Unbridled Medical Expert Consort: Demon Prince, Be Good

Chapter 21 (2)

Chapter 21B: First Time Visiting the Pleasure Quarters

The sound of her footsteps woke that fellow that was dozing off. He immediately stood up, speaking with hazy, sleepy eyes. "Sir, our Heavenly Dream Tower is still not open for business, yet. Will you please come back later?"

Luo Qing Luan took out a shiny white silver ingot and winked at him. "Really not doing business?"

That fellow saw this and his sleepiness disappeared completely as well as almost becoming cross-eyed. He promptly grabbed the silver while bowing and scraping. "Doing business, yes, doing business. This way please, Sir!" After he spoke, he led them forward, bringing Luo Qing Luan and Dai Ye inside.

It's really worthy of being the area's tallest and most luxurious structure. Even though it's only a courtesan house, luxury was clearly visible everywhere. Decorative openwork banisters, expensive orchids arranged all around. Light muslin cloths hanging from the roof even more intensely attract and draw out people's amorous feelings.

It's just that Luo Qing Luan wanted to see beautiful women, yet there's none to be seen.

"Where's everyone?" She asked that fellow.

"Sir, during the daytime, the young ladies are all resting. I'll help you call Mama Du first." The fellow departed with quick steps.

Not long later, a plump, buxom, charming and flirtatious woman with a plump behind descended the stairs.

It was clear that she came after hearing that a wealthy young master came. She waved a silk handkerchief and shouted out loud exaggeratedly from far away. "Aiya, this young sir, is this the first time that you've visited our Heavenly Dream Tower?"

Watching her approach, Dai Yue was scared stiff. "Young, Young Master, this doesn't seem like a place which serves food?"

Luo Qing Luan shrugged her shoulders indifferently. "It's fine. Delicious foods will arrive very quickly."

Mama Du swung her hips side to side as she she walked towards them still waving her silk handkerchief, as she directly sized Luo Qing Luan up and down, then chuckled. "Hes hee, what kind of young lady does this sir like? The young ladies in Heavenly Dream Tower are the best. Plump and curvy, or slender and willowy, quiet and elegant, or pretty and flirtatious, virtuous or foxy, those who can sing, or can dance, I guarantee that you'll be satisfied."

Luo Qing Luan also didn't say anything at first. She walked to a seat by the side and sat down. With a bang, she slapped a silver ingot worth five taels on the table and declared with a heroic spirit. "Have all of the young ladies you have in this establishment come out here. As long as I'm satisfied, money is not a problem."

"Aiyo, good. Sir, please wait, they're coming right away."

Mama Du's eyes shined in surprise. This felt like a wealthy young master had come? Seemed like it's his first time coming to Heavenly Dream Tower for some experience, and basically did not attach any importance to money so long as he was satisfied.

As far as a guest like that, she indeed welcomed them the most, so she quickly ordered the assistant standing by the side to go call the young ladies.

Once this was done, Mama Du again had someone quickly serve food, all kinds of good wine, as wells as fruits and pastries, arranged densely packed on the table. Dai Yue didn't care about anything. As long as there's food, she's happy. Luo Qing Luan told her to eat her fill, so Dai Yue beamed with joy as she ate with gusto.

"Tasty, delicious!" She picked up a piece of fermented soybean beef and ate it, so satisfied that her eyes narrowed.

"Enjoy your meal, there's much more." Luo Qing Luan watched the funny scene.

Mama Du called out to her politely, all of her attention was concentrated on Luo Qing Luan. "Young Sir, one look and I can tell that you came from an influential, wealthy family, a talent, outstandingly handsome. I wonder what is your name? Our Heavenly Dream Tower is the capital's biggest and best courtesan house. Our leading lady is actually last year's Queen of Flowers! When the ladies come in a bit, I'll certainly introduce them to you properly……"

She had not finished speaking when a burst of chittering chattering sounds already could be heard from upstairs. Luo Qing Luan saw a group of young women attired in every color, dressed up gorgeously and elegantly giggling and laughing as they descended the stairs. A flurry of fragrances hit her right in the face and the entire big room suddenly became unusually lively, brimming with laughter.

"Young Sir, this is the first time that I've met you. What is your name?"

"Turns out it's a young man, come, allow this older sister to kiss you."

"Young Master, greetings to you, this humble one is called Rich Fragrant. May I give you a toast……"

Over ten famous ladies rushed over and surrounded Luo Qing Luan completely. They also knew that a wealthy and respectable young master came today, one who was extravagant with money. They originally planned to take a break, but at this time, each and every one of them groomed and dressed themselves to rush over and curry favor with Luo Qing Luan. There were also some brazen ones, who even directly flirted with her.

Luo Qing Luan didn't know at all that on the fourth floor, inside a quiet and refined room, two young men were watching the situation downstairs. Even though it's somewhat rare for them to see an unfamiliar young man ask for the majority of young ladies within Heavenly Dream Tower the moment he arrived, they still felt that it wasn't excessive.

"Ziqing, look down there." Nangong Yu put down the wine cup in his hand and smiled. "I wonder which family that young fellow came from. Surprisingly, so young, yet already visiting the pleasure quarters. If the head of his house saw this, I'm afraid he would be furious."

Nalan Ye looked emotionless. It was impossible to tell what his state of mind was. "Isn't this the type you welcome the most? Sending you money and you're still not happy about it?"

Suddenly becoming spirited, Nangong Yu pondered. "How about……we take a guess. Guess how much money these ladies of mine can extract from his person today?"

Casting a glance at him, Nalan Ye didn't say anything, evidently not interested.

"Sigh, why are you like this? Can't we play a little?" Nangong Yu blurted out discontentedly, following which he looked again at the impenetrable encirclement downstairs before soliloquizing. "Heh heh, this little guy must have brought no small amount of money. If we don't suck him completely dry and clean today, wouldn't it downgrade our Heavenly Dream Tower's standing as a money squandering establishment?

He called a servant and instructed. "Go down and tell Mama Du to be more ruthless."

"Yes, Master."

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