Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 20: Strength of the Four Directions Desolation

Chapter 20: Strength of the Four Directions Desolation

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A loud crash resounded as Xu Que stepped onto a bolt of lightning while he charged towards the second elder to finish him off.

"This is bad. Run!"

The rest of the elders panicked as they ignored the shocks within their hearts. They hurriedly drew energy from deep within their core and attempted to escape as quickly as possible. Their expressions were contorted with fear and deep dissatisfaction.

However, after fleeing for a short period of time, Elder Liu’s expression fell as he opened his eyes wide and shouted out, "Oh no! The mountainous roads ahead are being obstructed by the black turtle! We cannot get past it!"


The few of them started to feel anxious.

If a person wasn’t able to win a fight, he would just flee. At this point, even the option to flee was being taken away.

Could it really be that after several hundred years of diligent cultivation, it was all going to end today?

"No. That little rascal is just a mere Core Bearing Stage cultivator. I’ve waited and cultivated for so long to become a Golden Core Stage cultivator and finally became an elder of my sect. I must not perish to his hands!" An elder bellowed out after being forced into the corner as he exploded in fury, convincing himself not to give up.

The rest of them seemed to snap back as they recovered some stability to their emotions and thoughts.

"That’s right. That little bastard could suddenly increase his strengths. I’m certain that it must have something to do with a secret spell. As long as we drag it out so that his body and core energy cannot handle the prolonged stress of the spell, we should be able to kill him after."

"But his speed is so quick. We cannot drag him out for long."

"That’s right. This kid is doing all these to protect the villagers of Pan Shan Village. As long as we control the lives of those mortals, he’s doomed."

"So the villagers of Pan Shan Village are his weaknesses. Come, let’s go. We can combine our efforts and strike. No matter how fast he moves, he’s still alone after all. Let’s see how many people he can rescue."

The few of them were the sect elders from different sects and were renowned in their own rights. They were all experienced, wise and crafty. The minute they found a way out, they stepped atop their flying swords and dashed down towards Pan Shan Village from different directions.

Xu Que noticed their sudden change in action and was astonished. Soon after, his lips curled into a smile.

"Looks like this bunch of people aren’t stupid as well. They actually thought of using the villagers to put me in a tight spot."

"Such a shame… The Four Direction Desolation spell already killed so many people just because they were close to it. Now that you’re thinking of breaking through it, isn’t that suicide? But that’s good for me as well. It saves me the trouble of hunting each one of you down."

Thinking this way, Xu Que slowed his speed down. He then turned around and laughed to the elders, "Why’s everyone running so fast? Are you rushing to be reincarnated when you die?"

The muscles on the elder’s faces twitched as their expression revealed one of utter desperation.

With their status, the entire Fire Country would recognize them as superior immortals.

However, they were being mocked and chased around by a mere Core Bearing Stage kid. They were all incensed by the current situation which they found themselves in. It would be strange if they weren’t upset.

Elder Liu’s face contorted in ugly anger, "Everyone, please don’t be anxious. He’s trying to agitate us to go back and fight with him. At this point, the four legendary beasts are already outside of the protective spell. That means that the spell is at its weakest point. As long as he charge straight for Pan Shan Village, that little bastard would have to kneel down and kowtow to save his villager’s life.

Xu Que was just behind them, listening to Elder Liu speak.

This Elder Liu is truly a "genius"!

To be honest, if Elder Liu wasn’t present to mix, stir bullshit,and haphazardly make wrong guesses, Xu Que wouldn’t have been so successful in his plans today.

The most important thing was that Elder Liu unknowingly gave him a necessary boost at this critical juncture and even decided to take his friends with him to die. It was so touching that Xu Que was almost reduced to tears that Elder Liu had actually helped him.

He started to feel that not only was this Elder Liu a genius, but he was a close and intimate family member— one who raised him up.

It’s just that although Elder Liu was as good as family for helping him, he still deserved to die!


A gleam of craftiness could be seen in Xu Que’s eyes as he decided to play along and poke fun of them.

He then stepped onto the bolt of lightning as he started to chase down the rest of them.

