Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 11 Living Peacefully?

Misae watched as the guards came to chase after those people. Facing with the violent people, they were clearly not a match, but none of the guards tried to back down. They knew very well that their job required them to do this.

Finally, she retracted her gaze from the window. She could not bear to watch the students who were screaming and running from the fight. Although it happened outside, some unlucky students were on the field and they didn't have the patience to lie down.

"Who are they?" She finally tried to ask the other two.

Inside the infirmary, they were relatively safe. Although it was not certain that the attack wouldn't reach this place, this was the second floor. The possibility of them coming to this place was low, so the three of them didn't try to act brave and plunged themselves into the chaos.

"I think they're gang members," Alice softly answered.

"How do you know?"

"Only the gangs have ever attacked the public place," Kanae answered and took a seat. "Clans and groups mostly work on a different field and don't touch ordinary citizens unless it's necessary. Even then, their targets are usually people from government who are rich."

"You know so much," Misae was astonished.

Alice smiled slightly. "Actually, this is pretty common unless your parents don't tell you. After all, the clans' members are basically almost everywhere in this city."

Misae scratched her head. She was pretty sure that her parents must have told her about this before. It was only because she often forgot about them did she didn't pay much attention to them when they explained.

"The commotion starts to die down," Alice glanced to the window.

Misae walked to the window and saw that most of the people who came were already being held by the guards. Some students were still running, but there was no longer any gun sound.

"Let's go down," she said as she ran outside.

Alice was stunned, but she immediately followed. "Wait for me."

Seeing the two of them energetically ran outside, Kanae didn't follow after them. Her eyes looked towards the closed curtain for the bed on the side. Her hand reached out and pulled the curtain, revealing the bed with a boy on top of it.

"Having fun eavesdropping?"

The boy, Tommy, grinned. "You found out about me. It's not like I want to eavesdrop. You are just too noisy that you wake me up."

The infirmary was made to be sound proof to allow the students slept peacefully. However, it didn't mean that the sound made inside the room couldn't be heard, so Tommy woke up when the girls started talking. He didn't make any noise, but Kanae knew that he was here. He was practically telling her that his hobby was sleeping in the infirmary when they met a few days ago.

"Infirmary is not the place for sleeping," Kanae remarked once again.

Tommy yawned. "The teacher is going to kick me out again after this. I have not slept for long and now they're going to disrupt me again."

"They need the bed for the wounded people."

"I know," Tommy jumped down from the bed. "This place is usually soundproof, so I don't hear anything. The first thing I know when that annoying doctor returns is the fact that there's a fight and I have to move away from this place because he needs the bed."

"The class is still going, you might want to go there," Kanae shrugged and walked to the door. "I won't bother you any longer."

Tommy waved his hand lazily before messing his hair again. He still wanted to sleep, but he didn't want to get kicked out again and possibly crashed with other students. With no other choice, he walked to his own class.

Kanae quickly arrived on the field, but what she saw was her friend squealing like crazy. Her eyes almost popped out. Has something she didn't know happen?

Alice has a wry smile plastered on her face when she explained. "The student council members are here not long ago."

"Student council?" Kanae racked her brain to recall anything she knew about them.

The student council was a group of students who were selected to organize social and extracurricular activities and to participate in the government of a school. The purpose of the student council was to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects.

However, in this school, the student council didn't only carry school activities. They were also responsible to help when there was an attack from the gangster against the school. Because of that, there was a position called guard in the student council where the appointed students were chosen to maintain the peace in the school.

In this kind of city, they were certainly needed.

Kanae might not hear much about them, but she still knew some of them. The student council's members were not a lot, only a handful, but they were the most capable students in this school. Based on what she heard, the selection for the members was always based on their current president, so no one knew what the requirement was.

"Let me guess; the student councils members are handsome," Kanae turned her head towards Alice.

Alice nodded her head. "They have extraordinary countenances."

Considering Misae's personality, the only reason she would act that way would be because she met with handsome people. Kanae sighed internally; she should have expected this to happen.

"Misae, when you come back to earth, please tell us."

Misae looked towards Kanae and smiled widely. "Kanae, you will not believe that there are boys as handsome as them. The selection for the student council last year must be their face!"

"…" That was impossible.

Hearing Kanae spoke out about the student council, the other girls chirped in.

"He's really handsome! He helped me and my friend to get outside the building."

"He is also really powerful, just with a few words; he could drive the gangsters out. Even though I didn't know what he's saying, but he's really cool."

"His friends too, they make the way and protect us!"

The girls were practically bragging about their experience. They were fortunate enough to be able to meet with the student council's members just now. Before long, the atmosphere in the girls' part already changed completely.

Kanae was rather dumbfounded by this change. "I think if you want to make the girls forget about their bad experience, seeing handsome boys will be enough."

Alice nodded her head wryly. She and Kanae were rather confused about their friends as they could not think why they were so happy just to see one or two handsome boys. If they wanted to see those handsome people so much, they would be better to watch television. Those actors were definitely among the top notches.

However, among the girls, there were some of them who looked towards the three of them resentfully.

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