Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 22: Definitely Powerful

Chapter 22: Definitely Powerful

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Every secret art from the Nine-Characters Secret were ultimate techniques originated from various territories. With these skills— which includes increasing one’s attack power, defense power, regenerative power, and agility, one’s overall combat ability will be greatly enhanced through the Nine-Characters Secret.

Xu Que looked very contented. However, it seems like the system store is behaving like a black market. It only sold leftover chapters with each skill costing a whole 200 act tough points.

Also, with every purchase, the acquired skill would be random. It would be possible that one gets the "Battle" secret character twice in a row upon purchase.

Still, since this was Xu Que’s first purchase, he wasn’t very stressed at the fact.

However, he was eyeing the "Troop" and "Battle" secret characters.

The reason was because these two secret skills were perfect tools to act tough.

The "Troop" secret character could be used to steal control over one’s magical weapons, allowing the enemies’ own weapons to attack their owner. The "Battle" secret character could be used to copy enemies’ moves and even raise one attack power. It was similar to Mu Rong Family’s ‘An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth’ within the novel"Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils".

Using one’s own weapons against him and using his own moves against himself, it would be definitely embarrassing for the opponent.

Of course, the "People" and "Forward" secret characters were not too shabby.

The "People" secret character can be used anytime to regenerate injuries. Although the system has passive automatic regeneration, it was very slow. Moreover, the "People" secret character has a more frightening ability. Upon mastery, one could revive any living creatures using a drip of his blood. There was no need to be afraid to be destroyed thoroughly by opponents.

The "Forward" secret character was mainly used to cultivate one’s spirit and heightens one’s sixth sense. In other words, one will gain the ability to foresee moves. With the ability to predict, one will be able to judge and carry out the correct course of actions during combat, gaining dominance in the fight. This skill was definitely a good choice to act tough.

The ones Xu Que did not want to get were the leftover "Group", "Move" and "All" secret characters. It was not to say that these skills were not good, but to Xu Que, these two categories of secret skills were not usable at all.

The "Group" secret character was a type of troop tactic based move and Xu Que wouldn’t use it very often.

The "Move" secret character’s function is to increase speed but he already possessed the Three-Thousand Volt Thunder thus he had no use for it.

The "All" secret character was the same. Since he had the Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations, he did not need this secret skill at the moment. Choosing anyone of these skills would be an undesirable outcome.

"Eh… screw that! I shan’t think so much. I am going to get this Nine-Characters Secret!"

After a moment of hesitation, Xu Que finally made his decision,and bought the expensive and wallet-burning Nine-Characters secret.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on the successful exchange of (Remaining Volume). Obtained "Troop" secret character x 1. Do you want to learn this skill?"

"Yeah! Awesome!"

After hearing the system beep, Xu Que threw his fist in the air and let out a big laugh.

"Troop" secret character. How nice!

Xu Que’s happiness was off the charts.

"Train it, I have to train it!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on successfully learning the "Troop" secret character."


Xu Que’s mind abruptly shook with strings of golden colored ancient characters flowing by like water waves relentlessly. Ultimately, the characters fused into a mysterious force, taking root within his body.

Xu Que raised the corner of his lip and continued, "I shall exchange for and ."

"Ding! Exchange successful. Do you want to learn the skills?"


Whoosh! Whoosh!

Momentarily, his body emitted two waves of heat and flowed out of his body through his veins.

In a blink of an eye, Xu Que had learnt two skills.

The "Flame-Devouring Wave" and "Six Corporeal Forms" both originated from the techniques of the novel "Fight Break Spheres". They were moves used by the main character, Xiao Yan in the early stage of the book to dispose of strong enemies in a sweep.

Although very cheap— priced at a mere 25 act tough points, adding the cost of the greatswords needed for the two skills, it would far surpass the cost of the Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations. It would even surpass the cost of low-level Sky-ranked skill books.

During his younger days, when Xu Que was reading the novel, when Xiao Yan held the ink-coloured, dark heavy greatsword, he felt that his character was uncomparable. It seemed like he looked very tough everywhere he went. And now, here he was, learning these two immersive skills. He couldn’t wait anymore and entered the weaponry section of the system store and started to choose his greatswords.

The weapons bundle were filled with many classes and levels of magical weapons. They were split into the amount of stars they have. The higher the star level, the better the quality of the weapon.