At this time, he decided to pretend to be angry and thus wore a look of furiousness. In a loud and hoarse voice, he shouted, "All of you stop now!,Don’t force me to use my ultimate spell which will summon dragons from hell and will place an unholy seal upon this land. That would wipe out everyone in this area. Frankly speaking, even I’m afraid to use that spell!"

Xu Que randomly fabricated a spell which sounded extremely horrifying and threatening.

After hearing this, Elder Liu and the rest of them were astounded as their expressions took a great turn.

After seeing Xu Que summon the horrifying "Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations", everyone was already tense and severely afraid of this man.

"I was right. The villagers on Pan Shan Village is his weakness. If not, he wouldn’t be angry that we aren’t chasing him any longer and are heading for the village now. Let’s rush onwards!" Elder Liu gave a loud shout as the rest of the elders increased their speed while they charge towards Pan Shan Village.

They were extremely clear that once they capture the villagers and use them as hostages, they would be able to control Xu Que.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 20 acting tough points."

Xu Que watched on contentedly as they seemed determine to head towards their death. After hearing the message ring out within his head from the system, he started to wear an expression of exasperation as he chased after them, all the while extremely happy deep down.

In the breaths of a several seconds, Elder Liu and the rest of the elders were heading fast towards Pan Shan Village.

As they glared at the protective screen of light, they sped up instead of slowing down, rushing straight into it as they casted protective and offensive spells.


Wraps of fire circled the elders’ bodies. With a wave of their hands, a long stream of fire emanated from their hands as it shot towards the protective screens.

"Once we’re in, capture those mortals and hold them hostage. Let’s go!" Elder Liu led the charge as he waved his hands and shouted. It was a formidable sight.

The rest of the elders following behind him revealed cold laughters. They were already imagining using the lives of the villagers to threaten and blackmail Xu Que. With the villagers, they could subject him to insurmountable abuse and torture.

Xu Que was following closely behind when he stopped all of a sudden. With a cheeky smile, he waved his hands and shouted out aloud, "Balding old men, safe journeys! I hope you get reincarnated to a good life, I shan’t see you off then."

The few elders were stumped.

What’s happening?

What did that kid say? Safe journeys?

Damn it. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

"Boom doom ------!"

Even before they could react, the fire shield around their bodies clashed against the protective screen and disintegrated instantaneously.

Soon after, a huge wave of energy rippled out from within the protective shield and converged upon them. It was as if they were charging straight into the mouths of a gigantic beast, swallowing them whole.


Elder Liu finally reacted as he opened his eyes wide and gave out a loud cry.

But everything was too late!

The Four Directions Desolation was nicknamed, "Destroyer of Trespassers!"

This phrase really wasn’t playing around.

Prior to this, when the group of elders were still lingering beyond the screen, there was a limit to the strength and powers of the beasts, who were controlled by Xu Que via the amulet.

At this point however, the several Golden Core Stage elders rushed straight into the protective screen. It was as good as surrendering themselves to the spider’s web!

The Four Directions Desolation doesn't just possess the four legendary beasts. The strength of the shield would really manifest in protecting an area!

After the few elders were taken to be trespassers and hostile people, they were swallowed by the protective spell. Instantly, they could see everything warp and distort around them before eventually settling down into a desolate land.

They were trapped within an illusory realm as their mortal bodies were being taken captive by the protective shield. Thus, they were stripped off of all other powers and forced to linger along the desolate plains as mere mortals.

There were extremely hot and dry deserts, in addition to swamps housing thousands of poisonous animals. There was also a snowy and frozen area, upon which only hunger and cold were present…

But everything was just an illusion!

The old elders were being taken captives by the protective enchantments. In the illusory realms, their aged bodies were stripped off of their powers and cultivation efforts. Instantly, the toll of their ages came back to them all at once as they were unable to sustain the torment.

Even before they could reach the third area of desolation, their spirits were vanquished and destroyed. With a ‘dong’ they all collapsed to their deaths and ceased to exist!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing one Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a single golden core."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing one Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a single golden core."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully gaining a level. The current cultivation stage is Core Bearing Stage, level 4."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing one Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a single golden core."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for killing one Golden Core Stage cultivator. The reward is 50,000 experience points and a single golden core."


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