Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 29 Smiling Devil

While Kanae was busy sorting out the paper, Mike brought Tommy and Jay to the field. There were some fields on the edge of the school, which rarely has anyone, so it was easy for him to find one that was empty.

"Let's begin with stretching," Mike said with a smile on his face.

Tommy and Jay followed after his move. At first, the stretching was the normal one. After that, Mike gave them the instruction they needed to finish.

"Run 20 laps, push up 100, squat 100, sit up 100, and back up 100," Mike said calmly.

Tommy's eyes looked towards the field where he was standing. The size of the field was quite huge, and it was surely over 400 meters. He was used to run that long, but it was for a sprint or relay. If he had to run 20x400 meters… his body shuddered in fear.

"Will you run with us, senior?"

"I will, so you two have to follow behind me closely," Mike smiled.

Jay and Tommy looked towards each other. Although this was the first time they met, they felt like they would grow closer just fine.

As expected, Mike's pace was crazy and the two of them had to do everything they could to catch up. He was clearly not giving them any leniency. When the 20 laps were finished, he looked towards them with a smile.

"Now, let's start the rest."

Tommy and Jay barely have the strength to stand. They shivered as they saw this man smiled. The two of them unconsciously thought.

'Devil! He's a smiling devil.'

Student Council Room

Neo finished his work and looked towards the pile of paper that Kanae sorted. He clicked his tongue in admiration. She finished them very quickly as he was pretty sure that he would take hours to finish them.

"It seems that she is really a capable person. You don't pick a wrong person," Neo commented. At first, he was against giving her that high position, but it seemed that his worry was unnecessary.

Kevin glanced at Neo. "When did I ever pick a wrong person?"

"Never…" Neo answered helplessly. Towards the confidence Kevin showed, he chose not to comment on anything because he knew that it would be useless.

He continued his work and not long after that Mike returned with two zombies like students followed behind him. Seeing their state, Neo secretly relieved that he didn't have to undergo the same treatment. He would die if he had to experience them.

"Where is the Vice President?" Mike looked toward the empty seat.

"She has finished all the work, so she goes back," Neo answered.

Jay grumbled, "I bet her works must be easy."

Neo pointed to the four high stacks of paper in Kanae table. "Her job today is to sort all of that."

Jay: "…" I take back my words.

Tommy slumped on the chair. He wondered how he would survive if he had to train like this every day. After all, he still has his training as the school track and field club member.

Mike walked to the small table. "Just take a rest. This is enough for you today."

The two nodded.

"Tomorrow I'll increase the training."

At this time, the two of them were really considering that they should just resign from the Student Council. They would die if this continued!

Kanae's Workplace

"Little lass, why are you running around when your feet are hurt like that?" the Old Man's attention immediately went towards Kanae's feet.

Kanae looked towards her feet. She had completely forgotten that she was wounded. They didn't feel hurt anymore and she was used to walk here rather fast. This made her neglected the fact that her feet have just bleed quite a lot this morning.

"I think I forget about that," Kanae scratched her head.

The Old Man rolled his eyes. How did you manage to forget about something like that?

"You're not allowed to move around too much today. Just move slowly, the customers are going to understand."

Kanae nodded. She was not bothered with the wound, but she didn't want to make others worried. "Okay, Old Man."

"Lastly, what happens?"

Kanae explained the matter of a vase dropped down right in front of her to the Old Man. She mentioned that the school said it was an incident, but the Old Man seemed to be quite angry.

"What kind of fools placing a vase on the edge of a balcony?" he complained.

Towards his inquiries, Kanae couldn't answer. That building was the building for the second year, so she didn't know the layout. Besides, she didn't dare to come inside because there was a chance that she might meet with her annoying cousin. Having met her occasionally was already enough without having her confronted the other party head-on.

As it turned out, the other customers also asked the same thing to Kanae. Without any other choice, she had to tell the story over and over. The old customers who were fond with Kanae were angry when they heard the news.

"The school should increase their surveillance! They're going to get a lot of wounded students if accident like this happens again!"

"I don't believe it's an accident, the staffs are not that stupid."

"They must have faked the video."

The customers were raging because they knew how dangerous it would be. The elderly even said that it was Kanae's luck to avoid the situation. It was only at night did the questioning finally stopped.

"I feel more tired today rather than the usual day," Kanae has a wry smile on her face.

The Old Man laughed. "The customers like you very much, so they're angry at your condition. Now, can you walk home or you need me to call you a cab?"

"There's no need," Kanae shook her head. If the driver knew that he was driving her to the Nali Mansion, they would surely be scared to death. Those who could come to the mansion were all important people.

"Alright, be careful on your way."

"I will."

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