Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 10 Attack on the School

Nolen School C, Class 1-A

After the weekend, the students have to go to school again. Misae was busy bothering Kanae to wake up because it was already the time for PE lesson. This girl was simply too hopeless when she already fell asleep.

"I doubt an earthquake will be able to wake you up," Misae grumbled as she pulled Kanae's arm.

"I'm already awake," Kanae laughed.

"Don't you dare to laugh! It's hard to wake you up when you are sleeping so soundly like that."

"I believe I don't snore."

"No you don't," Alice giggled. "The students have changed their clothes. We need to move fast if we don't want the teacher to get angry."

Hearing that, Kanae took out her uniform and followed after the other two. The restroom was full of the girls chattering around, and they took their sweet time to change clothes. No one wanted to hurry for the lesson.

This time they played mini game again because the teacher was absent. The assistant teacher allowed them to play the ball as they wished, so Kanae simply played with Misae and Alice again. Although they have more losses than win, the three of them enjoyed themselves.

After playing for some time, they decided to rest. While Misae and Alice were gasping for breath, Kanae was standing calmly. Her eyes look outside for a moment. They were playing near the gate, and she could see that there seemed to be some commotion outside.

Her brows furrowed. It might be quite unpleasant to stay outside if there was going to be a commotion. She was about to tell this to the others when she heard the sound of her friend yelling.

"Ow!" Alice was startled when a ball knocked her face. She hurriedly used her hand to cover her nose. It was embarrassing to be seen in this kind of state.

A girl picked up the ball and looked towards Alice. "Sorry, my hand slipped."

From the tone she was using, it was hard to believe that she was apologizing. Her tone was full of mocking and disdain, making those who heard it felt surprised. Besides, who would throw the ball so far away and hit other people?

Misae was enraged when she saw that the girl was bullying Alice. She moved forward to talk to them, but Alice has stopped her movement by clinging to her hand.

"I'm fine. Help me up," Alice was still covering her nose with her hand. She felt extremely embarrassed, so she didn't want to make the scene messier.

"But…" Misae wanted to give a piece of her mind to the group of girls, but she saw that blood dripped down from Alice's hand.

"You're bleeding," Kanae approached. She didn't even bother herself to look towards the girls who threw the ball. "Let's go to the infirmary and ask the doctor to check on you."

"It's nothing," Alice didn't want to make the two of them missed the class.

"Its fine," Kanae answered and helped Alice. Misae wondered if she should come, but when her friend shot her a glance, she chose to follow along. There was actually no need for the two of them to accompany Alice, but none of the students voiced out their thoughts.

Many of them saw the incident, but pretend that they didn't know. They wouldn't want to get involved in the conflict if it was possible, so they did not voice out their thoughts.

The girl who threw the ball sneered. "That annoying girl is no more."

"Let's use the court."

They were giggling among themselves when they heard the sound of something breaking, followed by the sound of a gun.

"What the…"



While the students were in disarray because they could hear the sound of a fight near them, the three students were inside the infirmary. The doctor was away, so Kanae could only scramble and pick some tissue.

"Hold this on your nose," she instructed.

Alice put the tissue obediently. She looked around the infirmary with Misae on the side.

"You don't have to ask me to coma long, you know," Misae shrugged. One person should be enough to help Alice.

"You won't be doing anything in the field too."

"Yeah, I'll just stay on the sideline or if possible making trouble for those girls," Misae's eyes glinted when she remembered that scene. Why would they suddenly pick a fight with them?

Alice fidgeted. She decided to speak up, "I used to stay with them and help them around."

Misae looked towards Alice with bewilderment. "Why do you want to stay with them? They're clearly not a friendly type of girls."

Alice put down the tissue because the blood has stopped flowing. "I want to have some friends, so I approach them at first. But it doesn't last long, so I stay alone again."

"You have us now, so you can forget about them," Misae punched her fist on the air.

Alice nodded her head. "Let's go back to the field. I'm already good."

Kanae shook her head. "It's better if you don't go there. They're in chaos."


The two of them moved to the window as fast as possible. The infirmary was made to be soundproof, so it was hard for them to hear the sound of fight inside this place. Upon looking towards the sight on the window, their face paled.

There were some people using motorcycles coming and attacked the people near the gate. The field was located not too far from the gate, and they were on the open. If they stayed there, the possibility of getting involved was quite big.

Right now, Misae felt rather conflicted. She was happy that she was away from the place and those annoying girls were still there, but at the same time, she hated those people who attacked the school. The number of attacks towards public places was not many, but they still happened occasionally. This was the reason the number of guards inside this school was a lot.

"Should we go down?" Alice asked worriedly. She finally understood why the infirmary teacher was not in this room. He must be busy tending the wound of those unlucky students.

"What do you want to do if you go down?" Kanae asked back.

Hearing that, Alice was taken aback. Although she didn't feel too good about missing the scene, it was merely a coincidence. There was no way she could do something even if she returned.

Misae sighed. She was about to suggest the same thing, but it seemed that they would be unable to do that.

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