Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 28: Feeling Ill at Ease

Chapter 28: Feeling Ill at Ease

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A few hours later, as the night darkened, the feast that Xu Que planned had also come to an end.

Many members and Elders from the various Factions were merrily drinking. While leaving, some of them wanted to drink more with Xu Que.

Xu Que naturally rejected politely.

After spending the whole day at the Celestial Sect acting tough and adding on the time spent at the feast, he had gained a total of 200 over act tough points. That should be enough to exchange for a cheap Intermediate Spell.

Opening the system interface, his character stats appeared in front of him:

"Host: Xu Que

Status : Prince Consort of Fire Country

"Right. I almost forgot to upgrade my spells.

Cultivation Stage: Core Bearing Stage Level 5 (Clear Understanding)

Experience Points: 0/200000

Acting Tough Points: 280 Points

Skill Path: Intermediate Level

Abilities: Soaring Dragons Nine Transformation (Maximum); Lightning Haste (Maximum); Troop-Secret Character (0% progress); Flame-Devouring Wave (0% progress); Six Corporeal Forms (0% progress).

Essence: Skill Path Essence (330 Points)

Occupation: None

Ever since Xu Que exchanged for the new skill books, he had never activated them before and therefore their progress stayed at 0%. He finally realized it after checking his skills.

However, his Skill Path Essence were left with 300 over. How should he assign the points?

Previously, for the Soaring Dragons Nine Transformation and the Lightning Haste skills, they belonged to the Earth-rank skill class and both of them required just 100 Skill Path Essence points to reach the maximum.

However, now that he had acquired the Troop-Secret Character, which belonged to the Sky-rank skill class, in order to raise it to maximum, it will definitely need more than just 100 Skill Path Essence.

"Forget it. I’ll try using 100 Skill Path Essence points on it first!"

Xu Que thought for a bit, activated the system and used 100 Skill Path Essence on the Troop-Secret Character.

"Ding! Consumed 100 Skill Path Essence points, ‘Troop-Secret Character’ rank up successful. Current progress 10%."

Damn it!

Xu Que almost jumped up.

I just used a whole 100 Skill Path Essence points, which could have already maxed out Earth-Rank skills but it’s only worth 10% of progress for Sky-Rank skills? This is absurd.

No way! I can’t just waste them like this.

"System, put the other 200 Skill Path Essence points on the Flame-Devouring Wave and the Six Corporeal Forms."

Xu Que felt that currently, what he needed most were these types of skills which allowed him to maneuver on weapons. If not, cultivators who are able to use flying swords would have an edge over him in combat. Also, he was far from reaching the stage of having invulnerable skin.

"Ding! Consumed 100 Skill Path Essence points. ‘Flame - Devouring Wave’ rank up successful. Current progress 100%, trained to the maximum!"

"Ding! Consumed 100 Skill Path Essence points. ‘Six Corporeal Forms’ rank up successful. Current progress 100%, trained to the maximum!"

Following were two system beeps. Xu Que felt a sensation of warmth flowing around internally followed by the warmth converging into the pubic region where the Qi resides. He immediately felt his whole body filled with strength.

"Such a nice sensation. It’s time to return to the village."

Xu Que felt elated. Just as he was about to leave, he sighted a silhouette not too far in front of him.

The figure stood silently in the pitch black darkness and stared towards his direction.

"Sect Leader Zhang, why haven’t you gone to sleep?"

Xu Que let out a laughter but felt some uncertainty in his heart. He was thinking that Sect Leader Zhang was here to talk about Duan Jiu De.

Zhang Dan Shan stood in the distance and nodded towards Xu Que’s direction.

Before one could blink, seemingly without any pre-action, he appeared right in front of Xu Que and almost scared him.

"Several hundred years ago, your master and I have met each other a few times. Is he still doing alright?" Zhang Dan Shan’s tone was filled with warmth as if treating Xu Que as Zhang Jiu De’s disciple already.

