Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 538 Doctor Shiro in Lima School

Kevin's sight was not wrong. The man he had seen before was indeed, Shiro, the infirmary doctor from Nolen School C.

After the destruction of Nolen School C because of the battle that occurred a lot in the city, Shiro practically lost his job. Although he still has the clinic and income as part of Fiore Group, he didn't want to stay idle in his own clinic the entire time.

A few days before, he confirmed his plan with Kanae.

"I want to get inside Lima School as the doctor there."

Kanae looked towards Shiro with confusion. "Are you sure that you want to get involved in this matter? It's not impossible for you to get away."

"Captain, you know that it's impossible, aren't you?"

Shiro stared at the young lady in front of him with his dark iris. It was not like he wanted to get involved, but he didn't really have any other choice. Sooner or later, they would come to find him.

"Besides, don't you need some help in case they want to check you? Awakened people naturally have something different inside their body, which I'm sure you already know."

Kanae nodded her head. There was a limit of how someone could grow either physically or mentally. If the awakened has power that was unseen, it was easy for them to hide it. After all, to find out about their real extent of power would require some special tools.

On the other hand, if the ability related to their physics, it was clear that they wouldn't be able to hide it. In terms of physical strength, it would be hard for anyone to hide it.

This was the case for Kanae. Her ability that she awakened was called 'adaptability'. This would allow her to adapt to almost any situation in the shortest time possible. As the result of this ability, she managed to get away during the most dangerous situation numerous times. At the same time, her physique started to change a lot.

Even though she looked no different than an ordinary girl, her strength far surpassed them. Not just strength, her speed was not something that they could possibly hope to catch up. Added with some others were all the result of her training by placing herself in front of dangers time and time again.

"Are you sure you can do it, Brother Shiro?" Kanae asked worriedly.

Shiro nodded his head. "I'm not only doing this for you but also for me. You should have known what had happened to me and my family because of the government years ago."

Kanae knew them very well. From the first time she met him, she has already had the inkling about it. However, she never talked about this with him because she didn't want to bring up those sad memories.

"Alright, but if anything happens, you should tell me."

Shiro smiled. "Aye, Captain."

The registration and test took several weeks to finish. By the time he got accepted, it was already mid-August and the school had started for quite some time.

Today, every new doctor was called by the professor for an emergency meeting. Shiro was not sure about the content of this meeting, but he had to go there hurriedly, so he didn't pay much attention to where he walked.

It took him a long time before he managed to reach the designated place.

"Doctor Shiro?" an officer called.

"Yes, it's me."

"Please go to the hall. It's this way."

"Thank you."

Walking down the hall, Shiro paid more attention to the surrounding. There were a lot of doctors that came around the same time as him. Many of them have confusion in their face, showing that they didn't understand the purpose of this meeting.

By the time they arrived in the large hall, Shiro was stunned to see a lot of people there. From his position, he could guess that the number of the people might even reach the staggering number of hundreds. There were simply too many of them inside this one room.

"What is this?" Shiro muttered in astonishment.

Although this was not the first time he saw a lot of people in one room, he was astonished because they were all doctors. He didn't even know that the doctors that they employed would reach this staggering number. It was truly astonishing.

"Hey, sit down," one of them reminded him.

"Ah yes."

Regaining his sense, Shiro quickly moved to the side and picked one of the empty chairs. As the other doctors started to come, he scanned the hall. It was a rather large hall with the circle shape. At the front of them was a podium where the lecturer could give his speech. As for the number of the chairs, he believed that it should be able to hold more than 500 people.

After a few more minutes, the door was closed. The light turned dim except for the one at the very front, lighting up the podium with the brightest light. Before long, an old man walked towards the front.

"It's Professor Taren."

"What? You're correct, I never heard about him staying in this school."

"This is truly a pleasant surprise."

The doctors around him chattered around when they saw Professor Taren. In the circle of medical experts, the name of Professor Taren was rather famous. It was not because of his achievement, but rather, because of his out of the box ideas that clearly went against the norm.

Many people disagreed with him, but many others respected him because it was not easy to come up with something so abnormal. On the other hand, Shiro didn't only disagree, but he despised the man completely.

"Everyone, please quiet down," a man on the side announced in a loud voice.

Shiro's gaze locked on the large man for a moment. He couldn't see well because of the dim light, but he could guess that the man should have a rather large build from this distance.

"Welcome to Lima School," the professor in the middle started. "I'm sure that many of you have heard about my famous name as Professor Taren, the genius on the medical world."

Several doctors snorted when he started. Who would dare to say that this man was famous in a good way? There were many doctors who didn't like him because of his aberrant ideas that he voiced out.

Professor Taren coughed. "All of you are the top of the doctors that we select through meticulous process. What we want from you is just one thing, competence in doing your job."

As the professor started to give his speech, they passed a guidebook to each of them. Shiro picked it and opened it right away. The content was about their daily activities and the check up they needed to do for the students.

'Blood test?' Shiro's eyes widened when he noticed a lot of unusual things that they had to do. From this alone, he was pretty sure that many students might protest. Not all of them wanted to have their blood taken for research or other things.

"… Your job is not only to make sure that they're healthy, but also to make sure that they have good lifestyle. This is the reason that there are a lot of test here. In every single time, you have to monitor them and pay more attention to them at what they eat, their activities, …"

Shiro couldn't bear to listen to the professor's words anymore. The students in this school were basically nothing more than lab research for the man. Why else would he need their detailed condition? Unless they were athletes or something similar, there was no way they would need all of this information.

His grip on the paper tightened. No matter what, he would not let their plan succeed. He had to know what they were going to use the information for and protected Kanae from having her real information leaked out.

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