Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 29 - Do You Think You Will Be What You Are Today If It Weren’t for Chengshi?

Chapter 29: Do You Think You Will Be What You Are Today If It Weren’t for Chengshi?

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“What’s more astonishing is that you let Wang Liwei, a half-baked architect, to design a seven-star hotel! Even if she’s using my design, it will not work without detailed calculations. Are you not worried you will be sued to bankruptcy by Qilin if anything goes wrong?”

‘Thump!’ Director Zhao smacked the table violently and stood up. He pointed at Song Yu’s nose and shouted angrily, “Song Yu, I treated you with respect but it seems like my respect was underappreciated. If you feel wronged and don’t wish to stay in the company, leave now! We’ve treated you well enough by giving you a commercial-titled residence to work on. The company doesn’t need people who can’t work well with other employees. Losing an architect like you isn’t going to make a dent to our company! Do you think you’re that great? Didn’t you enter here through the back door? Do you think you’ll be here today if it weren’t for Chengshi? Why don’t you go out and ask whether any other company would want to employ an architect like you!”

“I wouldn’t want to continue working with a company that treats its employees like cannon fodder. I’ll tender my resignation letter to the human resources department by tomorrow.” Since the situation had already escalated to that extent and being able to vent by yelling back at the director, her mood surprisingly turned calm.

She walked out of the office upon finishing her last words and the first person she saw was Ruan Danchen.

“Song Yu, are you really resigning?” Ruan Danchen went up to Song Yu. The latter’s shouts with Director Zhao could be heard throughout the corridor.

Those from outside the director’s office peeked out and chattered. Occasionally, they would turn their head at her.

Although many knew of the injustice, none were willing to come to her defense. The most they could do was sympathize with her in silence.

“What else can I do? If there is a first time, there will be a second time. If I let them be now, what would the future become?” Song Yu felt slightly discouraged.

There was nothing Ruan Danchen could say, so she simply sighed.

Song Yu gathered her belongings since she would be resigning soon. She did not have much left at the company, so she tossed all her personal belongings into her bag and made her move.

She took a cab from the entrance of the company and received a call from Guan Xiaolin not long after she got in the vehicle.

“Song Song, congratulations! I heard that Qilin’s business has been given to you and Chengshi. You’re going to be the next famous architect in the industry!” Guan Xiaolin giggled and said.

“I resigned,” Song Yu replied with a bitter smile.

“What happened? Weren’t you assigned to design the hotel? Why did you resign? Aren’t you on the way to sign the contract with Qilin?” Guan Xiaolin asked suspiciously.

Song Yu explained everything to her succinctly.

“That old bag! How shameful!” Guan Xiaolin remarked angrily. “I told you from the beginning to come directly to our company. You resigned at just the right time. Join us at Guanyu. Sooner or later you’ll become the chief. And also, I’m here, so no one would dare to bully you.”

“I’ll think about it,” Song Yu replied softly.

Guan Xiaolin noticed that there was something off with Song Yu’s tone, so she asked, “You… are okay, right? Where are you now? I’ll head to you.”

“No, please don’t.” Song Yu rejected immediately. “I want to be alone for now. Please don’t come and look for me. Don’t worry, okay. I won’t do anything stupid. This is nothing compared to going through bankruptcy and I’ve gone through that.”

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