Unbridled Medical Expert Consort: Demon Prince, Be Good

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Forced to Break Off Engagement

After taking one look around her little courtyard, Luo Qing Yuan recorded everyone's expression.

Luo Cheng seemed to have known earlier that Nangong Chen wanted to break the engagement. His expression was quite unsightly. The gaze with which he looked at her was devoid of the slightest amount of affection or worry that a father ought to have for his daughter. As for Nangong Chen, this Western Chu's Fifth Prince, the man Luo Qing Shuang had always been infatuated with, his eyes only reflected disgust for her, as if she was the dirtiest thing on earth. Even taking one glance at her was one glance too many.

As for Luo Qing Shuang, she dressed herself up with utmost care today, appearing beautiful and touching, enchanting and graceful, obediently standing next to Side Madam Wang Xue Ru. And her mother, a face wearing a cold smile. It's obvious that she's waiting to watch a good show.

[It would seem that each and every one of these people who came today are quite impressive opponents!]

Seeing Luo Qing Luan not making a sound for a long time, Luo Cheng looked as if he'd lost face and said darkly, "Luo Qing Luan, did you not hear what I said? Still not coming over here!"

Eventually walking over, Luo Qing Luan looked straight ahead levelly, then replied softy. "Father, you're looking for me?"

Even though he felt that this girl seemed to be a little different from the past, Nangong Chen still didn't dwell on it and immediately said, "It's I who is looking for you!"

"Oh, Fifth Prince is looking for me?" Deliberately feigning an appearance of innocence. Luo Qing Luan wore a blank expression.

"Younger Sister, things having reached this stage, why must you still pretend?" Luo Qing Shuang seized the opportunity to speak. She slowly walked forward and sighed in a helpless and regretful manner before speaking. "I know you've been infatuated by Fifth Prince ever since you were little and frequently said to me that you have to marry him. But……you really shouldn't have slandered me. I'm your older sister!"

As she was speaking, the rims of her eyes turned red, then she sobbed spasmodically. "I never thought that you, my younger sister, would actually dispatch people to spread those rumors, saying that I injured you. Sister Qing Luan, we grew up together all our lives. How have I treated you, can you really have no conscience? Unexpectedly……unexpectedly, you ruined my reputation like that……"

"Qing Shuang, you need not say more. This prince will speak on your behalf!"

Nangong Chen cast a fierce glare at Luo Qing Luan and said with disgust, "You, woman! Did you think that using a veil to cover up your face will hide your repulsiveness? Qing Shuang is so beautiful and kind-hearted, and is even your sister. You surprisingly pushed her into the water in a futile attempt to drown her. How could you do that! This prince is telling you, no matter what kind of delusions you may have, I absolutely will not take you for a wife, so give it up!"

Last time, she personally saw Nangong Chen and Luo Qing Luan embracing and grabbing one another. They even did such disgusting things. Luo Qing Luan simply didn't have any good opinion about him. She made a soft mocking sound, then spoke. "Fifth Prince really want to break off our engagement?"

Nangong Chen harumphed. "If imperial mother had not already passed away, do you think that this prince would have dragged this matter for this long? You malicious, ugly woman. Looking at you make me nauseated. Is it possible that you truly are under the delusion that this prince will marry you?"

Listening up to this point, Dai Yue became anxious and even thought that Fifth Prince was actually mislead by those rumors, so she rushed forward at once and explained. "Fifth Prince, it's not like that. You shouldn't wrong our young lady……"

"Audacious! Fifth Prince is speaking. How can a servant girl like you butt in" Luo Qing Shuang's complexion changed as she continued, "Today, I'll teach you a lesson on behalf of my sister. Chun Mei, slap her for me!"

"Stop!" Luo Qing Luan's expression finally changed.

"Impudent! When is it your turn to make decisions here?" Luo Cheng took one step forward, so angry that blue veins popped out on his neck. He shouted. "This servant, Dai Yue, spoke insolently again and again. Last time, I already forgave her, yet this time, she actually still dare to shoot her mouth off? Beat her for me!"

"Yes, Master!" Once Chun Mei heard this, she rushed to face Dai Yue, an evil grin on her face. She ruthlessly hit Dai Yue's face with one slap after another.

Slap slap slap!

Several slaps without holding back anything. Dai Yue's face immediately became red through and through. One could be well aware how ruthless Chun Mei's slaps were! Yet Dai Yue did not dare to move, afraid that if she said anything more, she'd implicate her mistress. Even if her face hurt more, she would still stand there and allow Chun Mei to hit her.

Luo Qing Luan clenched her teeth as she watched.

Dai Yue was loyal and devoted to her. Dai Yue merely said a few words, that's all, yet she received this kind of punishment. This was simply more painful than if she was beaten herself!

Luo Qing Shuang smilingly watched her, then said earnestly, "Sister, it's not that I'm deliberately punishing your servant. If word spread that there are no rules in the General's Mansion, how would we not be ridiculed by others? Furthermore, Fifth Prince is also here today. You should discern right and wrong even more. There's a difference between superiors and subordinates. Sister is only helping you teach your servant, that's all. Please don't take offense."

Seeing Dai Yue so pained that her tears were now flowing, how could Luo Qing Luan still care about so much?

She immediately walked over and grabbed Chun Mei's hand, pushing it away as she shouted coldly. "Get out of the way! If you still dare to continue, don't blame me for also giving you a beating."

"Second Lady, you……" Chun Mei was not reconciled at all, but was intimidated by the coldness in her eyes. In the end, she didn't dare to continue, and embarrassingly retreated to one side.

"Great, you've truly rebelled, rebelled! You even dared to ignore my words, your own father's words."

Luo Cheng was so angry that his complexion ashened. He shouted coldly, "Luo Qing Luan, this attitude of yours, how are you still worthy to be the future prince consort? Originally, as your father, I even thought of trying to persuade Fifth Prince. That is now apparently no longer necessary!"

Nangong Chen also spoke up right away. "That's right. This very day, this Prince will enter the palace to report to Imperial Father and have him issue an edict to revoke our engagement!"

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