Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 17 Student Council Selection

Nolen School C, Class 1-A

"Now that midterm is over, we return back to our usual boring class," Misae sighed when they arrived back to school on Monday.

Kanae laughed when she heard that. "You speak as if you miss the exam."

"No way," Misae hurriedly shook her head. She did not want to face those annoying questions being thrown to her face anymore. Just one week every several month was already more than enough.

Alice looked outside the window. They sat down at the very left side of the room, which was near the window. The seat near her was empty, so she could see the field very clearly.

"The boys are filling the field."

"They're happy because the exams have finished," Kanae remarked. "Want to go there? The lesson is over in around 10 more minutes."


The three of them departed not long after the lesson had been over. As for how their progress in the lesson, Misae just threw that into the back of her mind. She was not in the mood to review them again.

"That's Tommy," Alice said in surprise.

After the week of exams where Tommy continued to hop their study, they were already quite familiar with that boy. Although most of the time he only studied quietly, the two of them usually teased that boy because he was always the last one to understand the explanation.

At that time, Tommy was standing with another boy beside him. They were crouching down on the ground, ready to run. Another boy yelled and the two of them started. In mere seconds, it was clear that Tommy was faster compared with the boy beside him.

"He's really fast," Misae exclaimed. "No wonder he's being selected for the sport scholarship."

Kanae nodded her head. "I believe he's one of the best here."

When Tommy reached the finish line, the distance between them was already more than several meters. Tommy laughed and waited for his friend. The two of them shook each other's hand. It was then he noticed three girls were watching him running.

"Whoa, Tommy, you have fan girls now?" the other boy asked while panting and laughing.

"Get off, they're just friend," Tommy pushed his friends back.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it."

Hearing his friend's laughter, Tommy was annoyed. He tried to forget about them as he walked towards the three of them.

"Hello girls, are you happy watching the performance?" he asked with a grin.

"Yeah, you're really fast," Misae exclaimed.

Kanae and Alice simply nodded their head. They were not going to praise this man over the moon after they saw how bad his performance in the study session they got not long ago.

"Thank you," Tommy has a smile plastered on his face. He looked towards the other fields. "Do you want to play some game?"

"No, we're not that fond of sports," Misae refused immediately. Among the three of them, only Kanae was quite good at sports but still not really fond to do them very often.

"Oh yeah, tomorrow is the joint sports day," Tommy smiled. "We can play together tomorrow."

"Don't we already play together usually?"

The PE lesson they had together were usually joined together with the other class from first-year. The field was big, so there was no problem if they wanted to use them together. The teacher also found it more convenient because there were often some games that needed to borrow the field on the other day.

The joint sports day was the day where that day they would have the same class with the second and third year. For all day long, they were going to stay on the court and played games. Of course, because of their number, they usually spread out very far. However, this event only occurred once a month, but that was enough to make the students riled up.

"You want to play against the senior?"

Tommy nodded his head. "There are some of them who are really good. I want to trash them for good."

"If you challenge them to sprint, I don't think you're going to lose," Kanae commented.

"It's an individual game. What I want is the group game like basketball or whatever," there was hardly anyone who was very capable in the first year, so Tommy was simply dreaming. Those first years needed to train first before they could hope to beat the seniors. Of course, there was always some exception.

Alice nodded her head. She was still not used to talk a lot when Tommy was with them, so she stayed silent most of the time.

"Who do you want to beat?" Misae asked again.

"The current student council president, I was being beaten up by him on the game last month. This time, it's my turn to beat him."

Kanae rolled her eyes. She was busy helping Misae train her body last month, so she did not remember any of the events. Even if she did, she would not remember who they were.

On the other hand, Misae's eyes shone. "He's not only good at sport. I hear that the current student council president is also smart. In addition, when I saw him before, he's very handsome."


The only boys Misae would remember were those who could be categorized as handsome. Kanae sighed secretly as she looked towards Tommy.

"Has the student council changed their member?"

Tommy was still stupefied when he saw Misae's reaction, but he quickly nodded his head to answer Kanae's question. "Yeah, the third years retire before the midterm, leaving only the second years in charge. They will pick more members from the first and second year in near time."

Misae exclaimed happily. "I want to get chosen!"

"I think, the requirement for you to join is to get either good grade or good martial arts."

When Kanae heard that, her brow creased. She definitely passed the first criteria because she was basically the top scorer in the first year. Although there were a lot of others who were smart, she was one of the best.

Alice chuckled a bit. "Do you want to get in to see the handsome boys?"

"What else?" Misae said with a longing gaze. "They're definitely perfect eye candies."

Tommy got the urge to get away faster. He could not understand why the girls loved to see the face of handsome boys.

Kanae looked towards him. "You're the same when you stare at the beautiful girls."

"When did I ever do that?" Tommy evaded the question.

"Are you sure you never do that?"


The four of them ended up going back and forth until it was the time for Kanae to work. Tommy was glad when they were away from his gaze because he didn't want to be accused for something he didn't do (or not yet?)

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