Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 15: Acting tough like the wind, I am my only partner!

Chapter 15: Acting tough like the wind, I am my only partner!

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A flash of lightning zoomed across the skies as Xu Que demonstrated his Lightning Haste Skill and circled within ten kilometers around the village. He differentiated between north, south, east and west as he placed down the markers.

"Everything is ready. All that’s left is for nature to take its own course."

Xu Que then raised his head to look around as his smile froze. The immortal cultivators were fast approaching.

If they were to keep moving at this constant speed, there wouldn’t be enough time to acquire the blood of the different beasts and sacrifice the blood to activate the spell.

I have to think of a way to stall them to buy some time for the rest of the villagers to get the necessary blood sacrifices.

He thought for some time before turning around as his shadow flickered, making his way towards the top of the mountains.

At this time, the immortal cultivators were arriving in swarms at the top of the mountains.

They stood atop their flying swords and their hands were behind their backs in a dignified posture. Their robes were flapping about the wind and their killing intents radiated out from them.

The leaders of the group were the sect elders from different sects and their powers were anything but ordinary. They were extremely skillful cultivators of the Golden Core Stage.

Among them were several who hailed from Sunset Faction which was a branch of the Celestial Sect.

After discovering that several disciples were unaccounted for, they conducted an investigation and realized that they had disappeared while trying to hunt down the culprit who stole the treasures from Celestial Sect. Since that was the case, they alerted the sect elders who in turn, activated many people and headed towards Pan Shan Village.

Several other sects had heard about this news too and decided to respond with the promise of rewards should they tag along to Pan Shan Village.

However, this group of more than 50 cultivators had come all the way down to capture a mere "Qi Refining Stage" unknown cultivator. It was quite a ridiculous joke.

Several sect leaders who were leading the entourage furrowed their brows and were about to call on the disorganized rogue cultivators to their group.

All of a sudden, several rays of lightning bolts appeared on one of the mountains behind Pan Shan Village. Soon after the emergence of the lightning bolts, a shadow could be seen. It was Xu Que.

The sect elders and their disciples could match the description with his features and shouted out in shock, "You are the insolent tiny thing? Why aren’t you surrendering yet?"

Xu Que stood atop the peak of the mountains, raised his head and laughed at the group of immortal cultivators ahead. He then cursed at them, "Surrender your mother. If you have the guts, come and get me."

Several sect elders were all stunned by his rough demeanor.

The disciples standing behind them were even more shocked.

What kind of situation is this?

Is this man crazy? It’s supposed to be us who’ve come to seek our revenge. Why is he acting indignant?

"Asshole, you’re looking for death!"

At the same time, a sect elder recovered from his shock and expressed his rage by gathering his strength and charging towards Xu Que.

However, he was immediately held back by another sect elder.

"Hold it. Be careful of his devious schemes."

The minute this words were spoken, the few elders all became alert and raised their suspicions.

One of the cultivators scanned his vision across and rested upon Xu Que. Soon after, his face turned pale in shock.

"How could it be? This person has cultivated…‘Till the Core Bearing Stage."


Immediately, all the other cultivators were alarmed by this revelation.

According to the reports that were written, this person was a mere Pill Refining cultivator. Only several days had passed and he’s already cultivated up to the Core Bearing Stage? How’s that possible?

"Not good. He must’ve found a way to conceal and deceive his actual cultivation level which managed to fool Celestial Sect."

"That’s right. No wonder so many disciple from my sect went missing after searching for him. They must’ve fallen right into his trap and fell to this person’s venomous schemes."

"Besides, if he could conceal his cultivation level, he might not necessarily be of the Core Bearing Stage and might even be higher than that. He is probably trying to trick us."

"Everyone stop. Let’s rest at the mountain peak opposite and don’t get too near Pan Shan Village for now."

Several sect leaders around ordered their disciples.

Hence, this large group of cultivators decided to turn around and head for the opposite mountain.

