Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 7: Amazing Skills

Chapter 7: Amazing Skills

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The undergarment, as the name implied, was an old-style fabric worn by ladies in the ancient times and was used to cover their chest area. It was also called a tube top.

As he heard the aunt explaining, he became momentarily shocked.

Everybody thought that it was strange of him and under their judgeful and disgusted expressions, he kept his pride and walked straight.

He used the patched-up blanket as a cape, enhancing his gusto and bravery by draping it over his shoulders like a big general .

After a difficult walk to the entrance, he went back to the area of Xiao Rou’s house. Xu Que’s face turned red as he stared down at himself. His mind was wandering to Xiao Rou’s beautiful appearance and petite figure.

Damn it! No, no, no. I can’t continue thinking of that. You sit back down now and stop standing. 4

Xu Que scolded himself in his mind and pressed down his "little brother" which was about to have a raging erection. 2

He quickly walked to a small pond in the distance, placed his clothes on the shore and splashed into the water.

He was washing the medicinal ointment off his body and at the same time, he was concentrating his thoughts back on the system.

He concentrated and opened the system. His personal stats were being shown to him again.

Host: Xu Que

Cultivation Stage: Foundation Building Stage 1 (Small Progress)

Experience Points: 200/2000

Acting Tough Points: 25 Points

Skill path: , Beginner’s Level

Job class: None

Position: Consort Prince of the East Wilderness, Fire Country

"I only have 25 acting tough points. When can I achieve the intermediate level for my skill?" Xu Que sighed anxiously in his mind. At the same time, he opened the system store and viewed the cultivation techniques category.

He was stunned at what followed.

Previously, he didn’t notice the exchange goods in the system store that much since he thought that they were too expensive and couldn’t afford them yet.

But now, he realized that it wasn’t that the Skill path ’ intermediate manual was expensive, but was because of the high skill level requirement it needs. The high price was thus justifiable.

The system store categorized the skill paths into various classes, ranking from highest to lowest classes.

The Yellow-rank skills required 1-5 acting tough points.

The Black-rank skills required 5-10 acting tough points.

The Earth class skills required 10-20 acting tough points.

But for the Sky-rank skills, the required acting tough points were more than 20 points. All the way to as high as 200 points.

For the current Skill path he was training, the , for the pages at Sky-rank, were of very premium value. The beginner to intermediate pages of this skill each require 100 acting tough points but when he reach the advanced writings, it costed a whole 200 acting tough points.

On top of that, there were other ranks besides the Sky, Earth, Black, and Yellow-rank skills but they were locked up and the names cannot be seen.

Xu Que tried to check those but instead received a system message, "Host’s privilege level not sufficient. Skills are not available to you yet."


He didn’t lose hope. Instead, he felt more excited and looked forward to seeing what this "Ultimate Acting Tough, Face-Slapping system" can do, knowing that there were even higher ranked skills than the Sky-rank.

He reopened the Yellow-rank skills and something came to his mind.

Although I am currently training this skill , I am still lacking battle magic skills which will benefit me in combat. I have to find a suitable skill to train. 1

"Lone-Nine Swords? Fuck! This kind of skills are only Yellow-rank?" Xu Que became increasingly astonished as he was browsing the skill books.

But then he came into realization that this Lone-Nine Sword skill was a battle skill from the

World of Heroes but he was right here in the World of Immortals! The skill was no match for the immortals in this world.

He skipped the Yellow-rank skills and opened the Black-rank skills.

What caught his eye was a skill book and was going for very cheap. It costed only 5 acting tough points, and its description stated that this skill required the use of internal forces but when combined with fire-element spiritual Qi, its potential can be fully utilized and its power was unmatched.

Xu Que’s eyelids jumped and became tempted. However, he suppressed his impulsiveness and continued browsing other skills for now.

"Dark-Ice Sword Art? Uh, nah… Name doesn’t feel aggressive enough." 1

"Flame Magic?"

"Triple-Flamed Blade Art?"

"Wood-Element Skill? Golden-Quake Fist?"

"Damn it! All the names aren’t aggressive enough! How can I act tough with those lame skill names?" 2

After a duration of continued browsing, Xu Que continued to shake his head in disapproval.

Although all the skills costed as much as , he couldn’t care less about the extent of its combat prowess. He determined since the start that the name was the most important factor. The tougher the name of the skill, the better it was for acting tough. 4

As he continued browsing, Xu Que was still unable to find a satisfactory skill name. He might as well check the Earth class skills out.

