Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 6: The Red Undergarment Of The Village Girl

Chapter 6: The Red Undergarment Of The Village Girl

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The wild beast rushed towards Xiao Rou who seemed to have abandoned all hope.

Her delicate frame trembled as she accepted her fate, shutting her eyes.

Will I die just like this? Death by those set of claws… do they hurt a lot?


I feel so light. Is this how death feels like? Doesn’t feel right…

Xiao Rou opened both of her eyes in doubt.

Between her eyes, a slim silhouette unknowingly appeared right in front of her. The figure donned a familiar torn blanket as a cape, unexpectedly holding back the enormous beast.

Xiao Rou was stunned!

H-How could this be possible?

He actually held the gigantic wild beast back with his obviously severe injuries…

In this moment, Xiao Rou’s thoughts abruptly flashed back to yesterday where she first saw Xu Que. Images of the miserable scene of him drenched in blood appeared. But now, he is right in front of her, protecting her without a care for his life.

Xiao Rou sniffed with tears filling up her eyes.

At the same time, the surrounding villagers who were unreactive to Xu Que’s lightning fast speed were stumped at whatever he was doing now.

However, just witnessing the slim figure stopping the huge wild beast caused the villagers to become deeply awestricken.

How is it possible that a person— injured to such an extent, can hold back such a massive and ferocious beast?


This time, the wild beast had let out a thunderous roar, snapping everyone back into reality.

It lifted its gigantic beastly claws into the air while panting in rage before abruptly bringing them down to the ground.

Everybody were startled and shocked as they screamed out,

"This is not good. Quickly retreat!"

"Little doll, escape!"

"Be careful…"

Xiao Rou was frightened too as she turns pale. She reached out her tiny hands to try and pull Xu Que back but realized that she couldn’t move an inch.

With Xu Que’s frame of skin and bones standing in the face of the huge and immense beast, it looked like a clear match-up of the strong against the weak.

Despite resisting the first attack by the beast, no one believed that he was an even match for it.

Xu Que who had remained still the entire time, immediately lifted up his right leg and kicked the wild beast.


A cry of agony followed, stunning the crowd again.

The colossal and ferocious beast was kicked flying into the air and it landed hard on the ground before sliding some distance from the impact of the kick.

The villagers were astonished.

One… One kick and the beast flew? What kind of damned leg power does he have? What leg strength?

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully subtly acting tough. The reward is three act tough points."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully subtly acting tough. The reward is five act tough points."

The system beeped twice in a row but Xu Que couldn’t care less on how he scored twice. His one and only reason for being here was to save Xiao Rou.

Because of that, he made use of his internal five-attributed spiritual Qi and coherently executed his kick in an explosive manner.

However, he immediately felt vaguely that his legs were going numb.

The beast lying in front of him was by no means weak and was equipped with a very thick hide. One kick would definitely not kill it under normal circumstances.

"Fellow villagers, rest assured, this animal is mine!"

Xu Que gave a shout and rushed towards the beast, pinning its head on the ground, giving it a thorough beating with a flurry of punches and kicks.

Every punch and kick subtly contained Qi, causing the beast to wail and howl in pain.

The villagers were dumbfounded, lifelessly witnessing this scene and some of them couldn’t grasp the situation unfolding before their eyes.

The once seemingly gigantic and ferocious beast was beaten down to a level of helplessness.

This feeling was identical to witnessing a muscular, able-bodied man beaten into submission by a mumbling, small kid. Anybody would feel dumbfounded watching this.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for defeating Tiger-Ox beast and successfully acting tough. The reward is one act tough point."

"Ding! Congratulations to host "Xu Que" on defeating Tiger-Bull Beast. Acquired 1200 experience."


As the system beeped, Xu Que heaved a sigh of relief.

He conveniently lied down on the beast’s carcass as a rush of power came into him. This was because every skin pore on his body opened up and spiritual Qi flowed into him from all directions.

He felt stronger again.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on leveling up! Current stage is Foundation Building Stage Level 1."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on entering Foundation Building Stage. Rewarded with ‘Big Growth Gift Bag’ x 1. Every increase in a stage entitles host to open gift bag once. Do you want to check its contents?"

"Ding! Reminder for host ‘Xu Que’: your skill path, , Beginner’s Level has already reached its peak, unable to train further. The leftover 200 experience points has already been deposited into the experience deposit pool. Please purchase the intermediate level manual as soon as possible."

Xu Que was stunned. One wild beast was already a thousand over experience?

Damn! This is so much more worth it than eating Experience Pills! Seems like I shall train on the mountains to level up in the future.

After consideration, Xu Que was ready to open the Big Growth Gift bag for a look. All of a sudden, his body felt like it was emptied up. No, it’s more like someone was lifting his body up.

He woke up into realization and found out that the villagers had lifted him up. Everyone were brimming with smiles, mixed with their expressions of surprise.

They started cheering and threw Xu Que into the air, caught him, and then threw him up again to celebrate his triumph over the beast.

An elderly shouted with a trembling voice, "Good , good, good, we have a young hero!"

"Little brother, you have natural God-like powers! You’ll definitely make it in the future."

"That’s right. The Village chief was right in saying that you are a hero, a lucky star bestowed upon our village from the skies.!"

Amidst everyone’s cheers, Xu Que’s nickname was changed from "Little Doll" to "Little Brother".

Xu Que started boasting shamelessly, "I am flattered. Everyone, I am flattered. Nobody but I would dare to say, but I eat such wild beasts for breakfast!"


Xu Que was once again lifted into the air but this time, he felt cold. He realized that the blanket cape on his back was missing. When he turned his head to take a look, he realized that several brat kids took it off his back.

He frantically covered his stomach and exclaimed, "Fellow villagers, please close your eyes!"

Everybody was stunned as they witness the smooth and silky skin of Xu Que. A few village ladies blushed at the sight and looked away.

Xiao Rou was shocked too and was going to cover up her eyes. However, when she subconsciously saw the red cloth Xu Que tied between his legs to cover his privates, she was stunned.

That red cloth… Why was it so familiar?

That embroidery on the read cloth… Why does it look... Similar to mine?


Xiao Rou realised something,as she covered her mouth and blushed. Even her ears were red. She then scurried away in embarrassment.

The villagers finally put Xu Que down after a long time.

One of the able-bodied men took the stolen blanket from the brats and donned it again on him. He urged him to be careful not to catch a cold.

The old village chief holding a walking stick, ordered for clothes to be fetched.

In the end, Xiao Rou ran back again, offering a set of light blue clothing. She lowered her tiny head while blushing and stuffed the clothes into Xu Que’s hands. She then turned and ran away without saying a word.

Upon receiving the clothes, Xu Que wondered why Xiao Rou was so often bashful and shy around him.

Could it be that I appeared too manly and strong as I defeated the beast and caused the girl’s heart to be moved? Aiya! That’s… That’s making me shy!

Looks like I have to continue acting tougher and tougher.

Amidst his hidden happiness, an aunt pointed at the piece of red cloth at his private area and shockingly claimed, "Isn’t… Isn’t this the undergarment An Xiu gave to Xiao Rou? Little Brother, why are you wearing it?"

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