Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 26 Introduction

"Do you know the way towards Student Council Room?" Kanae asked doubtfully.

Tommy scratched his head. "I thought you knew."

"I don't."

For Kanae, going to school was only the requirement she needed to live as an ordinary person. She would not spend her time strolling around the school just to know the location for every room in this school. That was stupid.

"What are you doing here?" a voice came from behind them.

Kanae and Tommy turned around. They were stunned to see their president standing with a report of something that he read while he walked.

"Good morning, President," Kanae bowed down in formality. She straightened herself as she gave a wry smile. "I accidentally hurt my feet, so I come here to get medication."

Kevin's eyes landed on the heavily bandaged feet of Kanae. That was not a simple accident because her feet were completely covered. He frowned slightly but didn't ask any longer.

"And you?" He looked towards Tommy.

Tommy scratched his head in embarrassment. "I'm just trying to sleep, so I stay in the infirmary."

"Are you sick?"


"Why don't you go to class?"

Hearing that, Tommy felt awkward. He was saying something that would break the rule in front of the Student Council President. "I'll skip the class for today."

Kevin turned her head towards Kanae, and the girl immediately nodded her head. "I'm skipping too."

"Come with me to the Student Council Room," Kevin said calmly, his tone was monotone. "If you want to skip class, you can use the time to familiarize with the work in Student Council."

Kanae was stunned that the president was not angry at them skipping class. Tommy peered to the girl's face and grinned. "The Student Council members who hold a position other than ordinary members is free to not join the class and do any other activities related to their position."

This was the first time Kanae heard something like this. It seemed that her knowledge about the power of the Student Council was still lacking, very lacking at that. She turned her head towards Tommy and flashed a mischievous smile.

"Doesn't it mean you are not allowed to skip class?"

Tommy shrugged. "I always skip class and it will not change."

"Are you two coming with me?"


The two of them followed after Kevin. Kanae suddenly realized that she nearly unable to see anything in front of her because of them. What were the boys eaten to make them very tall like this? Her mind complained because all she could see was their broad back.

Walking through the corridors, Kanae memorized the route to her class and the Student Council room. Kevin opened the door first and he was greeted by his two friends.

"President, I have found out something new," a man behind the table waved his hand excitedly. He was rather skinny with a messy appearance, but what stood out the most was his red hair. How many people in this city have red hair?

On the side, a big man was preparing a drink. He glanced up when the two of them came in. Contrary to his big build, he was smiling kindly, "Good morning President. Do you want some coffee?"

When Kevin came in and the other two appeared in their view, the two of them froze. In a matter of second, Neo pointed towards Kanae, "President, why are they here?"

Kanae thought that this man didn't know about her position, though it was weird considering that he was supposed to be the secretary. She bowed slightly, "Good morning, I'm Kanae Nali, the Vice President of Student Council, nice to meet you."

Tommy looked towards Kanae weirdly, but chose to follow suit as he introduced himself. "I'm Tommy Malady, from class 1-C, a new member of Student Council, and then, uhm– what else should I say?"

The man looked annoyed. He already knew that she was the Vice President and he was the new member. He secretly rolled his eyes at the two's response. What he wanted to know was why they were coming with Kevin to the Student Council room in the early morning like this.

"I'm Neo Soha, the secretary of Student Council," The skinny man chose to introduce himself. Forget it, he could just ask Kevin about it later.

The big man put the cup down and introduced himself. "I'm Mike Johan, the guard of Student Council."

Kanae nodded. She looked around the room. The room was not really big and there were a lot of books stacked on the cupboard and racks. Other than books, there were a few papers put around messily. There was a coffee machine on the side table and a few cups for them and a bunch of other items put around.

While Kanae was looking around, Kevin walked to his desk and turned the computer on. He wanted to continue doing his works as usual.

Tommy was more interested in the stack of paper on Neo's table. They were a lot and placed disorderly. He wanted to know what made their secretary very busy this early in the morning.

Neo followed Tommy gaze and scratched his head embarrassedly. "I rarely clean up, so it's a bit messy. I will do it later."

"Do you need help?" Tommy offered.

Mike glanced towards Kanae's feet and pulled a chair for her. "You can help, but she's better resting."

"Thank you."

Mike smiled in response. Looking towards this big man, Kanae wondered if he ever didn't smile. He seemed to smile every time as she recalled he was also like that during their game on the field. Although this made him looked rather amiable, his big build made it hard for her to imagine him as such.

Tommy sighed as she realized that he was going to be an errand boy today. "What do you want me to do?

Neo's eyes lit up. "Put this here and that there…"

He gave a long list of instructions. Tommy's face darkened considerably as he followed after each instruction. Sitting on the chair, Kanae was watching amusedly when she recalled something. Oh yeah, she wanted to give a piece of her mind to the president.

"President Kevin?" she looked up. "Do you mind if I ask you why you choose me?"

Kevin stopped his movement. His dark iris watched her calmly. "You're a capable person."

"There are a lot of capable students in the first year," Kanae said sulkily.

On the side, Neo almost mistyped when he recognized her words. Did she just say that because she didn't want to join the Student Council?

"But none of them have the leisure to sleep in the class like you."

Kanae was stunned. She was only sleeping because she was tired! However, it was indeed true that other students would still struggle for their lesson while she was not.

"I don't have much time to spare after school."

"You can just skip the class."

If she kept on skipping class, how could she hope for having a normal high school life?

Seeing the two of them argued, Neo secretly laughed. This was the first time he saw someone dared to talk back to their president. After all, everyone was usually intimidated by his powerful gaze.

Kevin watched Kanae for a moment. "One hour after school in this room, that's all you need to spare as the Student Council Vice President."

Kanae thought for a moment. One hour was not that long as she usually only started her work at three (school ended at two). Besides, the Old Man was quite lenient about her work and didn't force her to come too early.

"Fine," Kanae accepted.

Kevin nodded his head before turning his gaze towards Neo. "Finish your work now. I want to see the report."

"Wait," Neo was stunned. He barely typed anything, and the other party already wanted the report? That was impossible!

Seeing the cold gaze on the other party's face, he secretly cursed on his head. He swore he wouldn't laugh in front of the president again if this was what he got.

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