Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 13: Die Die Die Die Die Die

Chapter 13: Die Die Die Die Die Die

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Xu Que didn’t hesitate and learnt the skill immediately. He then used 100 essence points to upgrade the skill.

"Ding! Used up 100 skill essence points. Lightning Haste activation success. Current movement speed is at 100%."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for achieving the maximum upgrade on Lightning Haste. Would you like to purchase the advanced technique for this capability ?"

Lightning Illusion? Keke, there’s no need for that. Dealing with such lame enemies, 100% movement speed with Lightning Haste is more than enough!

Xue Que laughed coldly as he activated his regeneration function from the system, recuperating the Qi which he had exerted and lost. He was sure to keep his current physical shape at its peak and not allow the rush to die down.

At the same time, a pair of lightning bolts erupted from beneath his feet, causing a loud crash of thunder to course through the sky. A pair of electric currents arcked beneath his feet and linked up together as thunder claps could be heard with. Before long, his shadow disappeared as he chased after the cultivators.


In the next moment, he appeared in front of a single cultivator who was trying to escape. A cool look appeared on his face as he asked, "Where do you think you’re going?"

"Ah… No..." The immortal cultivator’s eyes gaped wide open as if he had just seen a ghost and was in a state of panic.

Instantaneously, Xu Que brought down the wrath of the Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformation, ninth form down upon him, reducing him to nothing but dust and ashes.

Soon after, the lightning arcs beneath his feet seemed to jolt and dance about like streaks of lightning in the sky.

He then turned to the next fleeing cultivator.


"No, stop it!"

"We are disciples from the Setting Sun Sect, a branch belonging to the Celestial Sect. How dare you- Ah!"

After sometime, the area over Pan Shan Village was full of anguished cries of agonies and pleas for mercy.

Die die die die die die!!!

With a pair of bloodshot eyes, Xu Que’s heart was filled with rage and killing intent. He completely ignored their pleas for mercy and threats.

He knew that these cultivators all deserved to die. He knew that he had to hack them into a million pieces and prevent them from reincarnating!

At the same time, Xu Que’s mind was filled with incessant sounds and alerts made by the system.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing a Core Bearing Stage cultivator, Li Huan. The reward is 10,000 experience points."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing a Foundation Building Stage cultivator, Wang Shan. The reward is 8,000 experience points."


Xiao Rou and the rest of the villagers craned their heads up to look in astonishment.

They were unable to actually see Xu Que’s body, but they could clearly see a pair of lightning arcs moving rapidly across the skies together with a large blue dragon. They would occasionally see ashes and mists of blood spurting out and descending down upon the lands as the cultivators were vanquished, not leaving a single trace to their existence.

Before long, the dozens of cultivators were all subdued and killed.

It then started raining at the entrance of Pan Shan Village— blood rain!

Those were the blood belonging to the cultivators who had been slain by Xu Que.

Among them was a prominent cultivator who was in the Core Bearing Stage!

Xu Que used the blood to pay his respects to the fallen villagers who had died under the hands of these ruthless cultivators.

The villagers standing below were all stunned.

They had never seen so many cultivating immortals in their entire life. In fact, the group of cultivators just now were much stronger than those who frequently came to demand grains and food from the village as tribute.

However, all these strong immortals were defeated by Xu Que in the span of several breaths. Not just that, he killed all of them ‘till not the slightest trace of them remained.

Is… Is this a dream?


After several more breaths, Xu Que returned to the ground.

Under the glances of awe and gratitude, he remained speechless as he clenched his fists tightly. He then walked over to the corpses of the fallen villagers.

He remained silent for a long time.

Xu Que then bowed deeply before their bodies.

"I’m so sorry!"

"I came too late."

"Old village chief. Rest in peace!"

"I shall swear a vow to you, that I will protect Pan Shan Village well. I will never let those losers bully them." Xu Que made the vow silently.

The setting sun was crimson red like fresh blood. Similar to Pan Shan Village, which was covered in the blood of the vanquished immortals. Thankfully, most of the villagers were safe and sound, and thus none of them uttered a word of complain about the blood around.

They followed after Xu Que and bowed deeply before the deceased villager chief with clenched fists. In the next instant, everyone present fell to their knees with a thud and looked at Xu Que in reverence.

"Please, everyone, don’t kneel to me. I feel extremely guilty for I was the one who brought it upon the village chief and the others. But everyone, please don’t worry. I will protect this village to the best of my abilities."

Seeing these innocent and loyal villagers, this was the first time he felt a sense of purpose in his life.

After everything had settled down, Xu Que, Da Zhuang and several others took their dead and brought them to the back of the mountain where they buried them and erected several tombstones, demarcating their place of burial.

The next day, Xu Que was alone in Xiao Rou’s house, lying on the small wooden mattress when he called out the information interface.

Since he took it upon himself to protect and ensure the safety of the village, then he would have to start making preparations in order to uphold his promise.

Host: Xu Que

Realm: Foundation Building Level 1 Beginner’s Level

Abilities: Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations; Lightning Haste (Maximum)

Essence: Skills ( 330 points)

Occupation: None

Status: Prince Consort of Eastern Fire Country

There seemed to be a certain apparent changes to his personal statistics.

