Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 21 - Qi Chengzhi Felt as Though He Dug His Own Grave

Chapter 21: Qi Chengzhi Felt as Though He Dug His Own Grave

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The blanket was something that came into close contact with her on a daily basis. However, as of then, nothing was separating it from Qi Chengzhi’s body. All of a sudden, Song Yu’s entire body felt uneasy. Unable to fall asleep, she tossed and turned on the sofa.

Back in the bedroom, Qi Chengzhi’s situation was far worse than Song Yu’s.

He had just seen her standing at the bedroom doorway, dressed only in a nightgown. Coupled with the scent of body lotion emanating from her body, he inadvertently got hard.

The memory of seeing her dressed that way surged uncontrollably from the depths of his mind, causing the heat in his body to slowly rise.

He took a deep breath in an attempt to suppress it, but once again, it was her aroma that entered his nose.

It surrounded him completely; after all, he was wrapped in her blanket and sleeping on her bed.

Qi Chengzhi felt as though he dug his own grave. He brought upon the suffering on himself and his restlessness could no longer be quelled.

He switched to lying on his belly and buried his face in Song Yu’s pillow. He sniffed it and discovered that the scent of her hair was still present.

Then, he paused momentarily. He thought of something and curled his lips upward. He proceeded to rub the back of his head all over the pillow and was satisfied only after he could smell his own scent on it.

He did not stop there, though. Next, he was rolling from one side of the bed to the other.

Despite having taken a shower, his natural male pheromones were not completely eliminated. At that point, the bedsheets had been rubbed all over by him and the faint smell of his pheromones could actually be picked up by the nose.

He finally stopped after rolling around on the bed for quite some time.

Another idea then sprang to his mind. He reached under the covers for moment, grabbed his underwear, and tossed it out.

After that, he wrapped all four limbs around the blanket and sandwiched it tightly; another round of rubbing was underway.

Once he could smell the amalgamation of both their scents on the bedsheet, pillow, and blanket, Qi Chengzhi finally closed his eyes in satisfaction.

Song Yu slept particularly comfortably. She vaguely felt as though she was sleeping on her familiar bed—where the mattress was soft, the sheets were clean, and there was no smell of mothballs—instead of the sullen sofa.

She felt something wrapping around her, and all of a sudden, she felt an oncoming pressure on her body. It was not really heavy, but the feeling was akin to being trapped firmly by a thick wall.

In her dreamy and unconscious state, she stretched out her hand and tried pushing, but her soft hands came into contact with satiny, silk-like skin.

Something soft was coming into contact with her lips. Their wetness, warmth, and tingling silkiness made her feel as though an electrical current was flowing through her lips.

“Mmgh…” she mumbled in her sleep. She had no idea what kind of dream she was having, but the tender feelings cause her to utter subconsciously, “Jian Yi…”

As her lips parted, a gush of velvety warmth entered her mouth, bringing with it a vigorous enthusiasm that was far from the gentleness of before. On the contrary, it was intense, and it filled her mouth completely.

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