Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 16 Midterm Exams

On the week for the exam, the students focused on their lesson more than ever. If usually they still joked around during the break, this time they focused on the lesson far more. Some of them still played around, but they were the minority. After all, most of them didn't have the confidence that they could get the passing score.

Kanae, Misae, and Alice gathered in the library after the exam. They have agreed to study together. With Kanae absent from her work, they bombarded her with questions to help them in their study.

"Tomorrow is physic and language," Misae groaned. She did not have any problem with language as her score were usually 70, but for physics, it would already be a miracle for her to get 50.

Alice patted her friend's shoulder. "Calm down a bit. We just need to review them again."

Misae took out her book. "Teacher Kanae, please teach me about the motion."

"Teacher?" Kanae secretly rolled her eyes. Do you even need to fawn on me? "Let me see your book."

When they were studying, Alice noticed that a boy had come towards them. She didn't really remember him much, but she knew that he was a first-year from his attire.

"Hello girls, can I join in the study?" Tommy peered at them.

Misae and Alice looked towards the boy in bewilderment. They didn't know him at all. On the other hand, Kanae looked at him and frowned.

"Mr. Bed hair, you need to introduce yourself first."

"Don't you already know me?" he asked Kanae, but the girl concentrated her attention to the book. He looked towards the other two. "My name is Tommy, nice to meet you two."

"Oh, I'm Misae and this is Alice," Misae looked towards Kanae, wondering if she should introduce that one too.

"I already met with Kanae before," Tommy scratched his head in embarrassment.

"It's more likely you almost crash to me," Kanae proceeded to tell the other two about the incident in front of the infirmary. The two girls immediately laughed and nearly made the librarian scolded them for being noisy.

Tommy grinned. "So, can I join in? I'm not too good in my study."

"Sure, just take a seat," Kanae nodded. "How's your usual physic test?"

Tommy opened his bag and scrambled to take out his test paper. Unfortunately, the mess of the paper dropped on the table, showing off his embarrassing score. They have annual tests, some of them might be sudden, but it was done on the class.

Misae peered towards them curiously. This was the first time she saw that there was indeed someone who was far worse than her.

Math : 25, 20, 32, 18, 26

Physics : 32, 40, 30, 38, 20

Language : 23, 20, 40, 42, 38, 30

Geography : 39, 50, 30, 47,

"Why do you have math and geography tests too?" Alice was also stunned.

"Today test is math and geography," Tommy defended himself. There was actually no need for him to bring them, but he forgot to take them out from his bag last night.

Seeing the score on his test, Misae's eyes almost popped out. How could he get into this school with such poor score? None of them have a decent score.

Kanae also shook her head when she saw that. It was simply a disaster.

Looking at their inquiring gaze, Tommy scratched his head, "I got in through sports achievement."

"I see," Misae exclaimed in understanding. Other than their score, they also could join the school based on the sport or even martial art ability. If they wanted to focus there, they would need to practice hard.

"I only practice thrice a week though. On Wednesday, Friday, the club day, and Saturday, the practice day," Tommy added.

"How did you even get into the team in the first place? What did you play the best?" Misae asked.

"Relay," Tommy answered.

"Is it the one where you take turns to finish a certain task? Oh right, there is only athletics relays in this school. Which one do you join, the 100 meters or 400 meters?"

"400 meters."

Kanae put Misae's book, which she borrow for a few minutes, down. "You can learn more from the notes I made. Shall we continue our study?"

"Yes," Misae nodded repeatedly.

Misae looked towards her book and noticed some sticky notes plastered neatly. The one she pointed at was the important one to remember and for someone like her, this would help her so much.

"Can you do the same for me?" Tommy took out his book.

Kanae smiled wryly. "It'll only help you a bit."

"At least, it helps."

He never really hoped for his score to be that good since studying was never his forte. To get higher than the usual score he got would be enough to allow him didn't attend the additional lesson after school.

"Can you reach 60?" Misae asked doubtfully.

"For us who get sport scholarship, we only need to reach 45 to pass," Tommy explained.

Hearing that, Misae got the urge to apply for the scholarship. If she could get it, she would not need to study so hard since most of her exams still above 45. Some of them were a bit lower, but they were not a big problem.

"Don't hope too much," Kanae used the book to hit the other party's head. "Let's start studying."

The four of them started studying under Kanae's lead. After that, Tommy always hopped in to their lesson after school except during the day he needed to practice. Even during midterm, he still has some practice because the club required him to keep his body fit.

The mid-term tests usually lasted for a week or more, and after that the school turned normal again. Misae was exceptionally happy since this was the first time she could do most of the subject since usually she couldn't even do the simple one.

"Kanae, do you have any work today?" Misae asked. Today was Friday and also the last day for mid-term tests. Since the test was over, she wanted to take Kanae away from the workplace and have some fun.

"I do," Kanae answered calmly. She has promised the Old Man that she would return once the test was over, so she didn't have the leisure to go out for long.

Misae sighed. She wanted to take Kanae to the mall or maybe the others, but it seemed like impossible. Besides, there was no way she could take her away on the street considering that her mother would surely berate her heavily.

"Let's go to the canteen. I will treat you to ice cream," Misae grinned.

Kanae's eyes shined. She loved ice cream, but she couldn't eat too much of them or she would get a stomachache.

Alice raised her hand. "Can I get one too?"


"I want the chocolate flavor," Kanae said immediately.

"Sure, let's go," Misae walked first with Kanae and Alice beside her.

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