Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 1 Please...

Thunder roared as grey clouds cover the sky. Rain makes it way onto the grounds of City Z, Korea.

People running to find shelter while the streets were busy with traffic.

The sound of an ambulance siren wails as it makes its way to the emergency entrance of City Hospital and stops.

The doors of the ambulance were push open with great force as two paramedics jump out. Nurses and doctors were already waiting to help to the patient on the stretcher.

"We have a male patient in critical condition from a car accident. His pulse is extremely weak." Cries one of the paramedic.

Laying on the stretcher was a man wearing a black tuxedo. His handsome face and body was covered blood.

"We cannot stall here. Bring him to the Operating Room!" Shouts one of the doctors to the nurses.

Each person given their own task as they rush at full speed to the operating Room.

After the quick disappearance of the doctors and nurses, a man with a short side parted hair descends from the ambulance.

Despite the white bandages on his head and arm, he was still a handsome man in his twenties.

Yet, his eyes at this moment were spiritless as if he was in a horrible nightmare.

He follows after doctors and nurses into the OR, but unfortunately, he was stopped outside the operation room.

The nurse that stopped the man asks, "Excuse me sir, did you come in with the patient just now?"

The man did not answer. After a few calls from the nurse did he comeback from his trance. He looks at the nurse and spoke in a choked and hoarse voice, "Will he be okay?"

"I'm not sure, but as of right now, the doctors and nurses are helping him. Please go to the front and fill out some paperwork for the patient." Ushered the nurse.

Just when the man was about to turn around, the doors to the operation room opens and the same doctor from earlier steps out of the operating room followed by the nurses.

Seeing how quick they were, the man frown and a deep dreaded feeling arose in him. He quickens his pace to the doctor, "Doctor, how is my brother?"

The doctor looks at the man with a sorrowful expression, "Are you his family?"

"Yes, he is my brother. What is it?" The man was eager to know.

The doctor let out a long sigh as he shook his head. "I'm sincerely sorry. We were not able to save him. His heart stopped the moment we entered the operating room. We had tried our best to bring him back. I hope—."

Hearing what he feared the most, the man grabbed the doctors collar coat and roared. "Lies!! I don't believe you!! You're a doctor, how can you not save him!!"

Due to the man's sudden attack, the doctor was shocked and scared while the nurses try to pull the man away from the doctor.

"We are truly sorry for this. His heart was too weak, the impact he received from the accident cause his heart to stop. I hope you can inform your family."


The man falls to the floor, he felt as if someone had ruthlessness dug his heart out. His vision blur as he clench his fists tightly.

"Please save him..."

The man looks up at the doctor, streaks of tears slowly slides down his cheeks.

"My hyung... today is my hyung's wedding. Please save him... please...."

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