Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 30: All Deserves Death

Chapter 30: All Deserves Death

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"Phew… He’s really scary!"

Seeing Xu Que depart, the few Celestial Sect disciples finally heaved a sigh of relief. They could feel sweat staining the back of their robes as they trembled in fear.

"But based on his demeanor, it seems like he's going to find trouble with the Fallen Spirits Sect."

"No way. There're so many people there. Even the Sect Leader is an Original Infant Stage Cultivator. If he goes alone, wouldn't he be courting death?"

"Ai, the Fallen Spirits Sect members are so vicious and evil!"


Tang Xue Rou looked at the disappearing shadow of Xu Que and bit her lips before speaking, "Let's hurry and return to Celestial Sect and report this matter to the higher ups."


The few Celestial Sect disciples nodded their heads and took flight atop their flying swords and headed back towards Celestial Sect.

At the same time, beneath the dark clouds and cold winds, Xu Que clutched on tightly to Xiao Rou’s slender and petite body. His face remained expressionless as they flew.

His thoughts and emotions were invested within the system as he searched for ways to save Xiao Rou.

"Ding! Planning completed. Since the system’s level is not high enough, there are no ways to bring the dead back to life currently. The system suggests that the host purchase a pagoda to store and protect the souls of the dead." At last, the system gave a reply.

"System’s level isn't high enough? Does that mean once I increase the level of the system, I would be able to find a way to resurrect the dead? Xu Que clutched at wild straws, desperate to find a way to revive Xiao Rou, his eyes came alive after hearing this.


"Good. Tell me, how do I increase the level of the system then?" Xu Que finally heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as he could revive Xiao Rou, he would sacrifice everything and pay whatever price required.

"As long as the host’s cultivation level reaches the full foundation of Golden Core Stage, the system will then be upgraded. Since this is the host’s first time using this system, the first upgrade shall be free."

Full circle foundation of the Golden Core Stage?

Good! Very good!

That's very good, System!

Xu Que’s face revealed a cold smile.

Just as well that he was going to seek revenge on those Fallen Spirits Sect members. Once he kills them, he would gain experience points as well.

"Ding! It's been detected that the spirit of the deceased next to the host ‘Xu Que’ is about to disperse. The system recommends purchasing a Soul Pagoda."

The system rang out once more in his head.

Xu Que’s face turned grim as he hurriedly replied, "Quick, purchase the Soul Pagoda!"

"Ding! 100 acting tough points had been spent in exchange for the Soul Pagoda. Do you wish to use it now? Note that this Soul Pagoda can only house a single soul."

"Use it. Keep Xiao Rou’s soul within the Pagoda."

"Ding! The wandering soul had successfully been housed within the pagoda! The system recommends the host to bury the body of the deceased at the soonest time possible to ensure safety of the body. The second he obtains the solution to revive the dead, he can then reconstruct the body." The system reported.

Xu Que squinted his eyes in sadness.

Burying the body to keep it safe! That's necessary.

But before that, I shall let those bunch of dead men, the disciples of Fallen Spirits Sect become a living sacrifice to Xiao Rou and the other dead villagers.


A streak of lightning flashed through the skies as Xu Que advanced towards the direction which those Fallen Spirits Sect disciples fled in.

Before long, he finally could see the 10 shadows in front of him. Those were the disciples of Fallen Spirits Sect.

"I shall start with the few of you!"

Xu Que gave a sinister laugh as he casted his Three Thousand Volts Lightning and his body moved in a blur.

The few disciples from Fallen Spirits Sect could feel some movement behind them. When they turned their heads back to look, their faces turned ashen.

"No. That person is chasing after us."

"Hurry and scatter!"

"Don't engage in a fight with him. As long as we reach the sect’s domains, he wouldn't dare to pursue further."

The 10 of them turned away and began to flee in haste.

Xu Que opened up the inventory in the system and withdrew the Soul Pagoda, tying it to his neck so it hung down over his chest. He then held onto Xiao Rou’s lifeless body and whispered, "Xiao Rou, watch closely. I'm going to send these people to hell to atone for their sins towards our deceased villagers."

The minute he finished speaking, the arc of lightning beneath his feet bury forth as his body disappeared to his extremely fast movement speed. He approached a Fallen Spirits Sect disciple.

