Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 13 Unofficial Teacher

The three of them returned to the class and took their seat again. Misae looked towards her book and groaned. There were a lot of things she did not understand from the textbook.

Alice peered to see what made Misae troubled. On top of Misae's table was the test result of math. Seeing them, her eyes almost popped out.

First Math test : 45

Second Math test : 40

Third Math test : 50

What kind of score was that?

"Misae, you know that next week is already midterm, right?" Alice reminded.

Misae nodded her head listlessly. "I know, that's why I'm getting a headache right now."

The passing score for most of the lesson was 60 including math, so she could only hope that the teacher didn't give them any hard questions. She would not be able to pass if that was the case.

Alice turned her head towards Kanae who was about to sleep. "Kanae, do you think you can teach us a bit?"

"Huh? Your score is all above passing grade, right?" Kanae was startled awake.

"They're just slightly above, so there's no harm in studying again," Alice asked eagerly. Now that she has begun to accept these two as her genuine friends, she started to speak more and expressed her thoughts.

Kanae nodded her head. "I'll teach you after this class."

This was the last class for today, so the two of them could only wait patiently until the class was over. They pulled Kanae up, so the sleeping girl could only yawn and stood up to the front of the class. Some of the students already wanted to go home, but their movement stopped when they saw Kanae walked to the front of the class.

"What do you want to ask, Misae?"

"The number series, I always get them wrong."

Kanae wrote down the law for this part, and Misae threw a few questions, which Kanae answered calmly. Alice also joined in and asked some questions, making this turned into a small class.

Looking towards the three students, the other students decided that they would stay behind. They didn't have anything to do after this, so joining the class was surely beneficial for them. With the midterm already around the corner, the club activities were canceled.

The group of girls who clashed against Alice also stayed behind. They might have their pride, but they didn't want to lose this chance. Hearing the smooth explanation from Kanae made them wanted to hear more because it was far easier to understand rather than the professor language of their teacher.

Before long, other first-year students from other classes also joined in. The class was crowded, but they didn't ask anything and merely watched. After all, this was actually for Misae and Alice, but somehow it made the others joined in out of curiosity.

"I think that's all," Kanae turned her gaze to the crowded classroom. The teacher here shouldn't be that bad, why did they have to wait for her to give them the explanation?

Misae smiled happily. "You're amazing. I think I'm confident that I can pass the exams next week."

"With a full mark?" Kanae teased.

"That's impossible," Misae retorted immediately. She knew her ability the best.

Alice laughed. "I'm sure I can get around 80."

"I might only get above the passing score," Misae murmured.

"We can study again after school," Kanae offered kindly.

The other two immediately agreed. They didn't want to lose the change to get a higher score in their test.

After bantering for a few minutes, Misae and Alice bid their farewell as the other students also dispersed. They noticed the students coming, but only now did they realize that their number was staggering. The small classroom was now very crowded.

Kanae waited for the students to disperse. She did not want to fight for the early one to get out. Her heart was not ready to have her body being squished by those robust students.

Her eyes noticed a familiar face. "Mr. Bed head, you're here too."

Noticing the nickname she gave, the boy frowned. "Don't go around and give people weird nickname. I have my own name, Kanae."

"I know that, Tommy," Kanae laughed.

Tommy smiled wryly. He pointed to the still crowded door. "You sure are very popular. They're all willing to come here."

"There's nothing much to do today, the school canceled any club activities," Kanae shrugged. They wanted the students to focus on the exam, but she doubted that they would.

"Yeah," Tommy yawned. "Thank you for the lesson. I need to get going now."

"Alright, see you later Tommy," Kanae waved her arm and watched as the crowd disperse. She wondered if she has the talent to become a teacher or this was just the effect of exams. That was not really important…

The bell rang, and Kanae speedily ran out of the class. She was going to be late for her work.

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