Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka?

Volume 1 - Chapter 7: Afterword

Chapter Afterword


This is my first meeting with everyone . Inaka Dachima, Inaka Dachima is my name . On this occasion, I thank you very much for purchasing my work .

In this book, mother is the main heroine . Regarding this, even the editor-in-charge also described it as [Quite an innovative idea] .

That’s, well, also quite true . Heroines from light novels were existences that were born with the goal of being loved passionately by their fans . Her being a mother . . . . . . unless one is quite the veteran, it will be quite impossible to make her a waifu .

However, that’s fine .

Mamako is not the heroine that you should love, but the heroine who loves you . She is a mother who will acknowledge everything about you, accept it and love you deeply .

As such, to those that may think “but I already have waifu(s) . . . . . . ” as well, I hope that you will feel free to place this work in a corner of your bookshelf . She will not hinder you . Mamako will gently watch over you, while you are making out . . . . . .

Eh, that’d be hard to do? Well, that’s true . But please do something about it . Please do it .

I will borrow this occasion and thank everyone .

To the dear members of the selection committee that have chosen this work to be the winner of the 29th Fantasia Grand Prize, thank you very much .

In addition, to Iida Pochi-san in charge of illustration, people engaged in publishing this work, and K-san in charge of editing, let me offer my apology and gratitude, please bear with me and take care of me in future as well .

Lastly . To my mother who returned after becoming a contracted employee after passing the age of fifty and obtaining a forklift license, I wish to offer this work to you .

It may be troubling for you, who is already a grandmother with a grandchild, to dedicate your time to light novel . . . . . . Eh, read it? You will read it?

Then, go ahead . However, please spare me from giving your feedback face to face .

Year 2016・Autumn Inaka Dachima

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