although his HP had recovered, the fatigue still remained .

“You are probably tired . In that case, Masato-kun and Mamako-san should return to your inn first and rest up . That annoying pair over there seems to require more time, so I will take my leave first . ”

“Annoying pair, you say . . . . . . then well, I will take you up on your offer . Porta, come with us as well . . . . . . ”

“No! I can read the mood! I can’t interrupt the get-together between mother and son!”

He wanted her to come along because he found that kind of situation a little bit troublesome, but it couldn’t be helped that she refused out of pure concern .

And, well, he did not hate being alone with Mamako .

“Then mom, let’s go back first . ”

“Sure . Then we will take our leave . Aah, that’s right, Maa-kun . What shall we do after we return? Do you want to go to the hot spring? Or supper? Or, sleeping together with mom? Oh you☆” *Shine!*

“Don’t get carried away . Stop shining . And I want to have udon for supper . ”

“Got it . Then mom will use all of her skills to cook it . . . . . . Ufufu . ”

“W-What’s with you? Suddenly smiling like that . ”

“Because it’s rare for Maa-kun to say what you want to eat . At home, you’re always ‘Anything’ or ‘Like usual’ . Mom gets really lonely, you know?”

“S-Sorry . . . . . . ”

“And like this, properly talking it out, we are able to have a conversation . . . . . . mom is really happy . . . . . . *sob* . . . . . . ”

And, a thin layer of tears welled up in Mamako’s eyes .

“Hey, why are you crying!? That’s not something you should cry about!?”

“Ufufu . That’s true . Mom’s weird for suddenly crying like that, right?”

“Totally . . . . . . haa . . . . . . mother is a being that I don’t quite understand . . . . . . ”

“Maybe . A boy may not be able to understand . . . . . . But it’s alright . It’s fine if you don’t understand . If you properly think of mom as your mom, that’s good enough . ”

“ . . . . . . Is that how it is?”

“That’s how it is . ”

Like that, while leisurely chatting, Masato and Mamako walked next to each other .

It was the figure of a dazzling pair of a parent and child walking side by side .

The next day .

Sent off with the smiling faces of the village chief and villagers, Masato’s party left Maman village .

“Thanks to everyone defeating Queen of Night, the village has returned to normal . The abducted young men have also regained their sanity and returned to their hometowns . Thank you very much . . . . . . This is a token of gratitude for you all, please accept it . ”

What the village chief gave them, was an URL . It was an URL . He was gesturing them to take a line consisting of half-width letters and symbols .

“Erm . . . . . . what is this? A bug?”

“If you access this with your mobile phone or a smartphone, you can download a free inn visit voucher that can be used at any hot spring hotel from the National Hot Spring Association . Please use it well, everyone . ”

“Free inn voucher has arrived!” Wise was super grateful☆

“What a wonderful present!” Mamako was delighted☆

“You two over there, don’t get too excited . It can’t be helped, I guess . ”

“Not at all . This is a wonderful reward . For quest reward obtained in-game to be used in the real world, what a revolutionary idea . Please accept it . ”

“Haa . . . . . . then, well, I will receive it . . . . . . Porta, please hold onto it . ”

“Yes! Please leave it to me! I will keep it in the party storage!”

Porta pushed the URL code(rod-shaped) wriggly into her bag . Now then .

It was time to leave .

The weather was sunny . A comfortable breeze was blowing . A perfect day to go on a journey to seek new adventures .

“ . . . . . . Ah, speaking of which, Wise . ”

“Hmm? What?”

“Why are you here?”

“Hah!? What’s that supposed to mean!? Are you trying to say that I’m a hinderance!?”

“No, that’s not it! . . . . . . In the first place, after you had a quarrel with your own mom, you wanted to become my mom’s daughter in order to clear the game . But didn’t you more or less reconcile with your mom? Then you shouldn’t have any more reasons to be with us . ”

“Ah, yeah . . . . . . you have a point . . . . . . ”

“That’s why, I think that you should log out together with you mom and live with her in the real world . ”

“Ah, un, well . . . . . . there’s that . . . . . . however, I just thought that I wanted to stay here a little longer . Since it’s a rare chance, I want to have some more adventures . ”

Saying so, Wise joined her hands behind her back, and played around with the ring on her right ring finger .

