Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 537 A Normal Life ?

Time passed swiftly as Kanae was starting to get used to the life she had as a student in Lima School. She didn't really try to make new friends and all as she only got close with Alan and Kevin. From Alan, she came to know that there were a lot of unique students from Nolen School A.

"Many of them are very peculiar that you might suspect that they're ordinary students," Alan sighed. "You see, they're very capable, but they're also annoying in their own way. Some of them are very sensitive and didn't allow anyone to get close to him at all."

"That's weird," Kanae commented.

"That's normal in this school. Many students have their own quirks, but weirdly, the teacher accepts them," Alan shrugged. If it was him, they would surely berate him. But when it came to those students, they got off easy. He felt rather envious of them.

Suddenly, the door opened and a teacher appeared. He scanned the class. "Every student who comes here through the very special letter shall come out. It's time for the special lesson."

Kevin's eyes narrowed as he watched the students around him. One man stood up lazily. He raised his hand.

"Where's the lesson?"

"It's on the top floor."

"I understand."

As the student walked out, Kanae tried to scrutinize the boy as much as she could. He didn't look any special as she barely sensed his presence in the classroom. If anything, the boy looked rather ordinary, but she knew that it was not all. There was a faint feeling that the boy was not an ordinary person.

Considering their age, the boy should be an awakened person too. With the medicine that they have been making, it was not hard to forcefully awaken someone's talent.

"Alan, do you remember him?"

Alan shrugged. "Of course, he's one of the students who come from Nolen School A. His name is Ayres. In terms of academics, he's rather ordinary, but he's quite great in terms of sports. His speed is nothing to be proud of, but his strength is far surpassing most people."

From the description Alan gave, Kanae could guess that Ayres should be someone who awakened his ability in strength. It was rather common, but those people could be proved to be very troublesome in close quarter combat. No one would want to face a tank right on.

"You're very knowledgeable, Alan," Kevin commented.

Alan puffed his chest. "Of course, I'm the one who gathers the most information in the school before. Using my knowledge, I can get a lot of money!"

Kanae and Kevin: "…" in other words, he traded information for money.


"It's time for lunch break, do you want to go to the canteen?" Kanae asked.

"I need to submit my work first," Alan sighed. "You can go ahead."


Without waiting for Alan, Kanae and Kevin walked out of the class towards the canteen. Occasionally, they would just bring food from home or buy them before the school started. This time both of them just headed towards the canteen and lined up to buy some food.

"It's fried chicken today," Kanae's eyes lit up when she saw the list. The menu was quite interesting for her.

"Don't eat too much."

"I won't."

The two of them chose the same menu before finding a seat. Eating the food delightfully, Kanae quickly finished her food. By the time she finished, Kevin was still eating, though he was almost finished too.

"Kevin, can you teach me about the radioactive thing that the teacher explains before?"

Kevin pointed to his food as he shook his head. Kanae smiled mischievously. "Of course, after you finished your meal. And you better do it fast or I might snatch it."

Kevin raised his eyebrows. He gulped the food on his mouth and challenged the young lady in front of him. "Are you sure?"

"I say, I might snatch them. They look delicious."

"Don't you have enough?"

"I'm still hungry," Kanae shrugged. It was never enough to eat just a small portion that the school provided. She should have just asked Alan to come here and bought her some food again.

Kevin used his chopstick to pick up a piece of meat that he had cut cleanly. He put it in front of Kanae. "Do you want it?"

Kanae stared at the meat for a few seconds before opening her mouth to eat the meat. In any case, it was a free food offered to her, so she would not reject.

Kevin's lips curled up slightly when he saw Kanae accept his offer. He looked down to hide his expression and continued to eat his own food. It took him less than one minute to finish eating the rest of his food. He picked up his pen and paper, and then beckoned for Kanae to come nearer.

"Let's start from the basics about them…"

When Alan came to the canteen, he was stunned to see the two of them sitting very close to one another. Did these two not have any sense of propriety? Walking closer to them, he noticed that the two of them were only close with one another because of a piece of paper.

'What are they looking at?'

Alan peered at the paper curiously. Upon seeing the word 'atom' and many other scientific terms, he was stunned speechless that he nearly vomited blood.

Is the time during lesson not enough that they have to use up the break to study the lesson?

Seeing how they were still engrossed in study, Alan shook his head. He truly couldn't understand the mind of these two. Rather than bothering them, he would just pick a farther place and eat his meal peacefully. The sight of those things would just haunt him.

When the lesson was over, Alan nudged Kanae. "Do you want to play basketball for a minute?"

"Are you sure that it's just one minute?" Kanae asked amusedly.

Alan was speechless. "Don't take my words literally!"

"I have some time."

"Great, I need you to help correct my form."

"Alright," Kanae agreed. Correcting the form of Alan would only take a few minutes at most. She turned to see Kevin. "I'll be going now. See you tomorrow, Kevin."

"Take care, Kanae."

Kevin watched as Kanae cleaned up her belongings and walked away with Alan cheerfully. For the past few weeks, he has been enjoying his time in the school as normal students very much. Although he was being careful and tried his best to find those awakened people, he mostly spent his time as an ordinary student.

Truthfully, the peace that he had with Kanae by his side was extremely comforting and fun to the point that he wished it could last forever. Unfortunately, he knew better than anyone that it would be impossible.

'How I wish I can give you a normal life, a life without the danger that lurks around.'

Kevin silently cleaned up his books as he pondered about the matter. He headed towards the lift when he saw a man walking past him. His eyes narrowed. He felt that he had seen that doctor before.

'Is that the same doctor as the one in Nolen School C?'

As the doctor walked down the stairs, Kevin didn't have the chance to pay more attention. The lift has come, so he got inside, forgetting about the matter right away. There were other matters that he had to take care.

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