Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 17 - He Smiled Contentedly While Looking at The Mirror; Even He Felt That He Looked Incredibly Handsome at the Time

Chapter 17: He Smiled Contentedly While Looking at The Mirror; Even He Felt That He Looked Incredibly Handsome at the Time

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“Why did you design it now? Wouldn’t your drawing be in vain if your company wasn’t chosen eventually?” He sat down and looked at the food before him.

In total, there were three simple and homely dishes.

He took some food with his chopsticks and listened to what Song Yu had to say. “For me, this is an opportunity. Even if I wasn’t chosen, it’s still a good thing for me to take this chance and practice. After the visual rendering has been publicly announced by your team, I’d be able to see the difference between myself and the architect that received your approval.”

“You still take things that seriously.” A hint of amusement seemed to manifest in Qi Chengzhi’s voice, but when Song Yu glanced at him, his expression was as plain and unemotive as before. She figured she might have heard him wrongly.

“I didn’t expect your cooking to be this good.” His took seconds and thirds with his chopsticks. The dishes seemed to suit his taste, and soon enough, the plates were empty.

“I ought to be able to cook well after all these years.” She smiled.

Noticing that Qi Chengzhi was looking at her with an intense yet incomprehensible expression, she felt flustered for a moment.

“I’ll clear the table.” Song Yu smiled, got up, and lowered her head without giving him another glance. She concentrated on clearing the table.

After Song Yu entered the kitchen, Qi Chengzhi poured himself a glass of water and went into her bedroom.

He looked at himself in the dressing table mirror and undid three of his shirt buttons. In doing so his buff chest was faintly revealed. There was a distinctness to the textures and contours of his strength-filled chest.

He then undid his cufflinks and rolled his sleeves to just below his elbows; doing so revealed his strong and well-built arms. As a whole, his steadiness and reserved demeanor turned to carefreeness and uninhibition.

Whoever said that men were not charming when they dressed up like that?

He smiled contentedly while looking at the mirror; he even felt that he looked incredibly handsome at the time.

Satisfied, he picked up the design drawing and sat on the bed.

After she had finished doing the dishes, Song Yu found no sign of Qi Chengzhi in the living room. She walked to the entrance of her bedroom and once again found him inside.

The scene she saw, however, was that of him sitting on her bed as he pleased. He crossed one leg over the other on the bed while his back was pressed against her pillow.

Surely, he was going a bit overboard in making himself at home?

He looked especially laid back with his collar opened wide and his sleeves rolled up. The absence of his spectacles meant that his face was not obscured—it made him look even more attractive.

Although her bed was a queen-sized one, its dimensions were not to the official standard and so could not be considered big. Qi Chengzhi seemed to occupy almost the whole bed when he was on top of it.

He was a thirty-four-year-old man, but he had the kind of maturity that someone of Jian Yi’s age could not possibly possess.

Song Yu’s heartbeat quickened when she saw his comportment at the time.

Whoever said that men were not charming when they were focused on work?

She wondered if she would ever be able to have a good night’s sleep on that bed again. She feared that the exact scene—of Qi Chengzhi lying on her bed that night—would pop up in her mind once she laid down on it.

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