Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!

Chapter 30 - Young Master Cheng, Miss Song’s Business Has Been Taken By Some Other Architect From Chengshi

Chapter 30: Young Master Cheng, Miss Song’s Business Has Been Taken By Some Other Architect From Chengshi

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“No, please don’t.” Song Yu rejected immediately. “I want to be alone for now. Please don’t come and find me. Don’t worry, okay? I won’t do anything stupid. This is nothing compared to going through bankruptcy and I’ve already gone through that.”

Guan Xiaolin paused briefly before replying, “Alright then, if there’s anything you need, just give me a call! I’ll come over anytime!”

“Okay.” Song Yu nodded.

Song Yu closed the door behind her after reaching home, slid onto the floor, and cried her heart out.

She endured the unjustness and refused showing her emotions as she detested showing weakness in front of others.

She kneeled on the ground before laying on her stomach. With her face buried in her palms; she shed a continuous and torrential stream of tears.

Wang Liwei and his company were arranged to wait in the meeting room. She sized up the place upon entering. It was Qilin and it was much grander than Chengshi after all.

Soon enough, the meeting room door swung open by Cheng Dongge, who brought Qilin’s lawyer along with him.

“My apologies for making you wait. I am the Director’s Special Assistant, Cheng Dongge.” He went up to them and introduced himself.

Once she saw Cheng Dongge, she stood up immediately and extended her hand. “Special Assistant Cheng, nice to meet you. I am Chengshi’s architect, my name is Wang Liwei.”

She then looked carefully at him and the lawyer. With a smile, she asked, “Is Young Master Cheng not coming?”

She had only seen Qi Chengzhi on television and magazines, not in person. She went there that day with hopes of meeting him and possibly even establish a connection with him.

Cheng Dongge simply stared at her extended hand. He kept his arms beside him and did not proceed to shake her hand. Instead, he looked at Chengshi’s personnel and asked shockingly, “Didn’t Miss Song come along?”

With her hand outstretched, Wang Liwei’s smile disappeared but she managed to maintain her composure. Not only did Cheng Dongge refuse to shake her hand, he did not even acknowledge her question. To make matters worse, his went straight to the point and asked about Song Yu. Wang Liwei’s smile was not a very pretty one, not at that moment at least.

“Hehe, Miss Song has other obligations, so I’ll be taking over her duties.” Wang Liwei smiled.

“I see!” Cheng Dongge seemed to be speaking profoundly as he made a call right in front of everyone. “Young Master Cheng, Miss Song’s business has been taken over by some other architect from Chengshi.”

Wang Liwei instantly found herself unable to maintain her fake smile and her expression became rather unattractive.

‘What was the meaning of that, Cheng Dongge?’

“Yes, yes,” Cheng Dongge replied and hung up. He turned to them and said, “I’m sorry everyone. The contract signing is cancelled. You may all leave now.”

“What do you mean? Wasn’t it agreed that our company would get it?” Wang Liwei’s expression changed. Her smugness disappeared and panicked.

“We chose to sign a contract with Chengshi because we like Miss Song’s design. However, your company simply sent over some unknown architect to meet us without even extending the courtesy of calling us. It has made Young Master Cheng doubt your sincerity,” Cheng Dongge explained icily.

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Out-of-story interview:

Old Man: “Young Master Cheng, what do you think about Wang Liwei?”

Boss Qi looked on calmly: “Director Zhao slept with her, but if he didn’t, I probably would’ve.”

Old Man: “Hehehehehehehehehe…”

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