Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 5 Goal in High School

"Do you have to be so ruthless?" Misae rubbed her shoulder with a glare. Her best friend has just thrown a basketball to her shoulder, making it hurts. Thankfully, Kanae didn't throw it too hard, or she might have to go to the infirmary.

Kanae rolled her head. "That's the price for saying something like that to me."

"I'm just saying the truth."

Looking at Kanae who was ready to throw another ball towards her, Misae shut her mouth. She was only telling the truth. After all, she was pretty sure that most of the girls loved looking towards the boys who played the ball spectacularly. Judging by how Kanae performed, her remark was not wrong.

Alice giggled once again. These two were really funny and even if today was the first time she talked with them, she already felt comfortable around them.

Kanae pointed to the court. "Do you want to play again?"

"No thanks, I'm still saving my energy for the math lesson after this," Misae immediately refused.

"Then we'll just stay here and wait for the lesson to finish," Kanae leaned back leisurely. She was not in a hurry to play again.

"Oh yeah, Alice, where do you sit?"

"I'm sitting right behind you," Alice said timidly.

"Really?" Misae was shocked. She didn't pay much attention to the people around her aside Kanae. Besides, the students love to change their seat, so the people who sat around her usually changed a lot. That was with the exception of the sleeping princess beside her.

Alice nodded her head. "It's true."

"Then we can talk a lot during the lesson. The person beside me always sleeps," Misae said with sparkling eyes.

Because she has been sitting behind Misae for quite some time, she knew that the two of them were desk mate. Although Kanae got high scores every time, the other party also someone who slept in most of the class. Alice didn't know the lesson, but the teacher never paid any attention to this peculiar girl.

However, Alice was not sure about talking. She was pretty shy and didn't want to make the teacher's attention came to her.

"I guess occasionally is fine."

"That's good."

Kanae rolled her eyes. "Don't spread out your laziness to other people. You're going to be a bad influence."

"You're one to say," Misae retorted.

Kanae shrugged and looked towards the court. The boys were using the entire court because the girls no longer wanted to play. This should be expected because not every girl liked to play the sport. Most of them preferred to keep themselves pretty with various makeups.

"Alice, how's your lesson? I meant your score so far?" Misae turned her head to the girl beside her.

Alice tilted her head slightly. "I think they're fine. I'm not the best in the class, but definitely not the worst too."

"What about math?"

Hearing that, Alice scratched her head in embarrassment. Even if she didn't want to admit it, her score was slightly below the passing score if it was about math.

"I can barely pass… well, I don't pass most of them."

"I thought you're one of the smart girls in the class," Misae said in disappointment.

Alice smiled wryly. There were not many smart students in their class, and she was not among them. She was the average shy girl inside the class and barely had anyone to speak with.

Kanae looked towards them. "I can lend you my notes if you want."

"Who wants those messy writing from you?" Misae rolled her eyes. Without Kanae explaining them, there was no way she could understand the content. The notes were neat, but their order was disastrous. Not to mention, some parts were usually omitted because this girl already counted them in her head.

"I'm trying to help."

"If you really want to help, try to not fall asleep."

Kanae pondered for a moment. "That's going to be difficult."


"That's because the previous exercise makes me tired and sleepy. After eating, I bet I'll enter the dreamland even faster."

Tired plus eating was a surprisingly deathly combination. Misae sighed and moved her eyes back to the court. Her eyes gleamed when she saw the boys scored spectacularly.

Alice turned to Kanae curiously. "Um, is it alright if you sleep all day? Don't you have something you want to achieve during high school?"

"I want to achieve?" Kanae pondered the question for a moment. "I guess I just want to have a normal ordinary high school life."

Misae turned her head again, "Ordinary high school life? Are you sure you're not joking? With your extraordinary result at every exam and your attitude in the class, that is definitely not normal."

"That's still within the range of normal."

"If I can get your score, I'll be happy beyond anything."

"It's still normal because some talented students can achieve the same," Kanae explained.

When she heard about that, Misae thought for a moment before nodding her head. That was actually true that other talented students would be able to achieve the same. Although she was sure that many of them would not have the same economic condition as the girl before her.

"What about you, Misae?"

"I want to meet my destined one in this school," Misae's eyes were sparkling. This was her lifelong goal.

"A boyfriend in high school? Are you sure you're not too young?" Kanae teased back.

Misae rolled her eyes. "I want someone who's smart, capable, talented, very able,…."

As Misae listed her requirement, both Alice and Kanae rolled their eyes. Who in the world could fulfill those requirements? Were they searching for a boyfriend or a robot?

"Good luck finding someone like that," Kanae tapped her friend's shoulder.

Misae pouted. "Don't you mock me; I believe that I'll surely meet with him in this school."

"I believe you."

Looking towards the wry smile on the corner of Kanae's lips, Misae knew that her best friend did not believe her. She snorted and turned her head toward Alice.

"What about you, Alice? What is your goal in high school?"

Alice stared back timidly. "I think I want to get friends."

"What are you talking about? You already have two friends in front of you," Misae grinned broadly.

Kanae chuckled. "You can consider us as your friend, Alice."

Scratching her head in embarrassment, Alice changed her answer. "Then I want to change to be a better girl."

"That's good, first we can make you more talkative," Misae's eyes shone with happiness.

"Don't try to drag her into your bad influence."

"I'm not a bad influence!"

Alice chuckled when she saw the two of them argued again. She looked towards the other girls who were starting to leave.

"The PE lesson is almost over. We need to return to the class."

"Oh yeah, you're right."

The three of them hurriedly chased after the other girls. Little did they know that the little goal they made for themselves would come true, except for Kanae.

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