Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 2 - A Mellow Baritone Rang from Above

Chapter 2: A Mellow Baritone Rang from Above

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“Song Yu, are you here for dinner?” asked the other lady curiously. She had malicious intent written all over her face.

“Yeah.” Song Yu had no intention of elaborating further.

It was not easy to set up a meeting with someone from Qilin. Hence, she selected a posh restaurant, Shengyue, to demonstrate her sincerity. She took a calculated risk by doing so, little did she know that she would be so unfortunate to bump into her old acquaintances from the upper social circle.

“What a coincidence! We’re here for a gathering, come and join us! They’re all our classmates from Jixia High School. We haven’t seen you ever since your family went broke and transferred schools, let’s catch up! What’s up with your family now?” As she spoke, she wanted to drag Song Yu along by grabbing her arm.

“No, I have something to attend to. Sorry, I’ve got to go.” Song Yu dodged.

“What’s with the rush? If you’ve got an appointment with someone, you can get them to join us. We mean no harm. We were classmates once and we care about you. If you’re caught in any trouble, we can even help you out.” She could not hide the look of disdain on her face as she spoke.

“Song Yu, indeed! We mean well. I can tell you’re having a tough time by the way you dress, where did you get these from? The Song Yu I knew would never wear something like this. We can lend a hand if you’re in such bad shape. I have lots of clothes that I no longer bother to wear. Given we are similar in size, I can give you the clothes I no longer want. Even those clothes would look better than what you’re wearing now.”

“Lijun, don’t say that. Look, Song Yu is in her business suit. I suppose you’re here for business? It’s quite a pity that the daughter of the Song family has to close deals over dinner tables.” The lady who spoke first responded with a peculiar tone, “I heard that women are often in the unfavorable position when they’re the ones to close the deal.”

Her intonation and expression suggested that Song Yu had to use underhanded tricks to be granted the business.

“Li Qianyi, Wu Lijun, that’s enough! You better get going if you’re here to play a joke on Song Yu. Before this, Song Yu was someone you couldn’t even claim a connection with. Now that she’s in dire straits, you’re rubbing salt on her wound. You should be ashamed of yourselves,” Guan Xiaolin wore a cold expression and said.

“Although my family went bankrupt, I’m earning my own living. Regardless of your disdain on what I use or wear, I earn an honest living and I don’t think it’s something that I should be ashamed of,” Song Yu spoke indifferently. It made them feel as though they should be the ones being scorned at.

” Song Song 1 …” Guan Xiaolin stunned as she tried to speak, then stared wide open at what was behind Song Yu.

She was not the only one, as Li Qianyi and Wu Lijun behaved similarly. Their faces wore a complex expression as if they were utterly stunned.

Song Yu was struck. She did not think that her words would have such an impact on them. Before she turned around, she could sense a strong presence behind her back. What hovered above her head was a shadow of a man.

” Xiao Yu 2 .” A voice seemed to be approaching like a mellow baritone rang from above.

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