Even the person herself was not aware of the meaning of that action .

“As such, don’t exclude me from your companions . More importantly, you definitely need me, don’t you? The power of a transcendental Sage such as myself!”

“Improving your resistance against magic seals and instant death will be the priority, though . ”

“I-I know that! I will properly improve my resistances!”

They started walking . To seek new adventures .

New adventures . . . . . . adventures?

“ . . . . . . Oh? Hey, Maa-kun . ”

“Hmm? What is it, mom?”

“What should everyone do from here on out?”

“What to do . . . . . . erm . . . . . . what would be good?”

As he asked back without thinking, Mamako tilted her head . Wise went “I don’t know?” and shrugged her shoulders to show him . Porta had a blank look . A blank look that he wanted to preserve forever . After seeing that face, he could eat three, no, four bowls of rice .

And, at that time . A screen showed up on one side of the sky, displaying ‘that’ person’s expressionless face . A pair of pupils which remained overly calm regardless of the situation looked down at them .

“Good morning everyone . It’s Shirase that’s always there in the corner of your hearts . ”

“I want to chase her out right now . ”

“I want to inform you that I’m Shirase who will return there unknowingly, even after you’ve chased me out . . . . . . Now then . Thank you for all the help you have provided during the previous quest . Following up on that, there is another request that I wish to rely on all of you, but is it alright to ask you now?”

“Another quest huh? . . . . . . Hmm, well, it’s alright . . . . . . ”

“Wait, Maa-kun . Mom has been thinking, it’s about time to leave the game . Maa-kun has to go to the school, right?”

“ . . . . . . Uu . . . . . . ”

That did seem to be the case . How many days had it been since they came inside the game? Apart from taking a break from school during that period of time, if he skipped school on top of that, his attendance would be in trouble . . . . . . meanwhile .

“There is no need to worry about that . What you are participating in right now is organized by the Japanese Government . Nevermind a temporary waive from academic duties, we’ll even guarantee a source of income and house management . We will cover everything . ”

“Well! I see! Then I’m relieved . ”

“A reliable support system! As expected of the dependable Governmental Administratives!”

“I hope that everyone will continue to assist the Administratives to eliminate problems in the name of questing from now on . This amount of support is all par for the course . Fufufu . ”

“It would be good if you didn’t inform us the speculations . . . . . . ”

“Then, let’s clear away the suspense, I will inform everyone about the next path you all will be following . Shirase just has to . . . . . . Hah!”

Projected in the sky, Shirase looked to the side, and at that moment, a streak of light was released from her eyes . *Beet . * That was the direction they should head to . “Why the performance?” “I’m unexpectedly fond of it . ” If the person herself said it’s good, well, then it’s fine .

Well then .

“Then everyone, the next q . . . . . . ”

“Then everyone, let’s go for the next quest! Ooh!”

“Mom, that’s what I wanted to say . . . . . . I am the hero leader . Are we clear on that?”

“Ah, sorry . But this kind of thing is on a first come first serve basis . Right?”

“Geez . . . . . . well, that’s fine . ”

It was a trivial matter . It wasn’t the right place to complain about it . He was in a mood to somehow just let it go .

“Then, let’s go! Ooh!”

“I’m also going! Ooh!”

“Yeah yeah, let’s go . ”

“Maa-kun as well, follow after mom! Adventure together with mom! Ooh!”

“Alright, don’t get carried away, mother . ”

Slightly amazed at Mamako walking in high spirits, Masato also started walking .

And, at that moment, Masato suddenly remembered . Speaking of which . . . . . .

[Q: Will you become more intimate with your mother if you go on an adventure with her?]

Before these days began, that question was asked in the survey .

What answer would he have written now?

“ . . . . . . Probably? Not like I would know . ”

In the end, he mumbled those words that were not different from before his adventure had begun .

With a smile on his face that even he himself did not notice, Masato chased after his mother’s back .

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