Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 14 Mid-Term Test Preparation

The next day, Misae felt that her study in the classroom previously was still not enough. There were so many things that she still didn't understand.

"You just have to review them," Alice was getting a bit overwhelmed. Her ability was not much different than Misae, so she couldn't help much. On the other hand, Kanae was sleeping in the class once again, so they could not possibly bother the poor girl.

After the school, the same scene as yesterday played out once again. However, after Kanae was finished, Misae still didn't feel satisfied. She thought of an idea and hurriedly went to her family car. Alice shook her head when she saw her friend acted like that, she could only hope that Kanae would be fine with Misae bothering the other party.

Misae hopped into her car and pointed a certain point on the map, "To this store."

"But, young Miss, you're in your mid-term test, right? Shouldn't you go home to study?"

"My teacher is there," Misae insisted.

The driver sighed and drove the car as Misae said. Before long, Misae arrived at Kanae workplace, the noodle shop. She hopped down and took her bag with her.

"Welcome… Misae? What are you doing here?" Kanae looked towards the nervous girl. Shouldn't she go home after school because there were no other activities in the school today?

"You've arrived, Kanae? I thought that you're still on your way," Misae exclaimed. She arrived here quickly because she was using the car. On the other hand, Kanae must have run to this place, but she even arrived earlier than her…

"I use shortcut," Kanae explained. "You're even bringing your bag. Do you want to study here?"

"Yes, you're here, and I think that you can help me to study since you're really smart," Misae said sheepishly. Her idea was outrageous, and she might hinder Kanae's work, but she didn't want to get a poor score on her test next week.

Kanae smiled. "Sure, as long as you don't mind that I cannot accompany you all the time."

"Thank you!" Misae exclaimed happily.

The Old Man laughed. "You can use the table and the chair on the back. No one would disturb you over there."

"Thank you, Old Man," Misae walked forward and took a seat on the place he pointed. She took out her notebook and textbook. The best way to learn was by practicing the question on the book, and that was what she did.

Kanae borrowed her textbook and told her the important things to remember from there. Misae would listen carefully as she did the question on her textbook. While Kanae moved around to deliver the dishes, she still took some times to teach Misae.

"Oh my, you're really a hardworking girl," the customers commented.

"Thank you."

"Study hard, I'm supporting you little Kanae."

"That girl is calling you again."

The customers didn't mind that they needed to wait a few seconds longer. The view of Kanae moving and explaining things to Misae was really heartwarming. It made them feel touched.

"If only my children are like them, I won't bother paying for a tutor."

"You're better off. My son only knew how to slip out from home and fight on the street. Really, I have to go to the police station a few times each year!"

"It's normal; my brother is a gangster. He would get involved in a fight almost every day. I can't even count how many times he has come in and out from the hospital."

The customers became chattier as they watched Kanae taught Misae. They would say this and that and exclaimed a few times, making the store quite lively.

When it reached 8 PM, Misae finally finished learning the material for the test. She only needed to review them on the day before the test and she was sure that she could get a passing score. Not too good, but that was more than enough for her.

She jumped happily since it usually took her until 1 AM to study without anyone help.

"It's time to go home. Thank you very much, Kanae!" Misae said happily.

Kanae put down a bowl of noodle in front of her. "Eat first, it's already late."

"Eh? I will get fat if I eat this much," Misae protested.

"You won't. Besides, studying need energy and it will be better to do it with stomach full rather than empty. You're only 16, it's not like you would suddenly gain weight after eating."

"Okay then, thank you."

"Ah yeah, the price…"

"I thought you would pay for me," Misae joked. She took out the money to Kanae. "The rests are for you."

"I can't take money from you."

"Just take it. You have helped me for a long time. At least, I can only give you that," Misae insisted. "In the future, I will give you something better."

"You don't have to," Kanae smiled. "That's what friends are for, isn't it?"

"I want to!"

"Alright, I understand," Kanae gave in. There was no use talking to Misae anymore, and she kept the money inside her pocket. "You should hurry and return. Your parent must be worried about you."

"Oh, you're right."

Misae finished eating before bidding farewell and ran to the car. She hadn't told her mother that she was going to study with Kanae, so it was possible that she might be worried.

The Old Man looked towards the door. "You have a good friend."

"Yes, she is my best friend," Kanae smiled. After that, she started to move around again since another batch of customers came in.

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