What made Xu Que feel most strangely about was that he had obtained more than 100,000 experience points after killing the immortal cultivators. However, because he hasn’t upgraded his to the intermediate levels, his points were being accumulated and saved up.

His acting tough points also reached 185 points and was enough for him to make the upgrade to the intermediate level. This made Xu Que feel like he struck it rich overnight.

However, he was in no rush to purchase the intermediate level of the . He rested on the bed and pondered hard over the decisions to make.

Although he had killed all the cultivators which came, he knew that sooner or later, more people would find out that he was dwelling within Pan Shan Village and return to kill him.

This was because the Celestial Sect issued a death warrant to kill him and many other sects were hunting him down. Eventually, more cultivators would come in pursuit of him. There might be cultivators in the Golden Core Stage or even the in the Original Infant Stage who would return to kill him. When that time comes, he might not have the capabilities to ensure the safety of the villagers.

Hence, the best option would be to allow Pan Shan Village to increase in strength.

How do I increase their strength?

It was impossible for these villagers to begin their cultivation journeys. Besides, time was of the essence. Even up to this point, Xu Que was extremely unsure about many things in the cultivation world. He relied almost entirely on the system for guidance and improvements. He thus had no way of teaching the villagers the way to cultivate.

However, that doesn’t mean there were no other alternatives to help them!

Xu Que laughed plainly before opening up the shopping screen on his system interface. His eyes fell upon the "spells" sections.

Before all of these, Xu Que was barely interested in anything under the spells sections and thus didn’t pay much attention to it.

However, due to the urgent and pressing nature of the current situation, in addition to the circumstances surrounding Pan Shan Village, the best way to solve this crisis was to go on a killing spree. Kill any hostilities who show up for as long as we can.

The spells sections were divided into many broad categories, namely:

"Basic Spells, Beginner Spells, Intermediate Spells, Expert Spells, Spiritual Spells, Ancient Ominous Spells…"

After the Ancient Ominous Spells, there were still many other levels behind but Xu Que didn’t have the relevant qualifications or prerequisites to discover them.

Hence, due to his curiosity, Xu Que decided to open up the highest level of spells which he had access to— the Ancient Ominous Spells, and was shocked at the spells that he saw.

"Immortal’s Execution Spell, Deities’ Immolation Spells, Hell Devouring Spell, Comet Obliterating Spell..."

He couldn’t help but to salivate.

All these spells… Those spells are really bloody ominous according to the category that they belong to!

Look at those names. Immortal’s Execution, Deities’ Immolation… If I were to use those spells to act tough, I would be seen as being able to wipe out the heavens just by talking!

It’s just that the prices…

Cha! They’re too expensive. The Immortal’s Execution Spell would need several thousand acting tough points. I wonder how many months do I have to act tough in front of people to actually afford such skill.

However, to deal with Celestial Sect completely, it wouldn’t even need such high-end skills.

"Looks like I shall take a look at spells from the earlier categories first."

Xu Que shook his head and mumbled to himself as he looked at the intermediate level spells.

However, the cheapest spells in the intermediate sections required at least 200 act tough points. Seeing this, his mouth twisted in grimace as he quietly resigned to settling for the beginner’s spells.

Thankfully, the prices in the beginner’s spells weren’t so scary. The spells costed an average of around 80 act tough points. This caused Xu Que to heave a sigh of relief.

He turned over to the next page and glanced at a pair of random spells.

[The Great Heavenly Divergence]

This spell has its origins from Ancient Spells. It causes a great divergence and changes to a person’s intended actions, using gentleness to overcome strength. This spell will cause the intended target to fall into a love-like trance and cause extreme confusion. It will allow the user to defend himself or successfully strike out without much resistance. (Note: This spell will not have any effects on cultivators who are in the Original Infant Stages or higher.)

Cost: 65 act tough points.

[Four Directions Desolation ]

This spell originates from the Ancient Wild Beasts Spells and has a large area of effect. It summons the powers of the eastern green dragon, the western white tiger, the southern vermillion bird and the northern black tortoise to surround the area and attack the enemies who crossed the protective boundaries. (Note: This spell will not have any effect on opponents who are of the Original Infant Stages or higher.)

Cost: 80 act tough points.

Both these spells were considerably strong and has its own uses. Their prices were also different and caused Xu Que to ponder his choices.

A spell like The Great Heavenly Divergence was more gentle and soft, and could allow the villagers the advantage of either attacking or defending based on the situation. For example, when the cultivators were thrown into confusion and were lost, the big men could stand outside of the spells’ domain to strike when they are vulnerable. They can use their hoes and sticks to attack.

On the other hand, the Four Directions Desolation would allow the people to be much more relaxed. All that was needed was to set up the boundaries of the spell and four great beasts would appear to defend the area. Should a hostile cultivator step forward, he dies. A group of them shows up, they die too. It was extremely effective and cruel.

Xu Que fell into thought for some time before selecting the "Four Directions Desolation Spell".

The main reason was simply because no mercy should be shown to those hostile cultivators who wished to only bully the weak and innocent.

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