Xu Que laughed, "He is doing very well, he has been drinking and eating happily in the East Continent these past few years."

"Oh, the old man is currently still in the Fire Nation?" Zhang Dan Shan’s eye brightened up.

"Not sure. That old man’s whereabouts are random. Even I’m not sure where he is. However, he gave me a secret Emblem and every time I am met with danger, he will appear immediately. You want to try it, Sect Leader Zhang?" Xu Que told him while smiling from cheek to cheek.

The secret Emblem and whatnot, were of course things he had read in Internet novels in his previous life and he has no idea what he was talking about.

Apparently, Zhang Dan Shan believed him. He blanked out and became a little gloomy for a little and then nodded briefly, "Forget it. We will meet if we have fate."

He then looked at Xu Que and warmly said, "From today onwards, if you want to stay at Celestial Sect, just tell me. Regarding Pan Shan village, I will definitely not do anything to them."

"Alright, I’ll give you my thanks, Sect Leader Zhang! But for now, I have to go back to tidy up some things." Xu Que waved his hands in laughter.

Zhang Dan Shan nodded, "Hm. Go on."

Xu Que did not say anything and activated the Lightning Haste. With lightning interweaving beneath his feet, he flew downwards from the mountains and left.

Zhang Dan Shan’s tone and attitude being like this was a good thing but the danger still persisted.

If his true identity is made known, what would come after will be very bad.

However, being the bold and able man he was, he still accepted Zhang Dan Shan’s offer for him to stay at the Celestial Sect.

The treasure chamber he had previously stolen from the Celestial Sect was located at the outer Sect. If there is an outer Sect, there is definitely an inner Sect and the inner Sect will definitely contain many skill books for acting tough. When that time comes, he will be able to steal them and recycle the skills to get a big amount of Essences.

Yet, before doing that, Xu Que knew that he had to go back to Pan Shan village.

Although Zhang Dan Shan just promised that he would not touch Pan Shan village, he still had to quickly exchange for an Intermediate spell to protect the village in fear of things becoming sour if his plot falls apart, implicating the villagers.

On his way back to Pan Shan village, his stomach suddenly felt a little stuffy and had a bad feeling out of the blue.

This seems like a bad omen and a feeling that something bad was going to unfold.

He puckered his eyebrows and his first deduction was that he was poisoned. It must be Zhang Dan Shan, that old fox must have poisoned his wine and food during the feast.

"System, quickly check within my body if I have been poisoned."

"Ding! Host ‘Xu Que’ body condition is well. Qi and blood flow is good. No signs of poisoning."

Huh, not poisoned?

Xu Que was stumped. How was he feeling this way if he wasn’t poisoned?

"Whatever. I’ll quickly return to Pan Shan village. Yesterday, Xiao Rou told me to buy fabric cloth back and wanted to make me new clothes. Haha! I think the young girl is worried out of her wits."

Xu Que nodded, shook away any uncertainties he had and hurried back quickly to Pan Shan village.

At this moment, a shadow sweeped past the skies of Celestial Sect and sped into an attic. When she landed, she looked unsteady and immediately fell onto the floor, spitting out fresh blood.

"Elder Sun." A few Celestial Sect disciples on guard saw the situation and went to help.

The Elders face became gloomy and looked scary. She bit her teeth and said, "Damn it! Who knew that little scoundrel's spell was so strong. The spell damaged the Spell-breaking cartridge, causing even me, the Elder, to suffer such heavy losses."

Speaking up to this point, she faced those few Celestial Sect disciples, coldly laughed and asked, "Which part of the Sect is that little scoundrel at now?"

"Elder Sun, he just left the mountains."

"He’s going back already? Hehe… That’s good. Let him go back and see what big gift I’ve left him and see if he likes it." The Elder let out another cold laughter and under the help of the few Celestial Sect disciples, stood up, and left for the inner part of the attic.

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