Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 6 Different, but Still Friends

Nolen School C, Class 1-A

Alice watched the two arguing girls in front of her. She only met them yesterday, but she found herself sticking to them constantly. However, she enjoyed their presence very much.

"Kanae, stop sleeping! You have slept for the entire day today," Misae pulled her best friend's arm in resentment. She needed help very badly!

Kanae blinked her eyes and turned her head slightly. "What is it?"

"I can't answer all of them, and we have to submit the assignment before the class ends today."

Shoving the question sheet in front of Kanae, she made her best friend stared at the paper closely. Kanae pulled it back slightly and studied the question for a few seconds.

"I can do them easily. Come over here."

Misae immediately moved her head closer. Upon hearing that, Alice also didn't waste any time and came closer to the girl. She too didn't manage to answer any of the questions.

Kanae answered each of them slowly while explaining to her two friends. Other students appeared to watch her did them, but she didn't pay much attention to them. In mere minutes, those hard questions were answered by Kanae along with their explanation.

"This time, you can submit your answer too," Misae commented as she wrote the answer and looked at Kanae's answer.

"You can help me pass the paper to the class representative after you finish," Kanae answered leisurely. "Don't just copy them, but try to answer based on what I explained to you."

"I already do that."

It took Alice and Misae a long time before they finally managed to finish the entire set of questions. Without Kanae's help, there was no doubt that they wouldn't be able to answer any of the questions.

"Finally I finished. I'll treat you to some food later, Kanae," Misae promised with a grin.

Kanae nodded her head. "Don't you have club activities today?"

Hearing that, Misae shook her head. "I'm not diligent enough to attend the club on Wednesday."

"Didn't you join any clubs, Kanae?" Alice asked curiously.

"No, I'm too busy with my part-time job."

Alice's eyes widened in surprise as she asked, "You're already working?"

"Yup, want to visit?" Kanae asked. "But you might need to ask for permission because it's near the street."

The streets were quite famous at night because many people didn't dare to walk outside. They were too scared that they might be involved in a gang's fight and so on. Because of that, the streets were known to be a dangerous place, especially at night.

"It's fine. I'm allowed to go outside freely," Alice smiled.

Misae also smiled. "I can use a car to let us go to your work place faster. As for permission, it's easy."

Those who have cars to drive them to school were categorized as rich people. Kanae was obviously not one of them, but Misae was. Using the car, there was less danger they could experience when they were going around. It was not the same before they got in, though. After all, the rich people were usually the target for a certain group of people to do their work.

"Then after Misae's treat, we'll go there."

After they had decided so, they waited for the class to finish. Misae treated Kanae to a full meal set, making the girl very happy. However, she didn't take a long time to finish all the food on her plate.

Alice stared at the empty plate with a blank look. "That was a lot of food, but you finished it extremely quick."

"Food is for us to enjoy, not just staring," Kanae smiled as she wiped her mouth. It has been quite some time since the last time she ate this much. That was clearly a treat.

"She's a glutton," Misae laughed. "But she's still as skinny as ever."

Looking towards Kanae's figure, that was clearly the case. She looked rather slim rather than plump. Even though this girl was eating a lot every day, Alice wondered if the latter's body would ever change.

"Do you want to walk to the store or use your car?" Kanae asked when they walked to the gate.

"Use the car," Misae promptly answered. "My father is going to kill me if I don't use the car and walk aimlessly on the street."

Alice nodded her head in agreement. The street was too dangerous, and walking to the place was simply looking for trouble.

When they arrived near the car, Misae explained their intention to the driver. Kanae was the one directing the car before they finally arrived at the small store.

"You're working here?" Alice looked around timidly. This place was near the street. Although this area was quite safe, she still felt rather worried.

Kanae nodded and opened the door. "I'm back, Old Man."

The Old Man nodded his head as he looked towards the two girls behind Kanae. His smile turned broad as he laughed happily.

"Are they your friends, Kanae? Welcome to this simple store."

Misae smiled back in response. "Hello, sorry for coming without warning, I hope we're not disturbing."

"Not at all, I have always wondered about Kanae's friends."

Kanae put her bag on the back as she started to clean up the table. "Old Man, don't tell them unnecessary things."

"No worries."

Alice looked around the store in curiosity. "Kanae, is he your father?"

"No, he's just a kind old man who's willing to give me a job during this turbulent time," Kanae answered leisurely.

Misae and Alice took a seat near the counter. They were asking the old man some questions. Thankfully, there were no other customers yet, so the Old Man could entertain them.

Misae looked towards Kanae. "If only you're that active in class, I won't have trouble when I want to ask you something."

In this place, Kanae was working around the room. It was only after she finished cleaning up did she lean back on the chair leisurely.

"I can't possibly sleep here, so the class becomes my second sleeping place."

"Can you not sleep in either of them?" Misae rolled her eyes.

"I don't have enough sleep every day, so they're the best options," Kanae grinned.

"You're annoying."

"If you want to ask something, you can just wake me up."

Misae wanted to do just that, but she couldn't bear to wake her friend up. After all, she knew that Kanae did need some sleep.

"Next time, you should sleep in the infirmary."

"If I sleep there, you won't be able to ask any questions."

That was true and Misae was in a dilemma now. At that moment, a customer came inside and ordered noodles from the old man. He looked towards the girls near the counter.

"Your friends come to visit, Kanae?"

"Yup," Kanae grinned. "Please wait for a moment. Old Man is making your noodle."

Seeing that Kanae had started to work, Alice and Misae tacitly bid their farewell. Misae got into the car and went home while Alice called for her driver to drive her home. Before long, the car arrived and she also went home.

The Old Man looked towards the two of them hopping into their car and turned his head towards Kanae.

"You sure can attract wealthy friends to your side."

Kanae rolled her eyes. How would she know about their family circumstances when they first met? They all looked similar with their uniform and everything.

"That's only a coincidence Old Man."

"I believe you."

Looking towards the snicker on the old man's face, Kanae knew that he didn't believe her. Sighing secretly, she went back to her work.

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