Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 23: Gaining Interest

Chapter 23: Gaining Interest

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Upon Xu Que’s arrival, cheers could be heard.

Everyone gathered around and asked if he had been hurt but judging from Xu Que’s unfazed appearance, everybody was surprised and praised that immortal elder Xu’s skills were unremarkable.

"Don’t worry, my fellow villagers. With the spell that I had set up, those people will never come back to cause trouble again." Xu Que assured the villagers.

The villagers were very thankful. They wanted to kneel down to thank him but were stopped by Xu Que. It was after countless rounds of persuading that they decided not to kneel.

At this time, a man from the crowd walked out and worriedly asked, "Immortal Elder Xu, what do we do now? During your battle, we saw two people sneaking off from the battlefield. We are afraid that they will call for more backup…"

"Oh, two of them ran off?" Xu Que didn’t look too surprised.

He was too fixated on killing Elder Liu and the others. Two disciples escaping from him was rather normal.

This wasn’t a very big deal to him. Even if none of them escaped, receiving no news from Elder Liu and the others would cause Celestial Sect to return anyway.

"Please rest assured, you people can just stay here. The spell will protect you all." Xu Que comforted the group.

Even if he decided to bring the villagers and flee through the underground passage to the back of the mountains, the cultivators would have a vast range of powers to search for them. The results would be the same.

In addition, without the protection of the Four Directions Desolation, it would only put the villagers in more danger.

"Everyone listen to Big brother Xu Que. He will definitely protect us." Xiao Rou ran out and told everybody.

Xu Que smiled at her. She started to blush and looked cutely sincere.

The villagers saw her sincerity and couldn’t help but to reveal honest smiles all around. Xiao Rou then turned and ran away.

Everybody eventually scattered and returned to their homes to rest.

Xu Que was starting to think about what to do with Pan Shan village's future.

After all, he could not stay here for a long period of time. The world is vast and he desired to explore them but before leaving, he had to decide on the future plans for the safety of the village.

With the Four Directions Desolation locked in position, the Pan Shan villagers were all safe and protected.

With such large areas of land and lakes, including many goats and chickens on the mountains, even if the villagers do not step foot outside, they will be able to survive in the future and be self-sufficient.

However, it seems like the village still needs some supplies. For example, food reserves and also some seeds to be planted.

Xu Que found the men and heard that there was a small town in the vicinity of Pan Shan Village. The village not only had commoners residing in it, but also have frequent visits by cultivators who went there to enjoy themselves.

"After walking past two mountains, you will be able to see the small town. Immortal Xu, shall we go instead?"

The men learnt that Xu Que wanted to purchase supplies on the village’s behalf and became very concerned.

The reason was because Xu Que’s wanted posters were all over the streets of the small town. He will definitely be attacked by more cultivators if he goes there.

"There is no need. There are many supplies which you can’t carry alone. Besides, if you go, you will become an easy target for suspicion. I can handle this." Xu Que patted Da Zhuang’s shoulder and rejected his proposal.

In actuality, Xu Que couldn’t wait for more people to kill for experience points. Furthermore, with the , he can conceal his appearance. He had no need to be worried about cultivators finding out his identity.

After making his decision, Xu Que ordered the men to ask what the rest of the villagers wanted to buy. He could get them on the way.

Upon hearing, Xiao Rou was the first to go to Xu Que. She said, "Big Brother Xu Que, please remember to buy a few pieces of good fabric on your way back."

"Fabric?" Xu Que asked shockingly.

Blushing, Xiao Rou nodded and mumbled, "Your clothes don’t look like they fit, I… I would like to make a new set for you."

Xu Que proceeded to look downwards at the coarse hemp clothes he was wearing then looked back at Xiao Rou, who shyly lowered her head. He laughed and replied, "Alright, I will get it."

"Mm." Xiao Rou replied, turned around and jogged back.

Looking at her cute silhouette, Xu Que felt a sensation of warmth. Unknowingly, he let out a slight smile filled with happiness.

Xu Que decided to set off in the evening when the sun had set.

He went through the underground passage and donned on his . In the sight of no one, he decided to quietly activate his and swiftly proceeded into the distance.

With the night impending, Xu Que finally arrived at the Town of Water.

Although they said that it was a small town, it didn’t seem like it at all.

With one look, Xu Que felt that the town was at least a few football fields big. The town walls were constructed to be very high and there was a patrol team at the town entrance.

Looking up in the skies of the Town of Water, he could witness various cultivators, steering on their flying swords from time to time.

When Xu Que walked into the town, it was bustling with life. The night market was vibrant with bright lights all around.

Noises could be heard from several inns and many cultivators were drinking and talking to their hearts’ content. Many of them were Sect disciples who were of Qi Refining Stage.

Xu Que scanned through and decided to leave. All of a sudden, he saw a bunch of similar shadow walking past him.

"It’s her." Xu Que’s skipped a beat.

The owner of the silhouette was the woman whom Xu Que saw when he just arrived in this world. This woman was also Tang Xue Rou of the Celestial Sect.

At the same time, a few young cultivators similarly dressed in Celestial Sect robes can be seen accompanying her. They were carrying sharp swords on their backs and walking out of an inn while happily chatting away. It seemed like they just finished their food and were about to leave.

While walking, their eyes fixed momentarily on Xu Que. They were astonished.

Tang Xue Rou did not recognize Xu Que as he was wearing Xiao Yan’s Black Robe. On top of concealing his appearance, he was emitting an immense aura.

The reason they turned their attention to him was due to this aura.

Xu Que didn’t want to care about these few people and definitely did not want to reveal his identity. Without speaking, he proceeded to walk past them.

After a few steps, mumbling and discussing could be heard from those few people.

"What a strong aura!"

"You dress oddly but who knew you had such high cultivation?"

"When he was standing beside us, I was feeling suffocated. How strong!"


"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully subtly acting tough. The reward is 10 act tough points."

Xu Que was silently overjoyed when he heard the system beep in his mind.

He guessed it right. This black robe was definitely a perfect tool to act tough. He should definitely wear it more and walk the streets.

"Yes. Have you guys heard? Something happened to a few Sect members today. We heard that the person who is wanted by us is at Pan Shan village. In the end, out of the few elders sent there, only two disciples managed to escape. The rest didn’t make it back alive."

"Of course I know. The Sunset Faction members came over to our faction to discuss about this today."

"I’ve also heard that the wanted man has big origins. He is the son of some big guy."

At the moment, the Celestial Sect disciples burst into discussion.

After that sentence, Xu Que slowed down his footsteps and went to a halt. He was astonished.


I have big origins? And I’m the disciple of some famous person surnamed Duan?

How come I didn’t know that?

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