Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 28 Student Council First Meeting 2

After the school was over, Kanae made her way to the Student Council Room once again. Misae reminded her over and over that she had to make a complete observation of the place and the people. Of course, towards those requests, Kanae skillfully denied them.


"Come in," the people inside answered.

Kanae opened the door. Inside the room were all of the old members. It seemed that Tommy and Jay hadn't arrived yet.

"Good afternoon, President, Mike, and Neo," Kanae greeted politely. She recalled that Neo said that she didn't have to call them using senior, so she directly used their name. She observed their expression, but it seemed that none of them took offense for her words. That was good.

"Good afternoon Kanae," Mike greeted back. "Please have a seat."

Kanae smiled and walked to Kevin's side. Since she was the Vice President, her chair was obviously beside the president because they shared a table. Looking at the busy Kevin, she bowed. "Pardon my intrusion, President."

Kevin glanced once before continued typing. Kanae didn't mind the cold attitude and sat down on the chair calmly.

"Do you want some coffee?" Mike offered. It seemed that his job when there was nothing to do was making coffee.

Kanae looked at the messy small coffee table on the side. This was the additional table on this room. Though, from the size of the table, many people would rather deem it as a chair rather than table.

"There's no need. I don't like to drink coffee too much."

"What about tea?"

"No, thank you."

Mike didn't ask again as he made another cup of tea for himself. Kanae was looking towards the man with bewilderment. She recalled seeing him drinking tea this morning. How many cups did he drink?

"Don't worry about him," Neo grinned. "Mike prefers tea rather than water, so he usually drinks them a lot."

Kanae nodded her head. She recalled her best friend as Misae was also someone who loved tea very much. She even wondered those foreign names that her friend spouted out when she visited the latter's place months ago. She only accidentally stumbled into Misae's tea collection, but it became the trigger for her friend to be a chatterbox.

She was about to talk again when the door was opened and a man came in. He was rather small and seemed like a silent type, but his gaze was rather sharp. He looked around.

"Am I late?"

"You're not late, please take a seat Jay," Mike answered.

Jay nodded and sat down. He felt that he should have done his introduction, so he continued, "I'm Jay Hon."

Mike nodded his head. He already knew the identity of the other party. Before they selected them, they had to survey them for a bit.

Kanae looked towards the young man as her mind wandered. Where has she seen him before? Oh right, he was the boy who sparred with Tommy and created quite a commotion in the martial art class.

The door opened and the last member came in. "Ah, it seemed that I'm late, sorry everyone."

"Tommy, did you just wake up?" Neo asked.

Tommy's eyes widened. "How do you know?"

Kanae giggled as she remarked. "Your hair is bed hair."

"Aw, I must look really lame in front of the ladies," Tommy grinned. He used his hand to comb his hair. Although Kanae has seen him like this a few times, this time they were going for the very first meeting as Student Council, so he tried to look a bit neater.

Mike shook his head. "There's no need, you're going to get messier after this."

Tommy got a bad feeling when he saw the smile on Mike's face, but he didn't mention anything because their leader spoke up.

Kevin looked up. "Since everyone is here, let's get started. I'll begin with the introduction. My name is Kevin Kalin, I'm second year class 2-A. I'm the current Student Council president."

"I'm Kanae Nali, first-year class 1-A. I'm the Student Council Vice President," Kanae continued.

"Neo Soha, second-year class 2-A, secretary and treasury of the Student Council."

"Mike Johan, second-year class 2-A, I'm the Student Council guard."

Jay stood up. "Jay Hon, first-year class 1-B."

Lastly, it's Tommy. "Tommy Malady, first-year class 1-C."

"Since you have known each other, get to work," Kevin said simply before turning his gaze back to the computer. The room turned dead silent as the other members simply didn't know what they should do.

Mike rubbed his forehead. It seemed that Kevin hadn't changed at all. Didn't he know that they all were new and didn't know their job? Still, he knew that this president's mind was only filled with work.

With resignation, he spoke up, "The ordinary members follow me. As the guard, your job is to maintain the peace of this place. Therefore, you have to train your body."

Black lines appear on the two new member's forehead. Why did it sound that they were only picked because of their martial arts? Seeing their gaze, Mike smiled kindly, but his words were anything but that.

"Today task is training and every day one of you has to patrol the school every three hour. Of course, there will be some paperwork too, but it will only start tomorrow. Now, follow me to the training hall."

"Good luck everyone," Neo waved his hand.

The two of them followed after Mike with a black face. Why did it seem that joining the Student Council was more of a hassle than benefit? It seemed that they would have to work their body off until they were dead tired.

Neo pointed to the box on the side to help Kanae knew about her work. "Vice President, your job is to divide the complaint paper from the students into different categories."

Kanae stared at the box with overflowing papers inside it. The number of the papers is enormous; it seemed as if the entire students have at least one complaint. Taking the box, Kanae only needed to glance for a moment before starting to divide it into several groups.

Her hand worked fast as she read the content before dividing them. In less than one hour, the entire stacks of paper were already divided into the group neatly. He promised that she only needed to stay here for one hour, so she worked fast.

Neo looked towards the neatly divided paper with a stunned face. She was quick!

"I have finished them," Kanae remarked to the busy president.

Kevin nodded his head without stopping his movement. "You can go back if you want. There's no other work for you today."

"Okay, thank you President and Neo."

With that, Kanae walked out and sprinted out from the school. She was going to be late for her work!

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