Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 29: I’ll Bring You to Kill Them

Chapter 29: I’ll Bring You to Kill Them

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At this point, Pan Shan Village was ablazed with flames, soaring high into the heavens. Many villagers had been killed in the massacre and even more were charred to death in the large fires.

The screams of terror and agony combined together as wailings and shrieks could be heard from miles away. Regardless of how the villagers begged for their lives, these ten cultivators didn’t show any mercy. With their swords raised up high, they casted spells as they laughed and slaughtered the helpless villagers.

At this point, several shadows flew overhead as their long robes flapped in the wind. One of them had a familiar face. It was the girl immortal who had been harassed by Xu Que, Tang Xue Ru.

She led several Celestial Sect disciples as they travelled. Coincidentally, they witnessed this scene down below and charged down.

"Stop it! Who are you? How dare you kill the innocent people?"

"Keke… We, Fallen Spirit Sect are handling our businesses. Those who are not involved, scram now."

"Atrocious. This is the area of Celestial Sect. You Fallen Spirits Clan members are overextending your reach. How audacious!"

"So what if you’re Fallen Spirit Sect? If you don’t leave now, don’t blame my blades for not having eyes to discern who to attack."

"Hm, then come and try me."

Tang Xue Rou and the people behind her gave a sinister look as they charged down upon the cultivators of Fallen Spirits Clan.



At this point, the sky was dark and wind was blowing fiercely at Xu Que’s face causing a continuous whooshing sound.

The closer he got to Pan Shan Village, the more unsettled he felt!

What’s going on?

Xu Que creased his eyebrows. He was already travelling at the fastest speed possible.

At last, after crossing this huge mountain, he would reach Pan Shan Village in no time.

Indeed at the next moment, the intense scene of killing and desolation, blazing fires and a village drenched in blood was spotted by him. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Was that his amicable, kind and innocent Pan Shan Village in ruins?

His eyes almost bulged out its sockets as the fires in his heart was immense and insurmountable. He couldn’t help but let out a huge shout!


He seemed to have gone insane as he charged down the mountains while screaming.

When he looked down at the entrance of the village, he could see a small petite girl being chased out by a cultivator. That shadow of the splendour body belonged to Xiao Rou.

The next instant, she fell over with a thud amidst all the panic. Her face was deathly pale as she bit down hard on her lower lip.

Even before she could pick herself up, a white bright light appeared behind her and plunged into her body from behind through her back.


A flying sword emerged from the front of her body as Xiao Rou’s body fell to the ground, blood splattering in all directions.

Right at this point, it was almost like time came to a complete standstill.

Xu Que was not far from this scene. His mind went blank as he opened his eyes in shock, his mouth was gaping wide. He found it extremely difficult to believe what he had seen.

"Stop it!" Tang Xue Ru and the rest of her immortal cultivators reached the village and started killing the perpetrators of this bloody bloodbath. Seeing the scene before them, they rushed to slaughter the disciples of Fallen Spirits Sect.

However, it was too late. The disciples of Fallen Spirits Sect had done significant damage to the village, killing and destroying everything in their wake. The minute they had achieved that, they fled off on their flying swords.

At this moment, Xu Que finally reached the village from the mountains. His crazed eyes were full of red blood vessels. He looked like he was deep in a trance as he repeatedly shouted, "No! No! No!"

"Oh? It’s this pervert? Tang Xu Ru froze as she saw Xu Que.

Xu Que ignored everything and everyone around as he dashed in a mad frenzy towards Xiao Rou.

"Xiao Rou! Xiao Rou, please wake up. I’m back. Please don’t be scared. I shall save you now."

He rushed to Xiao Rou’s side and embraced her in a hug. At the same time, he summoned the information interface as he desperately looked for some herbs to heal her wounds.

Xiao Rou opened her eyes with great difficulty. The minute she saw Xu Que, a smile seemed to radiated across her face.

"Xu… Brother Xu… You’re finally… Back!"

"I’m back. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry! Damn it. I came back too late…" Xu Que’s eyes welled up with tears.

In both his lives, he hadn’t cried in a long long time. At this point, tears flowed freely.

"System, system. Hurry, I wish to buy medication with healing property. I would give up everything to save Xiao Rou." Xu Que shouted out in his head to the system.

"Ding! Due to the system’s level being too low, the items within this system can only be used by yourself."

The system replied coldly. This answer felt as though a bucket of cold water had been splashed across Xu Que’s face.