Xu Que clenched his fist tightly before hearing a loud roar being emitted from a dragon. Xu Que then entered the ninth form of the Soaring Dragon’s Nine Transformation.


A soft groan could be heard as Xu Que’s fists passed through the Fallen Spirits Sect’s disciple and emerged from his chest.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully killing a Core Bearing Stage cultivator. The reward is 10,000 experience points."


Several fleeing disciples turned their heads back to see the scene unfold. They were so afraid, it almost drove them crazy. They urged their flying swords on as they attempted to flee from this chaotic scene.

However, their speeds could never match up to Xu Que’s.

Before long, another one was caught up by Xu Que and immediately died to his fists.

At the same time, the system’s rewards kept beeping in Xu Que’s head.

He was unperturbed by the system as he moved with the Lightning Haste spell activated, claiming the lives of the Fallen Spirits Sect members.

After some time, he had killed almost all the culprits apart from the 3 of them.

The remaining 3 managed to reach the boundaries of the Fallen Spirits Sect’s mountains and felt much safer.

"Sect Leader, save us!" The three disciples started screaming as they dashed straight into their stronghold.

Xu Que’s expression was calm as he started to make his descend, landing directly atop the head of one of the disciples.


That disciple’s skull cracked open and a mixture of blood and brain seeped out onto the ground.

The other 2 disciples were sent into a state of intense fear and almost went insane.

They called themselves disciples of Fallen Spirits Sect which belonged to Devil’s Clan. All these while, they managed to gain a notorious and evil reputation for themselves.

However, the person who had been chasing them now was even more evil and vile than the devil. He was the most horrifying demon they’ve ever seen!

"How dare you kill my disciples just outside of my stronghold? Are you sick of living?"

In that instant, an awe-inspiring and formidable voice rang out from within the Fallen Spirits Sect and radiated out in all directions.

The pair of trembling disciples seemed like they finally found a lifeline. In that instant, they broke down in tears of relief and screamed out, "Sect Leader, please save us! The rest of the disciples had been killed by this person!"

The minute these words were spoken, a large group of people swarmed out within Fallen Spirits Sect. They were the disciples of the sect and encircled Xu Que, attempting to subdue him.

At the same time, a gale of black wind started to brew from within the sect. Immediately after, an incredible pressure was exerted all around on everyone. An old man dressed in black robes was floating above the clouds. He was the Sect Leader of Fallen Spirits Sect.

His eyes were like slits as he looked down furiously at Xu Que as he whispered sinisterly, "Young one. You should know when it’s time to stop and scram. Especially now that you still have your life!"

Xu Que laughed out coldly, "Time to stop? Keke… Sure, I will. Only when I’ve trampled over every single member of Fallen Spirits Sect would I stop!"

All the disciples present flew into a fit of rage.

"Idiot. Do you think you alone are capable of trampling over our Fallen Spirits Sect?"

"You’re a dreaming fool. Scram over."

"Don’t think that just because your master is Duan Jiu De, we’re afraid of you. We are all from Fallen Spirits Sect and we don’t fear anything."

"What Duan Jiu De? I’ve never even heard of that name. Other cultivators might be afraid of him but that doesn’t mean that we are too."

"Haha! You even brought a dead person here? What? Are you trying to use this dead body to scare us?"

"Yo, this dead corpse still looks pretty good. Every hundred years a beauty comes by on this earth. It’s such a pity that she’s dead."

"That’s okay. She looks like she hasn’t been dead for long. I honestly wouldn’t mind trying her. Come to think of it, I haven’t had fun with a dead corpse yet."


All these inappropriate and dirty taunts caused Xu Que to turn pale with anger.

"If you insult me, that's fine. But since you've insulted her, you have to die."


All of a sudden, a heavy looking, dark black buster sword appeared in Xu Que’s hands.

The group of disciples were still laughing in a frenzy. In the next moment, they witnessed a blur. It almost seemed like there were an infinite number of black buster sword shadows surrounding them.

The smiles were frozen off their faces!

What was happening? Why does my scalp feel numb?

Even before they could react in time, the numerous shadows seemed to have formed a crushing aura, pressuring them intently.

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