Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 28 - Are You Not Worried You Will Be Sued to Bankruptcy By Qilin If Anything Goes Wrong?

Chapter 28: Are You Not Worried You Will Be Sued to Bankruptcy By Qilin If Anything Goes Wrong?

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“I will clarify with Director Zhao,” said Song Yu. She took the elevator and head upstairs.

She walked to Director Zhao’s office and barged in without knocking on the door.

Manager Li from the finance department was in the midst of a discussion with Director Zhao. He turned around and he was startled by Song Yu’s sudden barging in.

“Song Yu, we’re having a discussion here,” said Manager Li in a displeased tone.

“Step out first. We can continue later.” Director Zhao dismissed Manager Li.

After Manager Li had left, Song Yu closed the door and came forward to Director Zhao.

“Director Zhao, Qilin selected us because of my design. Why did you hand my hard-earned contract to Wang Liwei?” Song Yu cut straight to the point.

” Xiao Song 1 , calm down.” Director Zhao pointed at the chair opposite of him. “Please sit.”

“No,” said Song Yu in a cold tone.

Director Zhao’s face sunk a little. He said, “Do you still remember Huailu Estate? Your commercial-titled residence design for them received great accolades. As a result, this time around they wanted to appoint you for the design. The customer is king. We can’t object them. If you were designing for Qilin, you will not have the time to work on Huailu. I had no other choice. How about this? To compensate you, I will give you eighty percent of the revenue from Huailu’s project.”

Song Yu took a deep breath but she could not suppress her resentment. “Director Zhao, compared to Qilin’s seven-star hotel, the entire revenue from Huailu’s project isn’t even a hundredth of Qilin’s. Any sensible person would not give up the opportunity to design a landmark building in favor of an unknown commercial-titled residence. Do I look like an idiot to you? The opportunity to design a landmark building is so difficult to come by for an architect and I’m sure you’re aware. For this opportunity, the amount of effort I’ve put in… Well, I don’t think I need to elaborate further. There’s no other reason why Qilin would award the contract to Chengshi. You did not only let someone else steal the thunder but also tried to dismiss me with just a commercial-titled residence project? If you’re not feeling guilty, why are you giving me eighty percent of the revenue? I’ve been working here for three years and I don’t claim that I’ve made any heroic contributions. However, along the way I have worked conscientiously and to the best of my ability. This has helped in building the company’s reputation. I swallowed all the injustices I’ve faced before but this time it’s too much!”

“Song Yu, mind your attitude!” Director’s face sunk. He could not keep up a positive expression with her accusations.

“Attitude? What attitude do I need? Will you award me the business just because of a good attitude? A tremendous amount of effort is nothing compared to sleeping with you! Everyone in the company knows you’re keeping her as a mistress! Your failure in distinguishing between professional and private interests is terribly disappointing! If I let this go today, Wang Liwei’s name would be stamped on all my future designs! What’s more astonishing is that you let Wang Liwei, a half-baked architect, to design a seven-star hotel! Even if she’s using my design, it will not work without detailed calculations. Are you not worried you will be sued to bankruptcy by Qilin if anything goes wrong?”

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