"<> , , the hell!" 1

Xu Que almost jumped out of the pool he was in.

My God! This system also sold skills from previously famous novels and each one costed only 10 acting tough points.

"Good. This is way too good!"

Xu Que was never this excited. He continued to browse the class and each name he saw excited him even further.

Most of the skills from the Earth class were from the main characters in novels. Damn, and even some skills of villains could be bought. 2


Originated from caster’s battle skill, low tier skill of Earth class. Once mastered, the waves from the skill can split mountains and can move along with the caster’s gestures!

Selling price: 10 acting tough points.

: 3

Originates from caster’s strength level, low tier skill of Earth class.

Total of 3 executions :

Thunder Dash, Thunder Dodge, Lightning Haste!

Selling price: 10 acting tough points.


Originated from caster’s battle skill, mid tier skill of Earth class. Seeks to unite attack and defense in one move Can be used for attack and retreating for defense.

Split into 3 modes:

Fire break, which engulfs caster in bodily flames. Six Unity Fire, when in training, the caster can conjure a lake of magma anytime to use as a source of power. If the caster has adequate physical power, he will be able to ride freely on magma waves and create magma waves as well. During training, if the casters discovers that magma no longer leaves a mark on him, that means he has already reached the next level. Once mastered, attack and defense will be one and once they are in balance, no one will be able to touch the caster. 2

Selling price: 15 acting tough points


Originated from a page of an Immortal Arts book, high-tier skill of Earth class.

Draws out the Heaven and Earth forces from the lightning energy present in the skies, entering into caster’s body and exponentially increases the speed of gathering of one’s personal energy. This hard to control but powerful magic causes lightning to directly enter the caster’s body. Normal casters cannot tame this magic and therefore cannot train with it.

Selling price: 20 acting tough points

Book by book, Xu Que was dazzled and he opened his mouth at the sheer intensity of the descriptions.

There were so many kinds of skills from novels. Acting tough points must be gained. Any skills here would intimidate the opponent.

However, to Xu Que, choosing one or two of these skills amongst this lot was a chore.

Finally, he overcame his struggles and ultimately decided on a skill book. One which was a high-level tier from the Earth class. Its name was ! 3

Why didn’t he choose Flame-Devouring Wave or Six Corporeal Forms? Simple reason: not enough acting tough points!

After buying the skill, one must still buy the greatsword required. If not, the skill cannot be used in its entirety.

Previously, he saw these greatswords being sold in the premium bundle at the system store and the cheapest one went for 50 acting tough points. How could he afford it?

Lightning energy magic is even worse due to having the need to wait for Sky Lightning to descend to be able to train that skill. This was straight away rejected by Xu Que. 1

As a result, he had no choice but to buy the skill as a defense skill. He thought that he will be able to get the other skill books sooner or later. 1

Of course, this Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations wasn’t just a casual pick. This skill was recognized by the system to be a high-level Earth class skill, costing at 20 acting tough points, explaining its possible potential to become powerful.


The dragon soars over the four seas, erupting in nine main transformations.

First form, energy is released. Obliterates the weak.

Second form, uses twice the amount of explosive energy. Obliterates the weak.

Third form, uses thrice the amount of explosive energy. Obliterates the weak.

Fourth form, uses four times the amount of explosive energy… 2

Ninth form, uses nine times the explosive energy, calls out the rain and the winds and summons the Nine Dragons. Destruction will be otherworldly. 1

Xu Que was clear that the nature of such power was unimaginable and a force to be reckoned with in any universe.

Hence, Xu Que chose this skill book as it is the best option for self-protection and repelling enemies, especially now that he wasn’t fully trained up yet.

"Ding! Do you want to exchange for ?"

"Yes!" Xu Que responded.


At the same time, a ray of golden light flashed past his eyes as he felt a chill down his spine.

When he reopened his eyes, he could feel the knowledge of a new skill. He felt reborn but it didn’t felt strange to him at all.

Opening up his character page, there were some changes:

Host : Xu Que

Cultivation Level: Foundation Building Stage Level 1 (Small progress)

Experience Points: 200/2000

Acting Tough Points: 5 points

Cultivation Technique:

, Beginner Level

Ability: (Progress 0%, Controls up to First form)

Job Class: None

Position: Consort Prince of the East Wilderness, Fire Country

Contently nodding, Xu Que rubbed his chin and felt that this 20 acting tough points was worth it.

