Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 19: One PunChapter to End it All

Chapter 19: One Punch to End it All

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The sound of the green dragon roaring from the east was audible throughout the entire area.

It’s large and long body circled the mountain and looked like a splendid aura of green light dancing in the air and was an awe-inspiring sight!

"Pu! Pu! Pu!"

Several disciples whose cultivation level were too low lost all color in their cheeks as they spat out blood.

Even before they could back away in retreat, the dragon let loose another ear piercing roar.

Ba boom!

A split second after that roar, the skies over Pan Shan Village took a tremendous turn as the clouds turned dark and filled up the entire area above.

A flow of water as great as waterfalls started to descend down from the clouds, straight upon the cultivators on the mountain.

"Is this… Is this the dragon race’s wind and rain summoning technique?"

"Not good. Run!"

Everyone struggled to flee from the oncoming torrent of water. However, the water crashed heavily on most of the disciples standing below who were unable to escape.


Following the rumble of thunder, a huge bolt of lightning struck down upon the water, causing many disciples who were drenched in water to fry as they got electrocuted.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing a Foundation Building Stage cultivator. The reward is 8,000 experience points."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing a Core Bearing Stage cultivator. The reward is 10,000 experience points."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing a Core Bearing Stage cultivator. The reward is 10,000 experience points."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for increasing a level. The cultivation level is now Core Bearing Stage level 2."

An entire string of notifications beeped in Xu Que’s head, causing him to smile out in happiness.

So it seemed like killing people by using the spell can earn experience points as well!

Also, he managed to increase in level so quickly. He felt extremely good about it.

Xu Que then felt that purchasing this particular spell was extremely worth it.

At the same time, there was a moment of chaos before several shadows broke through the crowd and fled into the forest.

Those shadows belonged to the Golden Core Stage sect elders.

Their cultivation levels were anything but ordinary. However, with the vermillion sparrow and the green dragon roaming the skies, they didn’t dare to ride their flying swords. They then activated their highly proficient physical abilities as they attempted to flee.

Even before they could travel far, a white shadow moving at the speed of light overtook them. The sheer speed of the shadow was absolutely terrifying.


All of a sudden, an anguished cry rang out.

An elder had been taken away by that white blur. He was no longer with them.

The rest of the elders were bewildered by this as their faces fell.

"Where’s Elder Li?"

"Damn it. That must be the white tiger. Let's split up."

When danger approaches and death is imminent, it's every man for himself.

After realizing that Elder Li had been snatched away by the white tiger, many of them didn't even bother stopping. Instead, they increased their speed as they pushed their bodies to their maximum capabilities.

How could Xu Que ever let them get away?

He had been observing this mess the entire time. Then, he saw that several elders had slipped through his nets. He took out his amulet and directed the black tortoise towards the mountainous roads to obstruct them.

He then activated his Lightning Haste and picked up speed to chase after the elders.


In just the span of several breaths, Xu Que managed to overtake and stand in the way of several elders. He faced them and smiled.

"My fellow Daoist friends, you're really dishonest. Didn't you say that you would stand still and allow me to attack? Why did you go back on your words then?"

These few elders had witnessed Xu Que’s movement techniques and weren't exactly taken aback by it.

"Good, little bastard. There's a nice path for you to walk towards heavens and yet you chose to barge through the doorless realms of hades."

Just now while you were hiding behind your protective screen, we couldn't do anything to you. Now that you've come out and delivered yourself to us to die, it looks like we just have to oblige you.

The few of them laughed out loud as an elder casted a spell. From behind, a flying sword charged towards Xu Que with unbelievable speed that couldn't be seen with the naked eye.

Xu Que could feel a chill ran down his spine. Such insane speed surpassed his imagination.

Even without thinking, the Lightning Haste came alive beneath his feet, causing him to dodge the sword narrowly.

"Holy shit. I nearly screwed up and costed me my life. Looks like I underestimated the powers of these Golden Core Stage cultivators."

