Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 1 - Do You Have a Boyfriend Yet?

Chapter 1: Do You Have a Boyfriend Yet?

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“Miss Song, when I heard that I was going to meet the architect from your company today, I thought I would be meeting a man! I didn’t imagine you to be a woman and a really young one at it,” said the middle-aged man sitting next to her at the dining table.

He carried a beer belly typical of men in their forties. Song Yu could smell alcohol in his breath as he spoke.

“Manager Luo, don’t underestimate Sister Song. She’s experienced despite her young age. She has handled the design for many projects. For instance, residences such as Park Royale and the Beautiful Time were designed by Sister Song. Her architectural style is well recognized by the industry.” Xiao Chen 1passed Song Yu’s design over to Manager Luo. Xiao Chen was from the sales department and was tasked to take care of the quotation this time.

In general, those who started their career in sales would be relatively young. For instance, Song Yu graduated a year ago when she was twenty-four. Xiao Chen was younger than Song Yu by two years.

“Manager Luo, please take a look. Furthermore, while our company’s price isn’t the lowest, it’s definitely the fairest. Our projects had always gone well and to-date, we haven’t received any complaints. The feedback on our residential development is also very good.”

“There’s no rush.” Luo Yushu brushed it aside and continued to pour alcohol for Song Yu. “Miss Song, it’s a rare occurrence for me to meet such a young and beautiful architect who is at the same time talented. Cheers, this is for you.”

“Manager Luo, Sister Song has a low tolerance for alcohol. Let me take this.” Xiao Chen offered to take it for her.

“I’m sure she can handle a glass or two…” Luo Yushu acted as if he was slightly annoyed. “I can tell that Miss Song is who is someone easy going.”

Song Yu smiled and picked up the glass. “Manager Luo, I appreciate your favor but I’m actually allergic to alcohol. I can tolerate a glass or two but not more than that. It would be a bummer if rashes creep all over my face or if I puke and make a mess, no?”

“Sure, just take this,” said Luo Yushu happily.

Song Yu downed it in one shot. Luo Yushu was delighted. “Wonderful! Miss Song, in addition to being so understanding, you’re also young and beautiful. Do you have a boyfriend yet?”

Song Yu suddenly put her hand over her stomach and said, “I’m beginning to feel nauseous. Apologies, Manager Luo, I have to go to the washroom.”

Song Yu ran out before Luo Yushu could say anything else.

She entered the washroom. She propped herself up against the sink using both hands. She let out a sigh of relief. She was afraid that by giving Luo Yushu an inch, he would demand a mile. She had to excuse herself from there!

She lingered for a while but did not dare to stay too long. She began to step out.

“Song Yu!” She heard a surprised voice.

Song Yu saw there was a group of three coming at her. The one who called her out was Guan Xiaolin, a friend she had known since childhood.

Ever since her family declared bankrupt, she kept in contact with only a few people; Guan Xiaolin was one of them.

The two next to her looked familiar but that was it, she could not recall who they were.

“Song Yu? Is that really you? I wouldn’t have recognized you if she didn’t call you out,” said one of them. “I recall that your family declared bankrupt during the second year of high school. I haven’t heard from you ever since. Why didn’t you contact us? Even if you were broke, did you think we would give you a cold shoulder?”

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