Xu Que played along with them and clenched his fists. He then pretended that it was a pity that they weren’t approaching any longer.

This expression was noticed by the cultivators. One of them then spoke out, "Elder Liu is very sharp and observant. I can tell from his face that he looks extremely unhappy that we’re not confronting him head on. It must be because Elder Liu could see through his schemes and managed to avoid it."

All the other sect elders started to clasp their hands in salute, "Elder Liu is wise and prudent. If it weren’t for your observation, we might even have been tricked to enter his lair and fall into his traps."

"Everyone’s overpraising me. Really flattering me." Elder Liu stroked his white beard and laughed out loud as he nodded his head.

Xu Que could hear the alert from the system going off, informing him of his successful acting tough and rewarded him with plenty of act tough points. This caused him no small amount of happiness.

What’s most important was that he succeeded in stalling for time.

Xu Que’s heart laughed quietly. On the surface, he seemed to be extremely unhappy, as he cleared his throat coldly. He then turned to the cultivators congregating around the mountain across, "Consider yourself lucky. My master told me, anyone who dares to step an inch into Pan Shan Village would die a horrible death. Those people yesterday were the best examples I can give."

When everyone heard this, they sucked in cold air in fear.


Damn it. He’s so crafty!

So it seems like this person’s master had arrived as well and was hiding somewhere, trying to lure us in.

No wonder so many Core Bearing Stage disciples ended up missing. They were probably killed by this person’s master.

Several sect elders puckered their brows in suspicion as they eyed each other nervously. Following Xu Que’s words, they replied, "Who’s your master?"

Xu Que reared his head back and laughed. With his hands behind his back, he replied coldly, "Haha! You worthless bunch of people. What right do you have to know my master’s magnanimous name? If you’re wise, all of you will hurriedly fall on your knees and kowtow in the direction of Pan Shan Village. After that, get lost. If you decide to incur the wrath of my master, he will definitely empty out all of your treasure rooms, before wiping out all your family members."

"You really have a death wish!" An old cultivator with a fiery temper blew air against his beard as he shouted out in anger. He clutched his flying sword and rushed towards Xu Que.

However, he was once again held back by elder Liu.

"Hold it. This person is really full of ploys and schemes. Can’t you see it? He’s purposely trying to agitate us and trick us into going over."

"Besides, his master is definitely not a simple person and definitely stronger than all of us. If not, he wouldn’t exhibit this fearless attitude. My friends, please remain calm."

After elder Liu finished speaking, everyone around felt like they’ve been splashed awake with cold water and trembled slightly. They then thought to themselves about how they’ve nearly fallen for his trap once again.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 20 act tough points."

Xu Que stood atop the mountain behind Pan Shan Village as he listened to elder Liu’s words and all their agreement. Soon after he heard the system go off in his head, signalling his successful acting tough once again, he almost revealed his happiness.

It’s not easy. It’s not easy to bump into a bunch of pig headed people for enemies.

Hence, he placed his hands on his hips and faced the group of immortal cultivators across the mountains and started rousing and agitating them once again.

"Come on here all of you. Come and catch me!"

"It’s no big deal for me to fight you with just one hand!"

"Maybe I’ll throw in an additional leg as well?"

"Are you coming or not? If you’re not coming, I shall leave."

"Damn it. You’re really not coming?"

"Ai, in my entire life, all I prayed for was to meet a good opponent but I could never find one!’

"Unless I’m unparalleled and unrivaled in this world? If that’s the case, I should change my name to ‘begging for failure’."

Xu Que then pretended to be an expert who was extremely bored and raised his head in disappointment as he sighed.


The cultivators opposite to him were already prepared for this and couldn’t be coerced into fighting.

Unrivaled your sister!

Begging for failure your sister!

You’re just a Core Bearing Stage cultivator. What are you pretending?

If you have the guts, come here!

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