What? What do you mean level is too low? I wish to save someone. I need to save someone now!

He felt as if heaven and earth had been reversed, like the sky had crashed down upon him.

He had never experienced such a feeling of helplessness. Even in his previous life, when he was killed in the car accident, the helplessness he felt now was much intense compared to back then.

"No… It’s alright, brother Xu. Maybe, maybe…. This is Xiao Rou’s fate. But to die in your arms, being able to see brother Xu’s face, Xiao Rou has no regrets."

Xiao Rou smiled as she slowly lifted her hands, seemingly using up all her energy in the process as she touched Xu Que’s cheeks, "Brother… Xu Que, please don’t cry. Your face is so pale. You look so good…"

"Brother Xu Que, Xiao Rou has been wanting to tell you. I like you. I mean really, really like you that way…"

"Brother Xu Que, Xiao Rou knows she cannot match up with you. But I know that if I don’t say it now, I will never have the chance to say it again."

"Brother Xu Que, I’m sorry. Xiao Rou did say she wanted to make you some new clothes… But now she can’t…"

"Brother Xu Que, after Xiao Rou has died, will you… Will you still remember Xiao Rou?"

"Xiao Rou’s best moments in this life… My happiest moments, were all with brother Xu Que..."


The second her last word was uttered, Xiao Rou’s hands fell from Xu Que’s face onto the ground with a smack.

Her large glossy eyes lost its light as Xu Que slowly lifted his hands to close them. Tear stains were still visible at the corners of her eyes…


Seeing Xiao Rou’s innocent and bubbly eyes lose their gleam, Xu Que clung onto her lifeless body as he reared his head back and screamed out in agony. He then started rocking back and forth like a demented person, with her body still in his embrace a he shouted out, "Xiao Rou, you musn’t sleep. Wake up! I told you I would take you flying on a sword and bring you to have fun and eat loads of good food. Xiao Rou, I still wish to wear the clothes you were supposed to make for me!"

Xu Que’s face was stained with tears, his voice was hoarse as he shouted out.

However, the Xiao Rou within his embrace had fallen asleep forever and couldn’t ever hear his screams.

In his mind, all these days of Xiao Rou’s sweet laughter, her feminine demeanor and that innocent and sweet voice replayed continuously.

All his fond memories of her seemed like it happened only yesterday!

Tang Xue Jia and the rest of them watched on, unable to do anything as well.

Although they were all immortal cultivators, they didn’t have the powers to bring the dead back to life.

"Wei, pervert. People cannot be revived from the dead. Besides, growing old and falling ill before dying are part of the parcel of life for these normal people. She’s just an ordinary village girl, why must you be so upset? But don’t you worry. These lands here including Pan Shan Village belongs to Celestial Sect. I shall report this matter to my master and we will hunt down those Fallen Spirits Sect members to seek justice." Tang Xue Rou walked behind Xu Que and spoke out.

Xu Que sat there quietly, holding Xiao Rou tightly within his embrace.

His pair of arms were wrapped around her as his body trembled. The veins on his neck were popping up.

In the next moment….


Xu Que felt his chest tremble as he spat out a large mouthful of red blood.

Tang Xue Rou and the rest of her Celestial Sect disciples saw this and their faces were shocked,

This is… Blood from the heart!

This person’s love must’ve been extremely deep seated, for he even spat out blood from the heart. This dead lady must’ve been his lover.

Ai, no wonder. Seeing a person you love die in front of you. Who can bear such a heartache?

Everyone present shook their heads and sighed.

Tang Xue Ru was astounded as well as she stared blankly at Xu Que. She was wondering if that was the same pervert as before? Why did it seem like he’s changed so much?

Before long, Xu Que finally moved.

He extended a hand to wipe the traces of blood from the corners of his mouth as he raised his head coldly. Intense hatred raged within his eyes.

Tang Xue Ru and the rest of the disciples from Celestial Sect watched on and were taken aback. They subconsciously retreated several steps back and their faces turned pale with fright.

That killing intent was extremely overwhelming!

This… This person’s killing intent is so scary!

"You… You don’t do anything on impulse. This is none of our business. I… We came here to help!" A disciple was scared out of his wits and assumed that Xu Que wanted to attack them. He then hurriedly explained.

Xu Que didn’t seem to bother about him as he held on tightly to Xiao Rou’s body before standing up slowly.

Under the panicked looks from the cultivators, Xu Que whispered into Xiao Rou’s ears, "Xiao Rou, I’ll bring you to kill them."

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