Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 16 - Is It Nice to Deceive Others and Yourself Like This, Young Master Cheng?

Chapter 16: Is It Nice to Deceive Others and Yourself Like This, Young Master Cheng?

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After choosing what he wanted to eat and paying for them, Qi Chengzhi turned back and went in again. Before heading back in, he said to her, “I just remembered there’s something I need to buy. Wait for me outside.”

All Song Yu could do was wait for him outside the checkout counter. She then saw Qi Chengzhi carrying a small box of God-knows-what while making payment.

As she looked and looked at him, she felt that there was something odd about his facial appearance. She could not pinpoint what made her feel that way, so she kept staring absent-mindedly at him.

“Are you staring at me like an idiot because you finally noticed that I look good?” At some point in time, Qi Chengzhi was already in front of her. His hand held the plastic bag but its contents could not be seen.

“You’re not wearing glasses!” Song Yu eventually noticed the thing that made her perplexed.

“I left it on your coffee table. I forgot to wear them,” Qi Chengzhi replied.

Song Yu then felt lightness in her hands; he had taken the vegetables from her.

“You can drive without any issues?” Accidents could happen easily in the dark of night.

“There’s nothing wrong with my eyesight.” He glanced at her. “They’re non-prescription glasses.”

“Why do you wear them, then?” Song Yu looked up and noticed that his eyes were rather attractive without the shield of the spectacles. They were as enigmatic as a Westerner, and his imposing manner was even more obvious than before.

“Wearing glasses makes me appear more easily dealt with.” The refined image exuded by those glasses deceived plenty of people in the business world, but after those people were put at a disadvantage by him, few idiots would fall for the same trick again.

“Is it nice to deceive others and yourself like this, Young Master Cheng?”


Song Yu immediately tidied things up once the both of them got home. It did not take much time to whip up two or three simple dishes.

Qi Chengzhi waited alone, so in the meantime, he entered Song Yu’s bedroom.

It was a simple bedroom—there was a bed, a dressing table, and a work desk. On top of the work desk was a notebook and some documents. Evidently, her bedroom also functioned as a study room for her work.

There was a piece of drawing paper beside the notebook. On it was the drawing of a building and its layout – it corresponded with the concept that was brought forward when she presented her proposed design to him.

However, the design diagram was a mere sketch.

“Young Master Cheng, dinner’s ready.” Song Yu stood at the doorway and felt rather uneasy when she saw him standing in the personal space that was her bedroom.

He seemed to occupy almost the whole bedroom despite being by himself. It was as though he could see through all of her with his sudden intrusion into her most personal space.

“Is this the design for the leisure hotel?” Qi Chengzhi held up the drawing paper and asked.

Song Yu nodded.

He placed the paper down and walked out, but Song Yu still felt his energy lingering around in the room. The place where he stood felt different than it was before.

“Why did you design it now? Wouldn’t your drawing be in vain if your company wasn’t chosen eventually?” He sat down and looked at the food before him.

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