Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 3 New Friend

The streets were usually dark, but Kanae didn't really mind it. Her house was not far, and she could easily reach it by walking for several minutes from the store.

She stopped in front of a big mansion. From the outside, the mansion seemed extremely huge and colorful. It was clear that the people who lived in this place were people who were powerful and have a lot of money.

Kanae looked towards the building for several seconds before making her way to the back. On the back, the gate covered the way to enter the mansion, but she took out a key and used it to open the door and enter the place before locking the door back.

Behind the big mansion, there was a small hut. The condition of the hut from outside was normal, kind of rundown hut that one usually used for storage room. If one were to see it from inside, they would know that the place was used as a living place, which actually totally unsuitable.

Kanae walked to the hut and opened the door using another key. After she came in, she locked it from inside.

"Home sweet home," she murmured.

The room was a mess since Kanae was too lazy to clean it up. People would not believe that this was the room of a girl if she didn't tell anyone. Putting her backpack to the rack, she chose the clothes for the night and took a bath.

"It's cold!" inside her mind, she complained that those people must have turned off their heater. Taking a bath at the middle of the night was truly a challenge for one's body.

Finishing the bath, Kanae washed the uniform carefully and hang it in the bathroom. After everything was finished, the clock showed the time was already 2 AM. Kanae prepared the books for tomorrow lesson and took out her homework book. The teacher gave her homework she needed to finish.

The homework was easy, and it didn't take Kanae long before she completed it. Shoving the book into her backpack, Kanae put the bag on her table. She picked up her alarm and set it for 6 AM. Glancing at the clock, she found out that it was already 3 AM.

Rolling on the bed, she quickly fell asleep.

Nolen School C

"Kanae, the lesson has not started yet and you already fall asleep?" Misae complained when she saw that Kanae already put her forehead on top of her hand, making use of them as a pillow.

"I barely slept last night."

Misae frowned. "Is your work really that hard?"

"Not hard," Kanae yawned as she straightened her position. "It just takes longer than I thought."

"Can't you search for a different part-time job? You still have to sleep."

"I can sleep in the classroom just fine."

"… You're going to make the teacher hates you very much."

"No way! They're not going to hate the student who places first in every exam," Kanae grinned.

Misae rolled her eyes. She secretly wondered why the Heaven had to give someone like Kanae the ability to learn very quickly. On the other hand, she knew that this was the best scenario because Kanae still could catch up with the lesson even when the other party was extremely busy.

If someone like her was the one who has the ability to learn very quickly, she would just become very lazy. There were little doubts that she would not work hard at all. Although she wanted that, she knew that it was only a dream.

"Have you finished your homework, Kanae?"

"I have," Kanae put her book on the table. She grinned. "If I fall asleep, you know where to find the book."

Hearing what her best friend said, Misae got the urge to throw the book to her friend's head. It was the same as saying that she wanted to sleep right here, right now.

"You're really the sleeping princess."

"I'll wake up soon during physical education (PE) lesson today," Kanae answered leisurely.

Misae nodded her head. "Do you bring your sports uniform?"

"Of course I do."

"I thought for a second that you forgot about that."

Kanae didn't answer anymore, and Misae noticed that the other party had fallen asleep. Not wanting to bother, she quietly let her friend slept during the morning lesson. Only when it was the time for the PE lesson did she woke the other party up.

"Come on, it's time for PE."

Kanae opened her eyes. She silently stretched lightly to make sure that her body did a bit warm up because she has just woken up from her nap. After that, she took out her uniform.

When they arrived in the restroom, the girls were already giggling with each other. As usual, they were taking their sweet time to change their clothes. Although the number of girls was not as much as the boys, there were still quite a lot of them here.

"Today is a mini basketball game," one of the girls remarked. "I want to team up with a different team today."

"Do you want to be in my team, Kanae?"

"Wait, it's not fair! I want to ask her first."

"You're cheating!"

Even before Kanae gave her answer, the girls had already been fighting with themselves about whose team Kanae would be. As usual, the girl would argue, and the people outside could hear their voice really clearly. However, no one thought it was strange.

Misae looked towards Kanae bitterly. This would be the only time when she felt jealous of Kanae's ability. Kanae was not only excellent in her studies, but she was also excellent in sports. It seemed that there were indeed people who were exceptionally talented like her.

Kanae shrugged. "I'm going to team up with Misae."

The girls turned their head to turn towards Misae. Because this was only a mini game, they only used half the court, so they only needed three people. If one of the spots was already taken for Misae, the girls didn't want to join.

"You shouldn't have said that," Misae glared towards Kanae.

"At worst, we're only playing with two people," Kanae answered with a grin on her face. "Do you think I'll join their group without you?"

"Well, you're really talented in sport," Misae argued.

There was nothing wrong with what Misae said. Usually, the students tried to pair up with the strongest in the team, but Kanae has purposely picked Misae.

"This is just a game, not a competition against other class," Kanae reminded.

"Right," Misae nodded her head.

Kanae swept her glance around. She noticed one girl seemed to stand in the corner without anyone. She barely noticed the other girls because she usually slept, but this girl seemed different.

She was around the same height with Kanae, and her long straight hair reached her waist. Her pale white skin made her looked similar to a doll, very beautiful to behold. She seemed to be kind of timid as the other girls barely paid any attention to the girl.

"Do you want to play with her?" Kanae pointed to the girl.

Misae was stunned. She recalled that the princess like girl usually played with the others, but she decided to agree. "No problem. Let's just ask."

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