Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 20 - Song Yu Almost Fainted The Moment She Walked In

Chapter 20: Song Yu Almost Fainted The Moment She Walked In

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She kept a few spare toiletries at home in case they ran out—she was usually so busy with work that she had no time to purchase them.

When Qi Chengzhi got out of the shower, still wearing a shirt and long pants, Song Yu let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, he did not use ‘not having any clothes to wear’ as an excuse to come out naked.

His hair was not completely dry—she could tell from its slight dampness. It was obvious he did not have the patience to dry his hair completely. It was a low-effort blow-dry work.

Qi Chengzhi saw the pillows and blanket on the sofa as he got out. Calmly, he asked, “Are you not showering?”

Truth be told, she was fidgety by the sudden appearance of a man in her home. She was trying to tread carefully and showering was not a matter to be treated lightly.

Qi Chengzhi’s attitude toward her went way back. He treated her in a neutral manner. Sometimes the way he looked at her would make her feel a chill down her spine.

Considering the fact that Qi Chengzhi was the least likely person to do anything to her, she carried her pajamas into the bathroom.

Song Yu showered quickly. It felt uneasy to have a man at home.

She blew dry her hair after showering to prevent any wet-look temptation.

When she got out of the shower, she was shocked that nobody was on the sofa.

Without any apparent reason, she had an intuition that she knew where he was. She walked toward her bedroom.

Song Yu almost fainted the moment she walked in.

Qi Chengzhi had already taken off his clothes and was in her blanket, on her bed.

He put both his hands under his head and bent to look at the rapid snow fall outside the window.

His shoulder and arms dangling out from the blanket were not covered. She assumed that underneath the blanket he was wearing nothing.

“You’re done?” Qi Chengzhi withdrew his gaze from the window and turned to look at her. “I tried lying on the sofa just now, but it seems like a three-seater sofa is too short for me. Half of my legs were dangling and it was really uncomfortable. You’re shorter than me. I suppose you’d fit better on the sofa.”

He smiled at her when he was done talking. This smile seemed to suggest that he was fawning over her.

Song Yu felt certain that she misunderstood the message.

Given the statement and the fact that he was a big client that she had to carefully nurture, she decided it was not a worthy pursuit to fight over the bed.

She pulled out a forceful smile and said, “It was my intention to sleep on the sofa anyway. I didn’t make it clear to you just now, Young Master Cheng.”


Qi Chengzhi’s mocking gaze revealed that he clearly did not believe it.

Song Yu said, “I will go to bed now. Goodnight.”

Qi Chengzhi did not say a word. He shut his eyes immediately.

Song Yu closed the door and went to the sofa.

The blanket had been in the storage for a while and smelled like mothballs. In addition to the unfamiliar smell, the image of Qi Chengzhi being naked in her bed was stuck in her mind. It was too intimate a scene.

The blanket was something that came in close contact with her on a daily basis. However, as of then, nothing was separating it from Qi Chengzhi’s body. All of a sudden, Song Yu’s entire body felt uneasy. Unable to fall asleep, she tossed and turned on the sofa.

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