Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 19 I want Another Match

"Do you also fancy him?" Misae asked when she saw that Kanae was stunned.

Kanae shook her head. "No, I'm just surprised about his form."

It was actually a lie because she was startled about his identity. She already admired his form before, so she didn't pay much attention at this moment. Still, she didn't want to tell the others that she already met with the other party. Considering how popular that president was, she was clearly looking for trouble if she said that.

Misae rolled her eyes. "Why are you paying attention to his form?"

"Well, he has a steady arm and his form when he's shooting is great," Kanae scratched her head. She could do the same, but usually, her form turned bad after the game continued for a long time.

"Let's get closer."

Although Alice was not interested, she didn't want to be left behind. With no other choice, she followed after Misae who pulled Kanae behind her. Somehow, Misae managed to make the way towards the very front of the court with Alice panting behind them.

"I really don't understand why the girls want to sacrifice their body like this," she mumbled.

Kanae looked that the game has finished. The senior she met that day still stood on the field with some of the boys on his team. Even if they have played a match, they were still very energetic.

"Kevin, is that the girl you meet before?" a boy pointed to the sidelines.

Following his friends' finger, he noticed that she was indeed there. After that short match, he hadn't got the chance to meet with the girl again. He nodded his head as he looked towards the new challenger.

"Are you first year?"

The boy, Tommy, nodded his head. "Yep, we're from first-year."

"I want to play a mixed game of both boys and girls. Do you accept?" Kevin asked calmly.

Tommy pondered for a moment. Most of the girls were unable to play too well, and they would usually be a burden. "What's the composition?"

"Four boys and one girl," he answered lightly.


Misae noticed that Tommy and Kevin were talking. She wondered what they were talking about when Tommy suddenly ran to them. He pointed towards Kanae with a smile.

"Kanae, you're going to play the game."

"Excuse me?" Kanae didn't have the intention to play with the boys as she was only here because Misae pulled her. Not to mention, she didn't want to become the source of hatred from the fan girls.

"That president wants to have a mix match of both boys and girls. Four boys and one girl," Tommy grinned. "You're the best player among the first year."

"Come on, you want to play, right?" Misae urged her friend.

Kanae pursed her lips. "I won't be able to play full time for a game of such intensity."

"It's fine. I just want to make him taste defeat."

Being persuaded, Kanae walked to the court. On the other side, there was also another second-year girl who came to the court. It seemed that the two of them were going to clash with each other… or not.

Kevin passed the ball to Kanae. "I want another match like before."

The others could barely hear their conversation, but Kevin's friend who stood beside him could hear the sound clearly. He was tall and rather muscular, but his face always has an amiable smile plastered.

When he heard what Kevin said, his eyes widened in surprise and his smile stiffened. He looked towards Kanae in curiosity for he didn't understand what made his friend paid so much attention to the girl.

Kanae's lips pursed. This man must be the one who asked for her to play. When the student who acted as referee yelled the start of the game, Kanae immediately dribbled the ball towards Kevin.

Her hand made another feint like before, but this time she moved even faster. Kevin watched her movement carefully and followed her every movement. This time, he didn't fall for her feint. Kanae's lips curled up, she dribbled faster and turned towards the side sharply, creating a distance with him. Just like before she shot towards the ring, making a beautiful three-pointer.

She noticed that his hand was faster than before, but it was still too late. After the ball had gone in, she turned her head towards him.

"I accept your challenge, senior."

Kevin stared back and nodded. "You're not bad, junior."

The crowds cheered when they saw that fast play and how Kanae managed to score a goal under Kevin's guard. On the other hand, the second-year girl felt like crying. She could not follow the first-year girl's movement. How could she guard the other party?

Tommy was elated to see Kanae's play, but he too didn't want to lose. "Don't steal all the limelight."

With that, the game continued. The score turned even very fast because the second year was very capable too. The ball kept on switching to each side and Kanae was basically tailing after Kevin. The two's fight became the main highlight of this game as the crowd was excited to see the two dueled over and over.

"I never know that Kanae is this good," Misae exclaimed in surprise.

Alice also nodded her head. When they played with Kanae, they already knew that Kanae was good. This time, she was even better because she played full concentration to Kevin. If she didn't pay attention even for a split second, Kevin would pass her.

"Break time," the student-referee shouted.

The players were exhausted. There was still another half round, but the high-intensity play they had made them tired. While they were making their way to the stand, Kanae slumped on the ground. She might still have some energy, but her feet were not in perfect condition to continue playing.

"Senior, let's continue other time," Kanae called Kevin. He was drenched in sweat but still looked as energetic as ever.

"You cannot play anymore?" Kevin asked as he swept his glance to the girl.

Kanae nodded. "I'm still not used to play too long with that high intensity. I'll ask for substitution after this."

"For now, we're draw."

"I understand, Senior," Kanae laughed. This senior in front of her seemed to be unable to accept that he was down with one goal.

Kevin didn't force Kanae to play again as the girl made her way to the side. Misae and Alice immediately went over and grabbed their friends.

"You're amazing on the court! I can't believe you manage to challenge him over and over! Oh right, what did he say to you?"

"He wants another match other time because I can't continue," Kanae smiled as she answered. Kevin was a tough opponent, and she has a hard time catching up with him.

Although the crowds were disappointed, they knew that girls were usually weaker than boys, so they didn't force the tired girl anymore. Without Kanae, Tommy was unable to face off against Kevin. In the end, the game was over with Kevin's win. The score gap was not as big as the other game because in the first half the first year got quite a lot of score.

"It's a good game," Tommy sighed. He wanted to defeat this man, but in the end it was Kanae who did it. He felt rather ashamed.

"You play well," Kevin's friend answered in his stead. After that game, the second year was replaced with the third year because they needed a break.

However, not all the girls were happy with that performance.

"That disgrace of Nali Family, how dare she gets close with him?"

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