For the 5 acting tough points left, he decided to not touch it for the time being. In the event he became injured again, he could use those points to add into his regeneration rate.

Once these were done, Xu Que proceeded to open his system package again, his heart was filled with anticipation

That Big Growth Gift bag. What exactly is in it? 1

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Chapter 8: Big Growth Gift Pack

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The system’s inventory worked the same as the ones in gaming interfaces. The contents of the packs were all stored in the inventory grids. On the other hand, the valuable skills he had previously stolen from the Celestial Sect safe were all transferred in another deposit storage.

Xu Que stared at the pack, labelled "Big Growth Gift Pack" and grinned from ear to ear.

According to the description on the "Big Growth Gift Pack", he roughly understood its usage.

Every increase with cultivation level, he will get a shot at opening a gift pack.

Which means that, after he opens it this time, the next time he could open another one was after the Foundation Building Stage, which was the Core Bearing Stage and another time would be at the Golden Core Stage.

In addition, every time he opened the gift pack, he could get many useful random item prizes.

Xu Que felt that his luck today wasn’t that bad and decided to open the gift pack.

Do you want to open the "Big Growth Gift Pack"? The system asked.

"Yes." Xu Que’s reply lacked confidence due to him feeling a little nervous. 1

What prize could it be? A pretty lady as my bodyguard? A divine equipment? Or even a strong old man as a combat companion were viable options!

With intense anticipation, the system flashed past several rays of light, followed by sounds of the system message beeps.

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on unlocking a new privilege. ‘Recycling Function’ activated."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on acquiring ‘Disguise Puppet’ x 1." 2

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ on acquiring ‘Beginner’s Divine Escape Emblem’ x 1."

Xu Que was shocked. What the hell? Where is my beautiful female bodyguard? My divine equipment? My old grandpa companion? 3

All these crap and they dare to call this a big gift pack?

All his three wishes went down the drain.

Xu Que was very disappointed but he continued to focus his attention on the "Disguise Puppet" in the inventory.

[Disguise Puppet]: Disguises as another party with 100% accuracy and copies any posture or habits. However, the strength is not copied. Duration: 2 hours. (Disguise targets are limited to Infant Transformation Stage Cultivation Stages and below.)"

"Damn! A typical device for acting tough!" Xu Que exclaimed.

From his memories of the Consort Prince, he was very clear on the happenings of this Cultivation stage.

It starts from Qi Refining Stage followed by these 9 different Cultivation Stages: Foundation Building Stage, Core Bearing Stage, Golden Core Stage, Original Infant Stage , Infant Transformation Stage, Void Training Stage, Body Unity Stage, Crossing Calamity Stage, and Mahayana, the Great Vehicle Stage. 9

There were a total of 10 Cultivation Stages and every Cultivation Stage is split into another 10 smaller sub-levels. 1

Therefore, the Infant Transformation Stage is considered very strong in this universe. An example is the current emperor of the Fire Country who is in the Infant Transformation Stage. The clan leader of Celestial Sect is also said to be of the Infant Transformation Stage. 3

With this[Disguise puppet], Xu Que thought that if he could disguise as an Infant Transformation Stage individual, he could act tougher and gain even more act tough points!

"Too bad this item only lasts for 2 hours. If only it can last for a year or longer." He shook his head in regret and focused again in his inventory.

In the inventory, other than the piece of "Beginner’s Divine Escape Emblem" and the "Big Growth Gift Pack", there was nothing else.

"Oh, I almost forgot. The first item from the Gift Pack wasn’t an item. Was it a recycling function of some sort?" Xu Que slapped his head, suddenly realizing something and then commanded the system, "Quickly run me through the new function I just got."

"Ding! ‘Recycling Function’ provides you with a recycling service. Any weapons, potions, skills, etc. can be recycled by the system, converts it to back to an Essence of the corresponding item category and refunds back to you. Valuable items can be directly converted into act tough points. Below shows the explanation in detail…"

After repeated explanations from the system, Xu Que finally grasped the new function.

It said recycling but "swallowing items" seemed to be a more suitable word.

In summary, if we give a flying sword to the system, it will dismantle the item, recreates an Essence equivalent to the item rank and stores it in the equipment-refining Essence pool, which can be used to raise the rank of other equipments.

