Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 4 If You’re a Man, No Girls Will Refuse You

"Hello, do you want to join with our team?" Misae waved her hands energetically.

The girl was stunned by the enthusiastic Misae. She fidgeted a bit before opening her mouth to answer. "I can't play."

When she heard that high pitched voice, Misae was stunned speechless. Was this girl a real princess? Her pitch of voice was extremely high and feminine. In addition, they were really pleasant to hear.

"There's no problem," Kanae smiled and answered on Misae's behalf. "Misae also can't play basketball too well."

"You don't have to say that outright!"

"That's the truth."

The girl watched the two girls in front of her arguing. They didn't seem like bad students, so she nodded her head in agreement.


Kanae smiled. "Now we have three people. By the way, I'm Kanae and this is Misae."

"I'm Alice."

The three of them formed the group, and the other girls didn't persuade Kanae to join their team anymore. In any case, the teacher was not going to score their performance. There was no need for them to make any trouble.

It was only after they finished selecting the team did the girls came to the field.

The teacher sighed when he saw the girls finally finished changing. The boys already line up while the girls have just come. He could never understand why the girls would take their sweet time just to change clothes. He ordered them to line up and began stretching.

While they were stretching, the students would count from one to ten. Each student would get their turn to count loudly. Not long after that, the stretching was over and the teacher ordered them to run around the field.

Finishing the run, they began to form the group because today lesson was about basketball. They could play the ball freely after the teacher gave them a few instructions.

Misae sighed, "I wish the teacher would not nag at every turn. I'm already tired with his words."

Kanae smiled as the response. If not because of Misae wrong posture when dribbling the ball, the teacher would not nag at her. However, it seemed that Misae was not one that could do sports very well. She repeatedly made a mistake at every turn.

"Lower your arm! Turn here! Don't sidestep there, or you will crash to your teammate!"

Kanae watched from the sideline as the teacher gave Misae instruction. It took Misae a long time to finish listening to the instruction.

Even Alice was stunned when she noticed that Misae got slightly more than her in terms of scolding. However, it was clear that the two of them were the poorest in sports.

"Finally, the teacher releases me," Misae complained.

Kanae took the ball from the side. "Let's play a game. The other girls are waiting for us."

"They will surely guard you," Misae smiled bitterly. Among the three of them, only Kanae was able to play the basketball very well.

Alice nodded her head, but Kanae just smiled. When the game started, the first ball went to Kanae and three girls immediately surrounded her. Looking at that situation, she immediately passed the ball to Misae on the side.

Misae dribbled the ball to the ring, but her poor movement caused the other girls to catch up to her. On her other side, Kanae already caught up, so Misae simply gave the ball to Kanae. With the ball on her hand, Kanae stopped abruptly and shot a three-pointer.

The game going on with Kanae scored most of the goals. The opponents were trying hard to avoid Kanae, but they were not completely successful.

Before long, the game finished.

"That's quite a weird way to score a goal," Misae laughed as she nudged Kanae.

"You two are unable to score any goal," Kanae remarked. She had created the chances repeatedly, but Misae and Alice were unable to use them fully. In the end, their game ended with a draw.

"If it's the game using the full court, it'll definitely be harder for Kanae to dominate the field," Misae remarked.

Alice looked towards the court. "Don't you want to play another game?"

The game with her and Misae restricted Kanae a lot. Without suitable teammates and opponent, there was no way this girl could play to her fullest potential.

Kanae nodded. "I'll play again, what about you two?"

Misae immediately shook her head. "I'm not into sports and my body already feels tired from chasing after the ball just now."

Alice nodded her head in agreement. She too didn't want to chase after the ball anymore after enough exercise just now.

Kanae didn't force them and join a different group to play in the entire court. Not long before the game started, the girls were already cheering loudly.

Snatching the ball from the opponent, Kanae dribbled the ball to the ring. Escaping from the opponent chase, Kanae speed was faster than her. Leaped up, she scored a goal spectacularly. Even from outside the court, Misae could see the beautiful play Kanae showed.

"Kanae is really cool! If only she is a man, there wouldn't be any lack of girls chasing after her."

"Even then, she is really amazing."

"The only lack is her sleeping habit, but she is really cute at sleeping."

The other girls who didn't play were already mesmerized by Kanae play. Misae could understand them because she too, once has the same feeling. Watching Kanae's beautiful play, it was truly a shame that she was not a man.

Fortunately, Kanae's face was not that of outstanding beauty. If it was really the case, there would be no lack of man chasing after her. Her face was pretty plain and because of her glasses, she looked like the studying type, despite her habit to sleep inside the class.

At that time, Kanae managed to escape from her opponent and scored another beautiful three-pointer shot.

Alice blinked a few times when she watched Kanae play. "She looks different."

"She's more energetic in the court," Misae answered before sighing, "And more handsome."

Hearing that, Alice's lips twitched. Kanae was not a boy. That description definitely didn't match the other party at all.

At that time, the games finally over with Kanae's group overwhelming win and Kanae jogged to Misae. She was surprised to see her best friend seemed like she was thinking so hard, "Why are you daydreaming?"

Misae looked towards Kanae with a fervent gaze. "If you're a man, no girls will refuse you."


In the end, Misae was smacked using the basketball.

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