Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 14: Four Directions Desolation Spell

Chapter 14: Four Directions Desolation Spell

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"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for acquiring the Four Directions Desolation Spell. 80 act tough points had been spent."


A white ray of light floated past his eyes.

Xu Que blinked several times as he noticed that an additional spell was added to his inventory. It was indeed the "Four Directions Desolation Spell".

Using the spell was also extremely easy although certain preparations has to be conducted. Four different markers had to be placed around the village. After that was done, the blood of beasts had to be irrigated along the markers as a sacrifice. Only then would the beasts would be summoned.

Actually, it wasn’t the blood of any other random beasts. For example, to summon the green dragon to the eastern location, the blood of any beasts which had relations to a dragon could be substituted instead. In a place such as Pan Shan Village, it was impossible to actually locate the blood of dragon. Hence, using the blood of related beasts such as snakes would have to do.

However, Xu Que wasn’t in a rush to place the markers. Instead, he opened up the skill path option in the information interface and entered the sky-ranked skill paths page and purchased the intermediate level of the .

Since I’ve already settled the preparations for the safety and defense of the village, it was time to increase my own personal capabilities.

In addition, this intermediate stage would last up to the Original Infant Level of my cultivation. Any increase after that, I would have to exchange for an expert stage.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for purchasing the intermediate level of the . 100 act tough points had been spent.


In a split second after he purchased it, a loud sound rang through his mind. He could suddenly feel his body being overwhelmed by a great deal of energy as a vortex formed just under the skin of his lower abdomen, the dantian region. A frenzy of activity happened as his Qi increased in volume.

The Qi started to compress against each other as it turned into liquid state and was stored in his dantian. This was what the legends meant when they referred to true core strength.

In the next second, the system sounded out within his head.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for increasing in ten levels. Your new cultivation stage is Core Bearing Stage, Level 1."

"Fuck me!"

Xu Que jumped up in surprise. After purchasing the intermediate level, the several 100,000+ experience which were stored up channeled directly into the intermediate level skill path, causing him to rise several levels and straight into the Core Bearing Stage.

Is this bullshit still called cultivation? I didn’t even face a single bottleneck, is this some sort of a joke!

He hurriedly called out the information interface and looked at his personal stats only to realize that there was a huge change.

Host: Xu Que

Cultivation Level: Core Bearing Stage Level 1 (Clear Understanding)

Experience Points: 0/30000

Acting Tough Points: 5 Points

Skill Path: Intermediate Level

Abilities: Soaring Dragons Nine Transformation (Maximum), Lightning Haste (Maximum)

Essence: Skill Path Essence (330 Points)

Occupation: None

Status : Prince Consort of Fire Nation

It seemed like there was also a change from "Small Improvement" to "Clear Understanding". Xu Que laughed out loud, "Haha! I finally feel like I’m an expert at this."

He then looked at the status of his physical health. Afterwards, he noticed that the five elements Qi had completely disappeared and was replaced by Five Elements of True Strength, which was circulating within his meridians.

Within his dantian, he had five different grain-like pellets. Each one of them sparkled different colours as it radiated different elements of powers.

Xu Que knew that these were the dan cores. Before a cultivator enters the Golden Core stage, he would have to form these cores within his dantian. The stage in which these cores are formed was the Core Bearing Stage.

"The Core Bearing Stage is indeed very strong!"

Xu Que clenched his fists and felt a wave of energy coalescing within his body. He felt as if he could explode out with such amount of force. He knew that the current Core Bearing Stage was much stronger than the previous Foundation Building Stage.

Besides, with the amount of power he had now, should he demonstrate the Soaring Dragon Nine Transformation, the effects would be devastating.

"Dong! Dong!"

Someone was gently knocking on the wooden door.

Xu Que replied, "Please enter." and saw Xiao Rou push open the door and entered the room.

Her complexion was fair and smooth. At this point, she had a worried look written across her face.

Seeing her act this way, Xu Que hurriedly asked, "Xiao Rou, what’s the matter?"

