Unbridled Medical Expert Consort: Demon Prince, Be Good

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: A Good Method to Bring Luo Qing Shuang Under Control

The story written in the small booklet wasn't an ordinary one at all. Rather, it was that sort of romance novel about a pair of lovers. It's just that the people depicted in the story apparently had no ability whatsoever. They were merely an unfortunate scholar and an official's daughter. After the young lady offered him shelter, the two of them secretly formed a relationship. It was a rudimentary, senseless narrative.

The entire book only focused on the scholar and young lady's ambiguous relationship. Something about meeting at the back garden, how the two people made eyes at each other, how they finally kissed……Compared to the genuinely first-rate romance books Luo Qing Luan used to read in her previous life, or those erotic romance movies, the difference wasn't only three or five levels.

"How is it, young sir, isn't this book quite energizing? Isn't it interesting?!" That person wearing a lustful face moved closer.

It turned out he was selling a low level romance novel. Luo Qing Luan wasn't the least bit interested. "This book of yours……"

She was just going to refuse when it seemed as if lightning flashed through her brain. After turning it over in her mind a few times, Luo Qing Luan already had a plan. She assumed a very interested appearance and continue, "Is there only this one book? Do you have any other titles?"

[Sure enough, one look was all it took for this young man to be interested.] That person became even more enthusiastic and even threw her an ambiguous meaningful glance. "Hee hee, did you also buy last month's book? This is not the sort of content that just any random person can write. How can there be more? I've already sold more than twenty books this morning alone. If you don't hurry and claim one, there certainly won't be anymore!"

It's surprisingly in such high demand. Apparently, no matter in which era, there would always be some men who liked to peek at this kind of thing behind people's backs .

Luo Qing Luan became even more confident and asked, "How many more books do you have?"

"A total of two hundred were produced. I still have five of them here. Do you want them all?"

"But, two taels of silver for each……" She pretended to complain about the high price. "How about lowering the price a little?"

"That won't do. Two taels is already considered cheap. Other people are even buying them for three taels!"

Seeing how Luo Qing Luan had been haggling, that person really believed that she did not have the means to pay and his expression immediately changed. "Unexpectedly just a moneyless devil and you're seeking pleasure? Don't waste your breath!" After saying so, the little book was snatched back and with a quick turn around, he left.

Dai Yue watched that person leave before she came over to ask, "My Lady, what book did you want to buy just now?"

The plan in her mind already developed detailed steps. Luo Qing Luan was very satisfied. She smiled faintly. "It's not important what kind of book I wanted to buy. What's important is……Dai Yue, let's quickly go buy some brushes, ink, and paper. After that, let's return home."

She didn't expect to encounter such a coincidental opportunity, allowing her to find a way to bring Luo Qing Shuang under control. Wait until everything is ready. By that time, Luo Qing Shuang won't be able to argue even if she had a hundred mouths and her name will spread through the entire state of Western Chu!

Wasn't she fond of the limelight? Then let's allow her to have enough of it!

After returning to the general's mansion, Luo Qing Luan started about her task.

To begin with, Luo Qing Shuang and Nangong Chen's matter was something that she saw clearly with her own eyes. Moreover, everything that happened before were genuine people and true events, only some details were needed. Adding to that experiences from her previous life and she very quickly spread out the paper, then picked up the brush.

"My Lady, what are you writing?" Dai Yue was very curious.

"Writing a story."

Writing brush in hand, this was the first time that she used this sort of instrument. Even though the writing tip was very soft, it still posed no problem for her. Just a bit of control over her strength and it was fine.

In the past, this body's former owner also learned to write ever since she was small. Even though there was a little bit of unfamiliarity, very quickly, she was able to steady her brush and the words that she carefully thought about made their appearance on the paper one after another.

Dai Yue watched from the side in a very interested manner. "My Lady even knows how to write stories, how awesome. What kind of story are you going to write?"

After finishing a sentence, Luo Qing Luan lifted her head to look at her, then returned a knowing smile. "Dai Yue, you're still young. You won't be able to make sense of these kinds of stories, but you only need to know that once this story is finished, we will get rich."

"Really? Stories can even be sold for money?" Dai Yue was both surprised and happy.

"Don't worry. I already said that we'll be rich in the future. You just relax and it'll be fine. Help me stand guard outside. Quickly notify me, if someone comes."

"No problem, My Lady." Dai Yue delightedly left.

With the door to her room closed, Luo Qing Luan wrote, face brimming with slyness. She wanted to write down all of those rotten details between Luo Qing Shuang and Nangong Chen. How Luo Qing Shuang made sheep eyes from the very beginning to how she deliberately threw herself into his arms afterwards, especially how last time, what kind of thing the two of them were doing openly under the walkway at the back garden. She must write everything down distinctly and thoroughly, plainly and clearly, absolutely not leaving out a single detail.

Didn't Luo Qing Shuang like Nangong Chen and wished to marry him? She will help Luo Qing Shuang properly make everything public so that everyone in the state of Western Chu will know how the general's daughter who everyone believed to be educated and well-balanced, sweet-tempered and kindhearted, how contemptible she had been behind everyone's back, seducing her younger sister's fiancee!

Of course, Luo Qing Luan also wouldn't be so blunt to openly write the names 'Luo Qing Shuang' and 'Nangong Chen'. After all, one is a general's daughter and the other is the Fifth Imperial Prince. If news of this were to reach the imperial palace, it'll be bad.

Five days later, everything was ready. Luo Qing Luan put the narrative she just finished writing in her pocket. As before, she dressed in men's clothing and went out.

Today, she wanted to go sell this erotic little romance which will fire up the entire capital!

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