If a medicinal item was recycled by the system, it will be converted into a medicine-refining Essence and similarly be stored in the medicine-refining essence pool which can be used to raise the quality and purity of medicine and spirit potions.

However, if a skill path technique was being recycled, it will be converted to a skill-refining Essence which can speed up the mastery of skill levels. On the other hand, the essence cannot be used in human cultivation stages and above.

Simply put, Xu Que’s training of "Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations" can be quickly leveled up by the use of these skill-refining essence. However, it cannot be used on the "Ancient Five Elemental Arts" as that counts as training a skill path and this can only be done in humanoid and above Cultivation Stages 3

Even after reading all the explanations, Xu Que wanted to shout "Bullshit".

Originally, he wanted get rid of the magic and skills he had previously stolen from the Celestial Sect safe due to him having too many and he absolutely cannot use them up all by himself.

Any how, thanks to this recycling function, his powers would level up easily.

Besides, he wasn’t in a rush to get rid of the stuff he stole. He has to find some time to adequately filter out what he needed and whatnot before selling those he doesn’t need to earn some silver and spirit stones.

Besides, in this cultivation stage, silver and spirit stones are used for daily transactions. It would be wise to hold on to some currency for emergency use.

"Huff! No matter what happened, this round of opening was quite fruitful after all."

Xu Que breathed out as his face brimmed with a smile for he was filled with joy.

His "Little Brother" had also calmed down. Xu Que proceeded to unwrap the red undergarment and gave it a thorough wash.

With nobody around, he quickly climbed upshore, shooked his body dry and changed into the light blue coarse hemp clothes given by Xiao Rou. He also bundled up his long and jet black hair with a towel. 1

He looked refreshed and neat, armed with a smile backed with a composed and gentle temperament.

His nature occurred from the fact that he was a Prince Consort in the palace, living the royal life for the past six years and also drinking many types of immortal elixirs. The mere coarse hemp clothes couldn’t mask his royal persona. 2

Xu Que was pleased with his current and new appearance. He strongly felt that if he was on Earth, his style would be unique and would top even the world of the entertainment industry.

Holding on to Xiao Rou’s red undergarment, Xu Que headed off in the direction of her house.

On the road, he met several villagers who were all giving him a smile of respect for courageously defeating the wild beast.

Xu Que reacted by shyly smiling, waving his hand while humbly expressing that he will defeat any amount of wild beasts. 1

All the villagers gave him a thumbs up of approval.

However, when everyone directed their attention on the red undergarment, they gave him winks while revealing meaningful smiles. Xu Que lifted his head up high, stood upright akin to a nobleman and advanced in high spirits.

One of the bratty kids, while wiping his snot, shouted, "Big Brother, my mum said that the cloth in your hands are called undergarments and they are female-only!"

Villagers laughed in harmony and added, "Little Brother, don’t take it seriously. He is only a kid and doesn’t know much. We wholeheartedly understand your plight."

Understand your sister!

Xu Que slightly grinned from the corner of his mouth and fled.

Damn it! That embarrassment this time is overwhelming. 1

Luckily, the villagers here were all friendly and kind-hearted and didn’t misunderstand him as an undergarment stealer. My reputation is at stake here!

Xu Que tearfully went back to Xiao Rou’s house.

"Creak!", the wooden door was pushed open.

Xiao Rou was holding onto the blanket that he had worn, preparing to wash it. The blanket had to be washed as it was still stuck with the smell of his pungent ointment.

Yet, the moment she saw Xu Que, her whole face flushed red again, especially since he was holding on to her undergarment. She almost wanted to run back into her house to hide.

Xu Que ran over, took the blanket from her hands, and mockingly said, "Let me do it. You should leave such manual labor to me."

After finishing his sentence, he sneaked the undergarment onto Xiao Rou’s hands.

She blushed even more and stuttered.

Xu Que wanted to reply but a loud noise came from the direction of the village entrance and in between the noises, there were sounds of bickering, similar to that of people arguing.

Xu Que momentarily frowned and thought: "Oh no. Could it be that the wild beast is back? Xiao Rou, wait here and I will check it out." 1

He finished and dashed off towards the entrance.

"Hold on…"

Xiao Rou promptly called out but Xu Que was already gone.

She bit down on her lip and kept the undergarment.. She then followed Xu Que since she was worried. 1

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