Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 15 - Is It Possible for You to Have A Simple Meal, Young Master Cheng?

Chapter 15: Is It Possible for You to Have A Simple Meal, Young Master Cheng?

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“I’ll order takeout.” Song Yu scrolled through her phone to search for the number of the nearest takeout.

“I don’t fancy takeout from regular restaurants.” Qi Chengzhi twitched his lips in disdain, as though food from those places would insult his stomach.

“How about something from Dynasty 1 then?” Song Yu tried suggesting but in her mind, she was silently criticizing him for being such a fussy man.

Qi Chengzhi looked at her and said, “Dynasty is so far away from here. I’ll die from hunger by the time food arrives.”

“…” ‘Is it even possible for you to have a meal normally, Young Master Cheng?’

“Why don’t you cook me something? Any light, homely dish will do.” Qi Chengzhi took off his glasses. Warm indoor winds had caused his lens to turn foggy.

He might as well not put them on again, so he simply placed it somewhere on the coffee table.

“I’m sorry, I don’t eat at home often since I work overtime on most days. I don’t have any ingredients to cook with at home because they’ll turn if I stored them too long.” Song Yu felt somewhat embarrassed. “I do have instant noodles, I can cook it if you want.”


Qi Chengzhi looked up cynically at her without lifting his head, making her feel as though she had committed some heinous blunder.

He got up and responded bluntly, “Let’s go.”

“We’re going out to eat?” Song Yu followed him and asked.

“To buy groceries.” Qi Chengzhi was already heading to the door.

“I thought you didn’t feel like budging. Wouldn’t it be easier to find a restaurant than to buy groceries and cook?” Song Yu blurted without giving it much thought.

Without a sign, Qi Chengzhi stopped abruptly. Song Yu nearly ran into him. Although she managed to halt her steps in time, at that instant, both of them were in very close proximity to each other.

She lifted her head up and saw his unhappy expression. His eyes simply squinted at her without saying a word.

Not many were able to bear it when Qi Chengzhi displayed such a look; many felt rather apprehensive.

“Hehe, Young Master Cheng, you want to go get groceries, yes?” Song Yu curried his favor with a smile.

Qi Chengzhi sneered and turned around, leaving her with a cold figure of his back.

Both of them got in the car and went to the nearest supermarket. A thick layer of snow had accumulated on the ground but driving was not hampered.

Song Yu thought of a question. “Young Master Cheng, how did you know my address?”

“You were my younger brother’s fiancée and someone whom I may potentially cooperate with in the future, but whatever the role may be, I have to find out more about you. I got your address simply by asking your company,” Qi Chengzhi replied insipidly as he parked his car at the carpark.

Ruan Danchen was the only one in the company that knew her address. Song Yu made a mental note. She would have a word with her so that in the future, Ruan Danchen would not simply share Song Yu’s personal information to anyone else.

Surprisingly, Qi Chengzhi insisted on buying vegetables in the supermarket despite not knowing what most of those vegetables were. He would point at one and go, “What’s this,” then at another and ask, “What’s this?”

It made Song Yu feel as though she was conducting a field trip.

After choosing those that he wanted to eat and paying for them, Qi Chengzhi turned back and went in again. Before entering the supermarket, he said to her, “I just remembered there’s something I need to buy. Wait for me outside.”

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Anonymous 2 : Young Master Cheng, tell me the truth. It was because of Song Yu’s call that you purposefully asked her to come back, right?

Boss Qi: …

Anonymous: Do you know how much Song Yu dislikes you?

Boss Qi: …

Anonymous: You went in again. What are you buying exactly?

Boss Qi: Scram.

Anonymous: …

Stay tuned for the next chapter to know what Young Master Cheng bought.

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