Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 539 James’s Condition

Ryukalin Clan

"Boss, here is all the information regarding the students that you ask us to check," Neo handed the flash disk that he had prepared to Kevin. For the past few weeks, he was busy, staying in front of his laptop to search for information day and night. It was tiring, but he managed to find out that many of the people Kevin asked them to search have an interesting history.

Kevin took the flash disk and nodded his head. "How's the development so far?"

"There's no major movement and we manage to strengthen our standing," Neo replied. "It's just, the elders in the main clan seem to be still in denial that you're the leader. Their stance seems to be opposing us."

Kevin's eyes narrowed. He had expected this to happen because the result was only based on the hidden clan's head. From the way Megara acted before, he knew that something was up. It turned out the young man has been prying the people from the main clan to support him.

As of now, they didn't do anything against each other. However, there was no telling that there would be nothing happen to them.

Suddenly, the door was opened and Taro barged inside.

"Taro, what is it?" Neo asked with furrowed brows.

"James, James," Taro gasped for breath. "He suddenly falls down!"

Hearing that, Kevin stood up immediately. He picked up his phone and made a call right away. "There's an emergency patience. Come to my residence right away."

The three of them headed towards the place where James stayed. At this time, James was lying on his bed with a pale face. Sweat continued to pour down on his forehead, wetting the pillow beneath him. His brows were furrowed, it was as if he had a bad dream happening on his mind. The small hands were gripping the blanket as hard as he could.

Without any delay, Kevin strode inside the room and took a hold of James's hand. The hands were trembling slightly and it was wet from the sweat that continuously poured out of the boy's body.

"How long has he stayed in this state?" Kevin asked in a rather low tone.

Taro was startled. "Around one minute, Kevin."

One minute.

Kevin looked at James's pale complexion as he sighed internally. Even though he knew what had happened to the young boy, he couldn't help the other party. It was something that he had to overcome by himself.

In a few seconds, the doctor arrived. He quickly crouched down near James to check on the boy.

"He's exerting too much power, you should give him some medicine to calm him down," Kevin stated as he moved back.

"Boss, do you mean the same one for you?"


The doctor hesitated for a moment, but when he noticed that James's condition was rather critical, he sighed and took the medicine. Slowly and carefully, he fed James the medicine.

Taro looked with anxiousness. "Will James be fine?"

"He'll be fine," Kevin sat down on the edge of the bed. "The medicine will help him hold on."

Taro sighed in relief. He watched from the side as the doctor checked on James slowly. Time seemed to pass for a long time before the doctor finished checking up and James was sleeping soundly.

"Boss," the doctor turned to look at Kevin with a complicated expression. He was not sure what he should say. "It's not too good."

Kevin's gaze flickered slightly, but he covered it up right away. "Tell me."

"His body has weakened considerably and some are at critical point. Even if he manages to recover them, he will only have 2 years at most," or even less. The doctor didn't dare to say the poorer estimation. It would be hard to bear that someone as young as this boy would die soon.

"What? You say that James will die?" Taro was absolutely shocked. He loved his nephew very much that he didn't bear to see the young boy died. James had lost both of his parents, and he still would die?

"Can't you do anything to help?" Neo interjected.

The doctor shook his head slowly. "I'm sorry, I'm already doing my best."

"You can leave," Kevin said calmly.

As the doctor left the room, Taro moved inside and sat beside his nephew. Right now, James was sleeping peacefully. His chest went up and down in a consistent manner. Seeing the boy, Taro felt his heart was crushed. The boy was only 12 years old for the Heaven sake!

Dying at the mere age of teenager, it was too much!

"Kevin, is there truly nothing that you can do?" Taro asked in a trembling voice.

"I can't help more than this."

"What is the medicine that the doctor gave him before? Will that medicine work?" Taro raised his head. His eyes were wet. Right now, he didn't care about the rule that men shouldn't cry. He wanted to save his nephew whatever the cost as he couldn't bear with the thought that this young boy would die soon.

Kevin shook his head. "It's merely medicine to calm your nerves. It can help to calm his growing potential from harming his body, but you can't have the medicine too much as it has the risk if you consume too many."

Taro clenched his fist. He truly wanted to help James recover, but he didn't know what he should do. The only hope he had was only Kevin.

"Tell me, why do you also drink the same medicine?"

Kevin stayed silent for a few seconds before opening his mouth. "It's medicine to help suppress the growing potential of awakened people. The content is not much different with ordinary medicine to calm the nerve, but at a rather large dose. Every person has different potential. The bigger their potential are; the more strain their body has to endure.

For me, I have to drink medicine because my body can't cope up with the rate of my own potential. It's not that I want to, but I have to or I wouldn't be able to stand the rate."

"I don't understand much about awakened people or so on, but do you still drink them?" Taro asked.

Kevin shook his head. "Using two kinds of medicine, I forcefully fasten the rate of awakening, so I have stabilized them by now. Right now, I can use my power well without the need of medicine anymore."

Taro looked at James. "If you can do it, can James also do the same?"

"No, it's impossible."


"Because it's too early," Kevin answered calmly. There was barely any change in his expression as he uttered each word unhurriedly. "There's a reason why the best age for the awakened is between 13-15 years old. During that age, the body has not developed fully, but they are not too weak either. It allows them to withstand the power very well."

"I don't understand," Taro murmured. "You have to do something to help him… Please, there must be a way out."

Seeing his usually playful friend to look so deranged, Kevin couldn't stand it. He stood up slowly. "I'll try to find a way, but I can't promise anything."

"Thank you… Thank you."

Kevin walked out of the room, leaving Taro who was in a state of sadness inside. He had experienced by himself the pain of being an awakened person and his forceful attempt to master them all these years. It was not easy and for a young boy, it would be nothing but torment.

"Boss, are you alright?" Neo asked worriedly.

Kevin glanced at Neo. "Find me some doctors. I need the trustworthy ones."

"I understand, Boss."

As Neo hurriedly ran to the other building, Kevin stared at the sky with a cold gaze. Even if he didn't have the strength to help James fully recover, he would do his best to prolong the boy's life. He didn't want to see someone have a miserable life because of this power anymore. This accursed power that was the foundation of this city only brought misery and pain more than happiness and satisfaction.

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