Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 27: There are Going to be Many More Opportunities to Act Tough. I’m In!

Chapter 27: There are Going to be Many More Opportunities to Act Tough. I’m In!

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A few of the bad-tempered elders finally could not take it anymore so they stood up and began angrily shouting.

Xu Que briefly looked at the few of them, nodded and said, "If you all show me such attitude, I will not discuss with you all further as well. You all can talk to my master."

The few elders stuttered and heavily panted for a bit. As if being choked, they could not continue to say anything!

The discussion hall’s atmosphere became still once again.

None of them wanted to offend Xu Que but none of them were willing to put down their ego and settle this peacefully.

In actuality, Xu Que did not want to stir up any trouble as well. He was very clear on exactly how to settle this type of issue.

With this extremely tough "Master" as a backing, he definitely cannot appear to be too easy going. On top of that, the rumours say that Duan Jiu De had an eccentric nature and therefore he had to be a little more arrogant.

If he apologized to them easily, it will have an opposite effect of making them suspicious. If, in the worst case scenario, his true identity was revealed, the various Factions will definitely come back with a greater vengeance.

He was not afraid of anything as he had the system at his hands. However, the Pan Shan villagers would be in great danger!

Therefore, he had to put on this act ‘till the end!

Xu Que clenched his fists as he thought to himself, "There are going to be many more opportunities to act tough. I’m in!"


"Since you won’t apologize, what do you think will solve this issue?" The Sect Leader Zhang asked amongst the quiet atmosphere.

The weird part was that, the Leader’s tone was not as cold as previously. Instead, he sounded a little more accommodating.

Xu Que let out a smile in his heart. He was successful with the act he was putting up and reckoned that even this Celestial Sect Leader was starting to believe his identity.

But, didn’t the Sect Leader himself meet Duan Jiu De a few times before?

That’s good. I can still play this card for a little while more!

Xu Que realized that and he pretentiously mumbled to himself, contemplated for a moment before replying, "How about this. Since the misunderstandings stemmed from my side and everyone here is considered my senior, why not let me use this place and treat everybody to a feast. This way, we can all become friends. What does Sect Leader Zhang think about this?"

After that, Xu Que sincerely looked at Zhang Dan Shan and gave him a brief smile.

It was as if he was hinting Zhang Dan Shan that he was here to become friends and he shouldn’t resist this goodwill!

Zhang Dan Shan slightly squinted his eyes and nodded, "I, the Celestial Sect Leader, do not have any objections. I shall lend you our training grounds outside and let you arrange for the feast tonight."

Upon this situation, the members of other Factions seconded, "Brother Xu, you are too kind. We, the Fierce Flame Faction do not have any objections. Let’s drink ‘till we drop."

"We, Pale Mountain Faction have no objections as well."

"We Sunset Faction… have no objections!"

At last, the Sunset Faction members agreed as well as they swallowed their anger.

They had no choice. Even the big Celestial Sect has let the matter go. What rights do a small faction have?

On top of that, the situation started with them being greedy, bearing a malicious intent to kill Xu Que for his treasures. In the end, the tables turned and many disciples and Elders from their side were killed. The only thing they could do now was to act like they were mutes.

As a result, a previous situation filled with possible vengeance and killing was solved with a simple round of feast.

However, the main reason was the name ‘Duan Jiu De’. It had a very big effect.

When the night descended, the Celestial Sect carried out the feast as planned.

Xu Que became popular with the Sect and the factions due to bringing all them together. Wherever he walked, he was being toasted in respect.

He was crowned with the name "Duan Jiu De’s disciple" out of the blue. He naturally would not let this perfect chance to act tough to slip by with the chance to drink wine. He could brag about himself all he want without reservations.

"Years ago, I remembered master bringing me down the mountains to train. He brought me to a Sect and everybody there were very tactful. They immediately presented us with a pile of treasures saying that this was just a door gift, leaving us with a very deep impression. After that, when that Sect were being attacked by enemies and I, being a righteous and loyal friend, without any qualms, dragged my master to help out. We destroyed those enemies of the Sect completely in the end."

Everyone were shocked upon hearing that and they realized something.

Is… Is he hinting us to send him gifts?

One of the Elders from Fierce Flame Faction reacted quickly while holding up his wine cup and replied, "With Brother’s and Senior Duan’s godly hero tactics, everywhere they go, everybody will know them. The old man shall toast you and we shall offer you a few magical weapons from our Faction. Just treat this as an old man’s door gift, hope Brother Xu don’t mind."

"Brother Xu, I, too, shall represent Pale Mountain Faction and toast you. We have a few roots of 800 year old Medicinal Qi Grass here for you to keep."

"Tch, just a mere few roots of Medicinal Qi Grass? Brother Xu, we Fire Cloud Faction offers you a bottle of Jiu Zhuan blood-soaked powder. These medicine pills temper with your blood circulation and is an important godly medicine for one to become a sage." One of the elders stood up and boldly said.

Everyone was shocked as they inhaled a breath of cold air.

This Fire Cloud Faction is way too aggressive. They were willing to offer so much just to impress Duan Jiu De. They were presenting a bottle of the Jiu Zhuan blood-soaked powder and it is said that they have only 3 of them in their whole Faction.

"What, how can I take it?" Xu Que let out a ‘shy’ smile,and rejected sarcastically.

"Brother Xu, don't be a stranger! If you treat this old man as a friend, you must keep it."

While the Fire Cloud Elder was talking, he immediately took and stuffed the medicine bottle into Xu Que’s hands, looking at him with the "You must take it, if not you are not stroking my ego" look.

Xu Que had ‘’no choice’ but to take the medicine.

Of course, he had to take the gifts from the rest of the Factions. His system deposit space was stuffed full after one meal and he collected many act tough points too.

At the same time within Celestial Sect’s inner area, in an attic.

A disciple was kneeling on the ground and was speaking with a white-haired old woman.

The old woman widened her eyes after hearing the disciple and screamed out with a unbelieving tone, "What did you say?! Not only the Sect Leader didn’t let that scoundrel apologize, he borrowed the training ground to him to arrange a feast?!"

That old woman was Tang Xue Rou’s master, Elder Sun. It seemed that she was too angry at the fact since her voice sounded shaky. She also threw the tea cup on her hand, landing with a loud "Pa" sound.

"M-Master Sun Elder, that was the case!" The disciple was scared stiff and started to tremble while kneeling down.

The old woman’s face became gloomy by the second and her eyes were filled with flames of anger.

"This guy is treacherous and vicious. He also sexually harassed my disciple in the past. I will never forgive him."

The old woman’s focus changed to the kneeling disciple. With a cold voice, she said, "Take my token. Go to the inner Sect’s treasure chamber and get me the Spell-breaking cartridge. Remember, this is between the two of us. I don't want a third person to know, including the Sect Leader. Understand?"

"Ye-Yes… I understand."

The disciple took the old woman’s token and quickly ran towards the direction of the treasure chamber.

The old woman looked at her disciple’s shadow as he ran and her eyes started to gradually focus into the distance, face letting out a sinister grin, "Since I can’t do anything to you little scoundrel, I shall let those ants in Pan Shan village atone for your sins."

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