Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 32 Confrontation

When Kanae went to school the next day, she noticed that someone was waiting for her in front of her class. The school was still mostly empty because she arrived very early, but the person before her seemed to be eager to clash with her.

"Sakura," Kanae called the other party's name.

Sakura tilted her chin when she saw Kanae. Her brow was creased because she didn't like this cousin of hers very much, but she still looked towards Kanae.

"You're really courageous."

"May I know the reason?"

Kanae stared at the other party calmly. Although she could already guess most of the reason, she pretended that she didn't know anything. The only thing she knew could make her cousin angry was the announcement this Monday about her being selected as part of Student Council. As someone ambitious, her cousin would surely want the position.

"What do you do to get a position in the Student Council?" Sakura went straight to the point.

Kanae shook her head. "I don't do anything."

"Don't lie. Someone like you is not worthy of the position. You're just the disgrace of Nali Family, trash that shouldn't exist."

"Sakura," Kanae's smile grew wider yet colder. "The one who decides is not me, but the president."

Inside her heart, she wanted to scold that man so bad for dragging her into this mess. She had told him that she didn't want this position, but he still pushed it to her. Although there were some conveniences for her, the troubles were also numerous.

Sakura sneered. "An orphan like you is not worthy of the position in the Student Council, I'll take it from you."


That was the word that Kanae hated the most because it clearly reflected her condition. She knew that she didn't have any parents anymore, but she hated it when someone blatantly pointed them out. So what if she didn't have them anymore? She still could live well.

"We shall see," Kanae said calmly.

Sakura looked towards Kanae up and down. "With your appearance, I doubt you seduce him. In terms of score, you're not much different than me. Just you watch, I'll make him hand me the position willingly."


Kanae didn't really care about this position and if her cousin wanted to seduce that president, she would not hinder the other party. Considering what she knew about the president, she doubted that ice block was going to fall for other people. He was almost always calm to the point she wondered what could possibly disturb his icy face.

Still, if her cousin was going to interfere with her work in the Student Council, she would retaliate against her.

Kanae said calmly. "Is there anything else?"

"I'm just giving you a warning."

Looking towards her cousin's confident departing back, Kanae's eyes grew colder, but she hid them as she got into the class.

When the class has finished, she came to the Student Council Room and noticed that nothing changed. The three old members were inside.

"Good afternoon, President, Mike, and Neo," Kanae greeted politely.

"Good afternoon Kanae," Mike greeted back with a smile on his face as usual.

Kevin glanced up. "Tomorrow we're going to have a formal meeting."

"Formal meeting, is there an event going on?" Kanae asked curiously.

Neo pointed to the calendar. "There's Halloween at the end of this month. We're going to prepare a big party for the students."

Kanae looked towards the calendar. She had forgotten that the Halloween was near.

"I see."

"Before that, you might want to see this Vice President," Neo beckoned for her to come closer. Kanae came and saw several videos in playing. They seemed to be the videos of this school?

"I ask the principal for these videos," Neo said proudly. "Now, it's time to see the event in slow motion."

"I want to see the one at the first floor," Kanae interrupted.

Neo was confused. "But the one who drop the vase is on the second floor."

"There's something I want to confirm."

Neo played the video as Kanae watched carefully. Her hand pointed to the girl standing in front of her when the event happened. That girl was looking up with her hand moving like signaling something. She was the one who made Kanae felt suspicious at that time.

"She's really suspicious, right?" Kanae said slowly.

At first, Neo didn't pay attention to that girl, but he noticed that Kanae was right when she said that. He nodded his head in agreement.

"Do you have the video from the other building?"

"Sure," Neo played the one from the first year building. This time, they managed to capture the picture of a girl walking to the balcony and out from there, but the video was unclear.

"If they investigate this, will you able to know who they are?" Kanae asked excitedly. Now, she was eager to make those girls paid for their scheme.

"It's possible and I don't need to do it by myself," Neo grinned. "They're going to finish the case with these videos."

Before, they only focused on the videos from a different side, which was why they were unable to see the clear picture. Now, they would be able to finish the case quickly.

While Kanae was happy, the door opened and Jay came in. He looked around in confusion. "Is Tommy not here yet?"

Mike smiled. "Tommy has club activities today, so you're the one who's going to finish his work."

Today, there was no training, but they have to do paperwork. Looking at the stack of paper on the table, Jay felt like cursing. If he had to do it with Tommy, he might feel better, but now….

"Can't I ask him for help?"

"He has a club, if you want to skip, you need a club too."

Jay's face contorted. If he could, he would be happy to join one. The problem was he didn't have any club that he liked, so he wouldn't join any of them right now.

Neo closed the video. "You can continue your work, vice president."

"Okay, thank you very much, Neo."

After the confrontation with her cousin, she felt rather dull, but now she felt rather excited because not long from now she would be able to know who was plotting against her.

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