There were not many choices for the heavy greatsword and the numbers could be counted.

The lowest class was .

The weapon was from strongest godly sword from another of a novel by Jin Yong, a novelist. It was forged using dark metal, weighing 64 pounds; wielded by the sword demon, Dugu Qiubai, he became unbeatable in the world for 40 years.

After Dugu Qiubai’s death, the Dark Iron Heavy-Sword was passed on to Yang Guo. It was later melted by Huang Rong and later reforged into the Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Saber.

The greatsword did not have a pointed edge, since it was rectangular shaped. Hence it also belonged to blunt class weapons. Although it has 1 star level, it requires 50 act tough points to purchase which was pretty frightening.

However, the "Troop" secret character, along with the two Earth-rank skills, costed only a total of 225 act tough points. He still had a hundred over points, and was confident that he could buy a stronger weapon than this.

He focused his attention to 2 star level weapons.


Originated from within novel "Fight Break Spheres"’s weapons. Used by the main character, Xiao Yan. Forged by flame-type dark metals, this weapon is very sturdy and solid. Seemingly weighing like over a thousand pounds, it has a mystical effect of crushing enemies.

Selling price: 100 act tough points

The Dark Heavy-Greatsword was very similar to the Dark Iron Longsword. However, the blade of the greatsword seemed very big and bulky. Moreover, on that dark giant greatsword, there were faint, exotic vein-like on the blade itself. The vein-like design stretched up to its handle. The carvings filled the entirety of the blade, along with its plain dark and simple colour. It looked rather mysterious indeed.

"I’m buying it!"

Xu Que moved his hand in a wide motion, immediately buying the Dark Heavy-Buster Sword, which had a price comparable to that of a mid-level Sky-rank skill book.

I will definitely look especially tough now that I am similar to Xiao Yan!

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on obtaining Dark Heavy-Buster Sword."

"Ding! Detected that host has learnt the ‘Flame-Devouring Wave’ and ‘Six Corporeal Forms’ skills. Completed hidden achievement. Awarded with Xiao Yan’s Black Robe x 1."

Wow! Damn!

What’s happening? I got a free hidden achievement prize for buying something?

But what does Xiao Yan’s Black Robe do?

Does it have any attribute effects?

Xu Que’s face was stunned. He then quickly opened his system inventory.


Unsellable item. A robe worn by Flame Emperor Xiao Yan when he was young, making it very valuable. Able to conceal one’s appearance. Cultivation stages of Infant Transformation and below will be unable to detect concealment. While wearing the robe, it gives opponents a pressure of immense power.

"Damn. Is this the legendary automatic acting tough?"

Xu Que was very excited upon the occurrence of the event.

Being able to conceal one’s appearance is nothing but being able to give opponents a pressure of immense presence is really something big.

Thinking of it, once the robe is worn, an immense pressure will follow everywhere I go. Everyone will focus their attention on my presence and will immediately trigger the "Subtle acting tough" reward.

"Hahahaha! Wherever I walk, no one can resist my presence."

Xu Que was overjoyed. He immediately took out the black robe and the Dark Heavy-Greatsword.

The moment the black robe was donned, his aura changed. He was exuding an icy cold and deep presence.

Xu Que then carried the Dark Heavy-Buster Sword on his back, creating a spitting image of a fake Xiao Yan.

"Wow! It feels rather good. When I have time, I shall change into this set and walk around the Sects to earn some act tough points.?"

With a contentful nod, Xu Que kept both the items back into his system inventory.

He didn’t want to show up at Pan Shan Village looking like this. He was afraid that with the robe, the immense pressure will cause the villagers to kneel down and worship him again.

At the moment, the Pan Shan Villagers were stupefied.

When Xu Que was fighting a war with those cultivators on the mountains, the villagers were watching from below.

When the four legendary beasts were summoned, the villagers were badly frightened.

When they saw that the fairy-boned "Old Saints" were forced into the spell by Xu Que and killed all of a sudden, they all gained their senses immediately.

Looking up, the vermillion bird and the green dragon had already disappeared.

The skies were blue and the mountains were intact!

Xu Que changed back into the coarse hemp robes. With a mesmerizing smile, he rode on the lightning and hovered down from the mountains with his clothes fluttering with the wind.

Amongst the crowd, Xiao Rou was dazed. With the small and blushy face and beady eyes, she was so adorable, that someone would just take a bite out her.

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