Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 20 Kevin Kalin

The game from Kanae made the boys remembered her more and they asked her to play with them after she rested enough. Because there was no opponent as strong as Kevin, Kanae was still able to play the full game. It was more tiring to play with the boys compared with the girls, but she managed to play a few of them.

"That's really fun," Kanae commented after they had finished the game. There was only half an hour left before the end of the class, so she didn't play again. She still has to work after this and if her body was completely sore, that would be a disaster.

Alice nodded her head. She also played a small game with the other girls. Their game was mostly only casual game since most of them only tried to move around out of boredom. On the other hand, Misae was busy tailing after the handsome boys that she managed to spot.

"It's tiring," Misae said.

"I don't recall seeing you play."

"I don't play. I fight with the other girls to get the best spot," Misae defended herself.

"I bet you chase after that senior quite often," Kanae teased.

"Of course, no one wants to pass the chance to get close with him."


"Don't you read the news?" Misae was stunned when she saw Kanae's blank face. "He's a great man, and many girls are willing to stay with him. He's called Kevin Kalin, the president of Kale Company. I really want to meet with him personally."

Kanae processed the information Misae told her. She felt that she had heard the name of Kevin Kalin somewhere before, but she couldn't recall it. Maybe it was just her feeling since she hardly followed the news of the influential family like them. Wait a minute… it seemed that there was something wrong with the information.

"You're saying that he's the president of a company? Even though he's only 16 years old?" Kanae turned to Misae with a surprised face.

Misae nodded, "Don't you know about it? The news was all over the place around six months ago."

"You know that I don't follow the news."

"True enough. In simple terms, he and his two friends, Mike and Neo, buy an almost destroyed company and change the name around two years ago. And in the span of one and half a year, they make the business thrive again. Don't you think they are cool?"

Alice nodded her head. "You're right, they're cool. But what makes you think they want to meet with you personally?"

Misae grinned sheepishly. She didn't think that far as she just wanted to get close to him. Not just her, many girls were thinking the same as they wanted to get close with that president.

"I want to know more about how they can manage their time between school and work," Alice added.

Misae pointed to Kanae. "If they're just like her, I don't think they will be troubled."

The scale between the president and an employee was as different as the sky and land. There was simply no way their work could be compared to each other, so Kanae couldn't imagine that.

On the other hand, Kanae wondered, with their ability, why would they bother coming to school? They could just survive outside by finishing their job in the company without even coming to school. However, hearing the word wealth, she felt that she too needed to work even harder.

Besides, how was it possible to build such a big business in this city where the crime was common? It might be possible that they have some connection to the underworld society. Of course, this was only her assumption and she would not point it out blatantly.

But, she couldn't shake the feeling that she had heard the name of Kevin Kalin somewhere before. She was not one to follow the news and six months ago she was still a Junior High School student. It was really unlikely for her to know anything about him. It was better to forget about it then.

"He's someone out of reach, so let's just stop dreaming," Kanae poked her best friend's forehead.

"Owie, do you have to poke so hard?" Misae asked resentfully.

Kanae shrugged. She didn't put that much power to her finger, so she knew that Misae was only acting.

"If you can get into the student council, you can get close to him," Alice added.

"I don't think I can get in."

"Well, if anyone of us can get in, the others can visit occasionally, right?"

Hearing that, Misae's eyes shone as she looked towards Kanae. "Kanae, you will work hard to enter the student council right?

Why do you have to pick me as your target? Kanae wanted to cry, she clearly didn't have any intention to enter the student council. She was already busy enough as she was, so she didn't want to add more trouble for her.

'I don't want to enter the student council.'

Kanae shook her head and poked her best friend forehead once more. "I don't even know what the criteria to enter are, so I won't do anything."

"Why? This is a perfect chance because you have attracted his attention to you," Misae asked despondently.

"Only for playing basketball," Kanae rebutted.

Hearing that Kanae was adamant to not do anything to make herself got chosen, Misae could only back down. Although she wanted her friend to get chosen, she wanted herself to get chosen more than anything. She wanted to be able to meet with those boys again.

"I need to go first," Kanae looked towards the clock. She could not stay here any longer as she needed to go to work.

"Be careful."

As she left, Alice and Misae continued their discussion.

At that time, Kanae didn't realize that she would not only make the president look at her as a friend to play basketball, but also as part of the student council.

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