He heaved a sigh of relief deep down and knew that his life was in danger. He decided to place some distance between himself and these old elders.

The minute he took a step back in retreat, the few elders had a rough measure of his strengths and chased after him without hesitation.

While Xu Que fled, he didn't forget to occasionally turn his head back and curse at them, "Fuck! You bunch of old balding men ganging up together against one person? What kind of heroic gentlemen do you claim to be? If you have the guts, let's do single combat."

Elder Liu was leading the rest of them as he replied coldly, "You’re not worthy to bargain and negotiate with us. And definitely not worthy of our time to fight with you individually."

"That's right. The reason the few of us are ganging up against you is to avenge the deaths of our fallen disciples."

The rest of the elders didn't slow down as they continued to pursue Xu Que atop their flying swords.

After a short while, Xu Que was beyond vexed.

Indeed, he had severely underestimated the strengths of the Golden Core Stage elder and was almost killed by the flying sword but that didn't mean that he couldn't win them.

"Damn it. Just because this tiger doesn't show it's ferocity doesn't mean it's a sick cat!"

(T/N : A Chinese saying for ‘don't underestimate me’.)

Xu Que shouted out and felt his body tremble as he reached into his core energy. He then shouted, "Soaring Dragon Nine Transfomation, activate!"


In that instant, nine rays of blue lights burst out from his body and shine upwards into the sky, where it formed nine dragons.

The awe inspiring and formidable aura of the dragons could be felt as it filled the entire area.

Several sect elders recoiled in fear and assumed the disturbance to be caused by the green dragon from the protective screen. However, it didn't take long for them to realize that something wasn't quite right. Why were there nine dragons now? And why were they blue?

In the next moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

Nine blue gigantic dragons circled the air once before charging towards Xu Que as they swirled around his head.

A loud boom rang out. They previously perceived Xu Que as imperfect and weak yet he had just exhibited powers so amazing and frightening. In a split second, he resembled the son of dragons as he looked down upon them from above like a superior being.

The dragon aura which he wore around his head was so powerful that he caused severe headaches to several cultivators around.

"How’s that possible?"

"What… What spell is that?"

"Can there really be such a strange spell in this world?"

Several elders shouted out in fear as they struggled to believe their own eyes.

Xu Que laughed out loudly, "Haha! You wish to combine strength and kill me? Come on! I wish to take on ten of you together."

As he finished speaking, his body moved in a blur as he activated the Three Thousand Volt Lightning, charging down towards the cultivators.

"Oh no. Run!"

The face of the elders turned drastically, as they made a bid to flee.

Within a short frame of time, the roles had been reversed. The hunter was now the prey.

However, Xu Que’s movement speed was so quick that even cultivators in the Golden Core Stages couldn’t match up to him. Especially since he had the Lightning Haste which originated from its destruction of the blue dome of heaven.


Following the buzz of several electric arcs, Xu Que’s shadow appeared behind an elder. With his fist clenched into a ball, he struck.


The punch was so powerful that his fist sunk deep into the elder’s chest as fresh blood splashed all over.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing one Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a single golden core."

"Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully gaining a level. The current cultivation level is Core Bearing Stage Level 3."

Damn, looks like I leveled up again!

And I even managed to acquire a golden core.

Xu Que was pleasantly surprised by the rewards. Killing a single Golden Core Stage cultivator would grant him 50,000 experience points. According to his previous speed, every Golden Core Stage cultivator he killed would allow him to increase in one level.

Then what am I waiting for?


Xu Que didn’t hesitate as he conjured his Lightning Haste skill, chasing down the second elder.

In his eyes, the entire group of Golden Core Stage elders before him had turned into an entire mountain of experience.

The remaining elders were so horrified that their face contorted in fear and panic.

What kind of person is this?

He was just a mere Core Bearing Stage cultivator. Why was his strength and powers as tremendous as a cultivator in the Original Infant Stage?

A single punch was enough to kill an Elder from the Sun Set faction!

That had to be sorcery!

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