Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 25 Inciden

"Kanae, are you alright?" Alice immediately snapped back to reality and exclaimed. Her usually soft demeanor disappeared in the moment of panic.

Kanae looked towards the vase in front of her. The vase was not too big, but having it fell on top of someone's head was clearly dangerous. Just from the shattered pieces, her feet were full of wounds. Thankfully, they were not deep and most were mere scratches, but the sight was clearly tragic.

"I'm fine, what about you two?" Kanae asked back as she calmed herself. Yet her gaze was still cold.

"We're good," Misae answered as she was pulled back to the reality too. The two of them stood behind Kanae and a pillar, so they were practically safe. The shattered pieces didn't reach them because there was someone blocking for them.

"What about you? You're the one at the front?" she asked in panic, but when she tried to move her feet, she noticed that the floor was filled with the shattered pieces of the vase. She couldn't place her feet everywhere to get close to Kanae without stepping on them.

Kanae tried moving her feet backward and frowned. The pain was bearable, but it was certainly uncomfortable for her to move around too much.

"Who's up there?" another student yelled. They were also surprised about the event, but some of them still showed concern.

"Who do that?"

"Check the second floor!"

"They must have escaped," Misae gritted her teeth, feeling extremely angry. Who would dare to scheme like that to her best friend?

"Let's go to the infirmary," Alice beckoned. The most important thing to do was to treat Kanae's feet. Those people would be handled by the school or student councils.

Misae agreed so the two of them accompanied Kanae to the infirmary. From the way Kanae walked, other people might doubt that she was hurt. However, her face that kept on frowning made people knew that she was not feeling that well.

The journey to the infirmary took a long time and Misae kept on worrying that Kanae wouldn't be able to walk. Thankfully, they arrived in the infirmary quite fast, and the doctor was there.

"Hello, Doc, can you help me?" Kanae asked with a wry smile.

The doctor looked towards Kanae's feet and frowned. "Come over here. What are you doing early in the morning?"

"Just a little incident," Kanae answered.

The doctor took out a bottle of alcohol. He looked towards Kanae. "This is going to be hurt, bear with it."

Misae and Alice couldn't bear to look as the doctor cleaned up the wound. They have experienced the pain from having alcohol touched their wound in the past. The feeling was rather unpleasant. Honestly, unpleasant was not enough to describe it as they would usually yell loudly in pain.

In contrast to them, Kanae merely frowned when her feet were in contact with the alcohol. Although she felt pain, she held them back and only her grip on the chair grew harder. It was not easy to bear with the pain.

"You can yell if you want," the doctor said calmly.

"No need," Kanae answered back. Her forehead was filled with sweat, but she waited patiently until the doctor finished bandaging her feet. From outside, her feet looked like a mummy.

"It's finished. You're an excellent half mummy," the doctor joked.

Kanae smiled wryly. Do you have to joke around, Doc?

"You'll surely attract a lot of attention with those feet," Alice remarked worriedly. The students were usually very curious, so it was certain that they wouldn't let Kanae slept peacefully.

Kanae looked towards her feet. That was true. "I think I'll skip the class today. Please tell the teacher about it."

Alice and Misae nodded their head. They were definitely going to report this to the school. That was clearly very dangerous because just another step was all they required to be sent directly to the hospital.

The two of them walked outside while discussed what they were supposed to tell the teacher. Sitting on the chair, Kanae sighed. She moved her feet around a bit, there was barely any pain right now.

"Don't move around too much. You can sleep like that idiot," the doctor pointed to the bed. "I want to go for now."

Kanae watched as the doctor left before moving her gaze to the bed. "Tommy, what are you doing sleeping so early in the morning?"

"This place is my second home," Tommy murmured and pulled the curtain. His eyes landed on the bandaged feet of Kanae. "You should be more careful, being the vice president is going to invite a lot of hate."

"I doubt there's any relation to that for this incident," Kanae shrugged. "There's a lot of hidden cameras in this school, so they must be prepared that they won't get captured by them."

"Plus eyewitness," Tommy moved his feet to a sitting position.

Kanae nodded her head. "You're right."

"Do you want to sleep? There are three beds here. You can use one if you're tired."

"No thanks, I'll just try to check the student council room," she smiled. "And have a warm talk with the president."

"You're not going to convince him with your usual attitude," Tommy laughed.

Kanae also knew that. But she still wouldn't back down without trying. Her brain tried to list down some possible argumentation that she could use against that president. After all, she wanted her peaceful high school life; a very ordinary one at that and not the one where she would be busy every day.

"We can go together if you want," Tommy hopped down from the bed. "I don't feel like sleeping again."

"Are you sure? Did you have enough sleep last night?" Kanae asked.

Tommy shrugged. He pointed to the door. "Are you coming or not? I also want to try asking the same question as to why they choose me to be their member."

Different from most students, the two of them didn't have the slightest interested to join the student council. Accepting the offer from Tommy, she walked out from the infirmary towards the Student Council Room.

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