Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 31 Story

It took Kanae a long time to make Alice calmed down. The only method she knew was coaxing and patting, but this made her looked like calming a kid. Thankfully, they have retreated to the infirmary with the excuse that she was hurt. This time, Tommy was not here because he was busy playing ball with Jay.

"Have you calmed down?" Misae handed Alice another tissue.

Alice nodded her head. Her cheek was red. She was extremely embarrassed to just suddenly cry like that. However, she knew that Kanae stepped up because it was her.

"Sorry, I'm just feeling rather helpless."

"That's not your fault," Misae frowned when she recalled that scene. "It's their fault for pushing you around like that. You shouldn't have blamed yourself for that."

Besides, with Alice appearance, it was clear that those girls were mostly jealous of her. Alice was pretty and most probably living well considering that she rode cars every day. However, because Alice was too timid to fight back, they picked her as their target.

Kanae nodded. "Not everyone has a good family background and even if they have, they shouldn't flaunt it just like that."

Alice nodded her head. She leaned back on the seat as she looked towards the two of them.

"You're just unlucky to meet with them," Kanae patted the girl's head.

Misae was speechless. "Kanae, you should stop treating her like a kid. I don't think that's the right way to coax someone."

Kanae smiled wryly. This was the only way she knew. As for other ways, she didn't know any.

"Its fine," Alice giggled.

"But you should have just put them into the list. It's a better lesson for them," Misae said harshly. In her opinion, they should just make it to the list and being banned by the Student Council for forever. She was getting irritated by their presence.

Kanae shook her head. That was actually impossible. Although the two of them could add student to the list as they wanted, they needed to have strong enough reason. Just for insulting someone, they wouldn't be made into the list because there were a lot of people insulting each other every day. If they all made it to the list, their works were going to increase.

"There's no need, but if they cross the line, they'll surely make it to the list," Kanae answered calmly.

Alice looked up. "You say that you don't want to join, but now you have to join, right?"

"Don't think too much," Kanae shrugged. Even if she was not part of the Student Council, she would just report their action. It was just more convenient for her to stay as the Vice President.

Alice nodded her head.

"Just make us more cookies," Misae grinned. She has become a huge fan of Alice's cookies over this period of time, so she wanted to eat the cookies very much.

Kanae rolled her eyes. "Don't listen to this glutton."

"You're the one who eat the cookies the most."

Well, Kanae couldn't refute that. "At least, I'm not that shameless to ask for more. She has to focus on her study too."

"Uh, don't remind me of that," Misae groaned. They have a weekly test yesterday and she was pretty sure that she got bad score. Out of 20 questions, she only managed to answer 10. As for the rest, it would be good to say that if the teacher was not angry at her answer that would be the best.

Alice nodded her head. "I'll bring you more cookies tomorrow."

"You don't have to make them too often," Kanae reminded. The materials to make cookies were not cheap.

"I like to make them, so it's fine."

Seeing that Alice didn't seem to mind, Kanae and Misae didn't say anything else. They stayed in the infirmary until the lesson time was over before they returned to their classroom. The other students were now treating Kanae with more respect because they finally realized that she has high position now.

"I'm going to be jealous of you," Misae sighed.

Kanae shook her head. "If you see my work, I doubt you're going to say the same."

That afternoon, the two of them were tailing after Kanae to the Student Council Room. Mike was surprised to see the additional two people, but he allowed them to come in as long as they didn't create any trouble.

"Thank you very much," Misae noticed that the room was empty as only Mike was here.

"President is busy, so he asks you to type all complain from yesterday to the computer," Mike instructed.

Kanae nodded her head. When Misae saw the stack of paper, the thought of joining Student Council faded from her head. There was no way she wanted to join if her work was that hard.

Before long, Tommy and Jay arrived in the room. They looked towards the two girls in confusion. Did the Student Council get new members?

"They're Kanae's friends," Mike explained. "Do you want to see their training?"

Kanae nodded her head while Alice looked to the clock. "It'll be better if I go back. My father might worry if I don't come back soon."

In the end, only Misae was the one who followed after Mike. This time, Mike added the training for Tommy and Jay much more compared with yesterday. The two of them looked with despair. They wanted to get out from the Student Council if this was the treatment they got every day.

"Good luck," Misae only said that before bidding her farewell. She was going to go home because she has another test tomorrow. Rather than watching them, she would be better studying.

On the other hand, Kanae typed fast on the computer. When Neo and Kevin came, they only saw her typing furiously on the keyboard. Kevin's expression didn't change as he took a seat near her while Neo was stunned on his place. When Kevin started typing, his face turned even weirder.

To him, it looked as if the two of them were in the middle of competition given that they type really fast. He shook his head and moved to his seat. He was not going to lose!

In the end, the three of them entered the unofficial competition of typing. The competition ended when Kanae finished her work and excused herself because she was going to work.

"Neo, you'll review all of them and report them to me."

"Aye," Neo moved to Kanae's place and looked towards the neat compilation of complains. He noticed that they were done very well, so he simply gave the report for each type of complain and handed them to the president.

His heart felt elated. At least, the vice president was really capable.

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