Xiao Rou looked down and replied softly, "Brother Xu Que, the people in the village discussed our current situation. Since we’ve offended the immortals, they would definitely be back for revenge. Hence, they decided to shift the entire village elsewhere safer. It’s just that… I can’t bear to leave this place."

She had grown up in Pan Shan Village. Although she had no parents to look after her, the villagers treated her very well.

To her, this very place was her home. A perfectly beautiful home. If she had to move out today, she would miss this place very much.

Xue Que could understand Xiao Rou’s feelings. He thus got off the bed and walked over to her, patting her small little head as he smiled, "Don’t worry. Do you remember what I’ve said yesterday? I would protect this village and I wouldn’t go back on my words. Go and tell the villagers not to move."

"I can't."

Xiao Rou immediately shook her head. She then looked up at Xu Que who had a grave expression across his face, "Big brother Da Zhuang said that there were many more powerful and strong immortal elders. With just a flick of their wrists, they were able to move mountains. If they actually came, not only will the villagers not be able to flee, you could even be killed."

I will be killed?

Xu Que broke into a smile, "That won’t happen. I’ve already become much stronger. Do you believe me?"

"I…" Xiao Rou stammered as she looked down.

She very much wanted to reply that she believed him. However, when she thought about how Da Zhuang had spoken of the mighty and omnipotent immortal elders, she became increasingly worried once again.

It’s just that Xu Que wasn’t exaggerating. He had crossed over to the Core Bearing stage today. Combined with the new Four Directions Desolation Spell he had acquired, even if an Original Infant Stage cultivator appeared, he was confident that they would perish here.

"Oh no, immortal elder Xu, things are bad!"

At this point, an alarmed voice rang out from beyond the house.

Xu Que and Xiao Rou paused as they craned their heads outside to get a better look.

All they could see was Da Zhuang having a crazed look across his face as he ran from the village entrance towards them. He was panting and looked terrified. "Immortal elder Xu, we saw many other immortals atop the mountain. They’re flying over towards the village as we speak."

"What?" Xiao Rou lost all colour in her cheeks.

Xu Que raised an eyebrow as his mouth contorted into a smile.

They came so quickly?

It’s good that they’re here. I need all the experience points I can get in order to progress with my cultivation.

At this point I’m just a mere Core Bearing Stage cultivator, how can this ever satisfy me?

But… The most important now was to establish the Four Directions Desolation and secure the perimeters of the village. I would then be able to relax and kill monsters to rise up in level."

"Da Zhuang, immediately activate and alert all the villagers. Tell them to collect the blood of snakes, tiger, birds and tortoises. Remember, the blood have to be separated and distinguished by animals. Do not mix them all up. I shall be back soon." Xu Que finished his sentence as he turned around to leave.

Da Zhuang and Xiao Rou were stumped, "Tiger’s blood?"

Xu Que smacked his own head before realizing what he had asked for. The beasts in this world could be much more powerful than those back in his own world. Asking the villagers to find tiger’s blood was far too dangerous.

"Leave the tiger’s blood to me. Get me the blood of those 3 other animals. Remember, safety is the top priority. Besides, these beasts also threaten the safety of the village. Don’t be careless."

"But..." Xiao Rou wanted to speak out.

Xu Que raised a hand up as he conjured a tray out of thin air. He then smiled, "Xiao Rou, don’t wander around. Wait here for me. I shall place the necessary markers and be right back. Trust me."

"Alright." Xiao Rou bit down hard on her lips as she nodded her head.

In the next moment, Xu Que activated the Lightning Haste spell as a pair of arc lightning appeared, taking him off into the distance.

He headed straight for the outer perimeters of the village. When he raised his head, he could see many beams of light heading towards the village. It was exactly what Da Zhuang had mentioned, that all the immortals were riding swords and were fast approaching.

"Ah, so what if you have numbers? Do you really think that’s going to work?"

Xu Que laughed coldly. Unless the sect leader or someone special of at least the Infant Transformation Stage comes, they have no reason to be afraid."

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